You'll be able to converse with the following people: The countess can be found by one of the windows. At the top, you'll need to enter the room on the right – this leads to the bedchamber, where we found Iris back in the real world. To get both of these in a single sitting, you'll need to outbid all of the other NPCs and purchase all three of items that are up for offer. Here you can speak, drink and undertake a number of different activities to while away the time. There will be numerous guards on the lower floor and we'll need to fight a group of five of them. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. During the conversation, be sure to choose the ”You've got me.” option to increase your chances of success. If you do lose the game, Geralt will receive the Donkey's Ears item. To get started with it, we'll need to travel to Oxenfurt. Approach the building Casimir is sitting upon and a conversation will ensue. After acquiring the Maximilian Bordosi's House item, you'll be able to leave. But in the case of Hearts of Stone, 'expansion' is misleading. You guessed it, it's another boss fight. ", The Witcher 3 next-gen version will add ray-tracing and more. Make your way past the tree highlighted by the red beam of light and locate the open iron gate behind it. Following the conversation at this point, the door will open for you providing access. Now that the Cleansing Mixture has been crafted, we'll need to make our way over to Oxenfurt and eavesdrop on a series of guards to try and find the information that we're interested in. The main focus is a 10-hour story, which you begin by heading to a notice board marked on your map, and everything that then unfolds takes place in the same world you've already explored, albeit in less-trodden areas. After a brief conversation our objectives will update. Note: There is an achievement/trophy ‘When It's Many Against One…‘ for completing this boss fight after triggering all of the enemies at once. The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone introduces its intriguing antagonist Olgierd von Everec by having him insightfully critique a stone sculpture of a famous artist, only to tip it over and watch it shatter to pieces. They can be pushed back with AARD (useful when you get cornered) and stunned with AXII but should fall pretty quickly against your swords. With your gift in hand, make your way into the barn and find Shandi using the objective marker on the mini-map. Scenes From a Marriage; Dead Man's Party; Knock them both out to continue. Inside you'll spot a corpse on the bed – be sure to loot the rest of the room for Portrait of Iris and Olgierd on a bench by the other door and the containers within if interested before examining the corpse. Quickly! This brief side-quest will give Geralt an opportunity for romance with Shandi before proceeding with the expansion. After chatting with all of Vimme's friends, a scene will play and the auction will begin pretty much immediately afterwards. When Geralt gets to speak with Shani, its best to choose the “Wouldn't force myself on you” or the “I'd probably have done exactly what he did” options. We'll need to dive into the water and recover a shoe. Olgierd is a tough customer to come up against and uses that sword of his to great effect. There's also another romance to pursue with a character old Witcher-game fans will recognise, and doing so doesn't affect your relationship with Yennefer or Triss - it's guilt-free in that regard. Doing so successfully will have her appear and pull you into a new area. We'll need to reach the destination before the bar empties. at this point in time, which we can earn for taking part in all of the available activities at the wedding. To do so, check the character entry for Shandi in the glossary portion of the main menu. Reduce the boss's health as quickly as possible to prevent a drawn-out fight. Hearts also introduces 10 new Gwent cards, including new leader variants for each faction. Each of these shades has the same attack sets and these attacks hit extremely hard, taking large chunks of your health away, if not instantly killing Geralt if they land a blow. Our objectives will update. As you make your way down to the lower level, you can use Witcher Sense to examine a few items of interest including: Continue down to the lower level of the building to find Professor Shakeslock. Proceed inside. A second add-on adventure, Blood and Wine, was released on May 31, 2016. After crossing the bridge, head to the right at the next fork again. This will trigger a scene and a conversation after which your objectives will be updated. As such it never feel as shiny and new as the best expansions do, and it takes a while to stand apart and resemble something more than yet another quest in an already abundant game. Just wait for an opening, attack and repeat! As with the Wraith fight and the enemies in the painted world thus far, the Ethereals are weak against Specter Oil so be sure to coat your blades with it. Following the scene/conversation, we'll be inside the wedding and our objectives will update. Agree to help them out. Continue along the path and around the corner to the right at the end. In this memory, Olgierd will be sitting at a table by the far wall with both Iris and her father standing nearby. Look behind the fountain with Witcher Sense to identify a section of weak wall. The first of two bosses I fight, in the two hours I play, has a powerful and stun-inducing stamp to penalise me for getting too close to its flanks, for instance. Head back to the start, being sure to run through or maneuver around the floating yellow specks (they will drain your health quickly if you stand in them). Once the timer starts, follow the path and take a right at the first fork, ignoring the enemies that spawn. Head for the ladder opposite the door and climb to the top. Run across the courtyard here and look for an open shutter at ground level leading to a basement area (the ghostly specter we've been following will be standing on the wall directly above it). For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where is the new area f hearts of stone Dlc? Blow this down with. Once you have damaged the Mage enough, a scene will play to end the fight. This content is hosted on an external platform, which will only display it if you accept targeting cookies. After doing so, look on the support pillar closest to the pedestal with the Maximilian Bordosi's House item. After dispatching the spectral bandit, a door will open, permitting you access to the manor's main staircase. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. Make your way down the stairs to the lower level and towards the objective marker. Depending on your choice, the subsequent mission will play out in a slightly different way. Details and impressions of Geralt's new adventures. Unfortunately, it's not alone as a group of smaller Arachnomorphs will also push forward into the area to attack as well. Upon arrival at the estate however, you'll find the place is ablaze. Note: There are seven memories marked by objective markers and an optional eighth which can be found, which is easily missable. Following the chat, grab the Key to Professor Shakeslock's Home from the professor and use it to exit the building. Although this is an optional objective, it's definitely worth speaking with them. Hop across to the balcony area above the locked door. With all of the memories sorted, the final room will open – the parlor. Following the boss fight, a conversation with iris will trigger. Place one of the key items we obtained during our trip through the manor (Ornamented Brush, Iris' Sketchbook and Portrait of Iris and Olgierd) on the grave before attempting to summon Iris. In the area surrounding the base of the stairs, you can find a number of objects of interest – if that's your thing! There's another Glyphword that can change your armour's weight category, allowing light armour-specialised Geralts to repurpose more sturdy heavy armours for instance. Eventually, when Geralt is in possession of 35,000 or more, a tax collector in Oxenfurt's markets will stop the witcher to ask him a few questions about his income. After speaking with the fellow in the Herbalist's hut, we'll receive this quest as part of the ‘Open Sesame!' If you choose the second option however, a boss fight will ensue. When you do meet up with them, a scene will play. The optional activities at the wedding include the following: With all of the optional wedding activities out of the way, we can now focus on the more important activities. Of particular note is that the Ethereals are particularly susceptible to AARD damage which will stun them temporarily – this is especially useful if you have accidently triggered more than one of them at a time. A boss fight will commence. In this memory, Olgierd and Iris are both standing by the fountain. Approach and speak with him to get him to help you. The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone wraps an interesting story and great gameplay additions into one well-rounded expansion. Approach and interact with the drinks to complete the first optional activity. The gameplay benefits from a similar approach, as the team now has feedback about how you play, and about the kind of tactics you use. After chatting with Shani, we'll next need to head to the Von Everec family crypt, located at the southern end of the Von Everc Estate itself far to the east of Novigrad. When you are ready to progress, make your way back to the Herbalist's hut and head down to the basement. Chat with him for more information on both Olgierd and Gaunter O'Dimm. Try to take out the smaller spiders first whilst avoiding the web-spitting attacks of the larger one. During the conversation, repeat the password “Need some yarrow extract.” to him and he'll open a trapdoor for you at the back of his shop. Examine the trail of footprints on the floor and follow them into the next room. We'll now need to make our way to the town of Yantra to the east. When you are free to move again, move up to the warped grating in front and use Witcher Sense to detect a section of weak wall to the right. All of the doors are locked, but we'll need to find a way to escape – fortunately, if you approach and examine the painting mounted on the wall to the right of the fireplace we can use it as an alternate exit. We can choose between the following: Either way you go about freeing Quinto, a scene will play during which you can tell him to head back to the herbalist's hut to complete the quest. Use Geralt's Witcher Sense to first examine these and then follow them as they lead you around to a gate leading to the rear of the manor. The she will perform the same general rapid melee swipes as a regular Wraith and will also use a screaming attack which will stun Geralt if he is too close to it.

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