Twitter will display the first frame if you post a GIF. UPLOAD. I would recommend no smaller than 600 pixels, which also works as a Pinterest image size. Twitter summary cards are the little thumbnails that appear when someone shares your article. I’ve even reached out to some and they don’t believe me or something… But it’s probably a lot of work to keep the apps updated. There seems to be a little leeway, though. Explore animated templates on your Spark mobile app for a more dynamic design that is sure to grab your audience’s attention.
Pin the Twitter image sizes cheat sheet, and read on. When sharing an image to LinkedIn from Buffer, the LinkedIn team told us that the ideal image size is 1200 pixels wide by 627 tall.

This Twitter Card features a large, full-width image alongside a tweet. There are lots of ways to personalize the templates.

I can finally start publishing my posts to Twitter now. Images in both standard and promotional Tweets should be, On a desktop, images are accepted between a. Feel free to go up to 1200 pixels square, which is recommended as a Facebook image post size or Instagram post size. But the 2:1 proportion did work best on mobile. Ok, that’s a lot of information.
There is only a scale-up slider in the edit image feature. Yes, you can see a square image on desktop but that won’t work on mobile.

Image width/height: We recommend a minimum of 600 x 600 pixel images, although larger images (for example 1200 x 1200 pixel images) will be better optimized for when users click to expand images. Give it a go! Selecting desktop specifications may result in cropping on mobile.

To have images not crop on Twitter, you need an aspect ratio of 533:300 (or 1.777 x height to get width or 0.562 x width to get height) This means at 1066 the height should roughly be 600. Use files such as JPG, JPEG, or PNG that are 400 pixels x 400 pixels for the best results. I’ve been using creative software templates and it’s been bugging me for years that the images were cropping and I couldn’t figure out.

Let me know if you find any discrepancies with these Twitter image sizes! Related: How to create a mobile-first ad strategy. The key for Instagram images is the width since all Instagram posts have the same width (i.e. For instance, if you have just launched a new product or service, it’s the ideal place in which to showcase this. Now that you’ve gained the knowledge of the best sizes and file types to build Twitter Cards with, it’s time to tweet your message to the world. Is there anything we can add to this resource to make it more useful for you? When sharing an image to Twitter, it’s better to follow the mobile specifications than the desktop specification.

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