@kevkiller8 my internet is fine, not sure why but i've encountered probably at least 5 today with error codes and some dc issues, again my internet connection is fine and psn works.

@grantisaiah321 @Timebomb742 He always praise PlayStation and Sony and he talks down on Xbox. Once I did though..the horror was over and the dream began. He tried logging into the email associated with that account but is unable to access it.

I would like to ask if you'll be able to manually disconnect accounts from any services as a soft rest to try and assist with this ghosted connection issues.

@FieldGhoul @FieldGhoul My Gamertag Psn: X-Jam_Rilla-X Opponent: H1TTA-A1 Timeframe: 2nd-4th qt disconnect/connection glitching.

7 days.14 days .. seriously #customerexperience #CustomerService, @Sony @PlayStation when I try to add my PayPal account to my account it says incorrect email or password, I know I'm using the right info so u might wna help me, this is not the first problem I have with your company. @PlayStation I have been appearing offline now for 2 days because it’s not working when I click appear online also I can’t access my profile either as it just keeps loading so I can’t do it that way either! @tory_pierce8

Weirdly enough I can connect with the the psn twitch app connect/disconnect fine however unable to connect to stream.

Your live messenger is the worst system, the hacker has changed my email and id so I need to contact you guys .

@JacobWeyker @MorbidRxDiamond

and now the consoles DO NOT WORK.

@yo_logic24 so this ghost of tsushima is fun but i keep getting this disconnect error code about the playstation network. @ajisreal It also doesn’t address companies like @Xbox & @PlayStation that have even MORE restrictions than @Apple. We tried and tried again. @deep_bush

Coincidence!? :(, @PlayStation this latest update to party chat and such is complete garbage. Anyone else having issues logging into playstation? You guys made it significantly more complicated to create and join a simple party.

@TheLegendSha @PlayStation Free to play online games requires xbox live and free to play online games for ps4 does not xbox sucks eggs Microsoft are greedy and to expensive for my taste playstation makes my day all the time I'll pay ps plus every month no problem

Thank you! @AskTarget how long should a store manager at Bellevue Green Bay take to deal with @PlayStation that is not working. People are tired of cradling others insecurities and what is their own personal problems and not anyone else's. Does anyone else have a problem with the facts that @PlayStation records people chat parties now completely ignoring the #FirstAmendment my friends are already talking about it online and I completely agree, to me it’s what ever cause I’m mostly in game chat but it’s kinda weird, @PlayStation The spiders in Metal arms glitch in the system.

(1/2), It's getting worse every day and all time when he see my in Bo3 lobby. @PlayStation my PS4 slim where it disconnects it’s self from the internet and doesn’t work online until I reset the console this has been happening since February and I thought it was because the area I was in but now the issue has continued and is also affecting my controllers, @knucklesthehot @kamelraw @JapanQC @BKGamer718 What Kamel is saying, PlayStation is hoarding all its games to HardWare and no one has a problem with it, but when Microsoft takes a company and makes it's exclusive to PC, Xbox, and Mobile(XCloud) everyone has a problem with it Controller issues @SuckerPunchProd a lot of psn dc issues from ghost of tsushima co op as of late, please address this issue. @NaomiAndreaJ Bruh in 2003 i was child and I played playstation and no online class because internet was not such a thing. And it's probably useless for online games, cause it will disconnect you since it's putting them in a suspended state. @EpicGames knowingly violated their contract they agreed to. I am experiencing issues with my purchase and haven't received support from @PlayStationDE via Email, Phone, Twitter or anything.

@hamada_ye They’ve been listening, the government has been listening.


We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. @mraftw Totally useless and broken. @GameStop Hello I need help I'm trying to buy a PSN GIFT CARD with a GameStop Gift Card and it says "Opps there's a problem with your payment". Xbox allows playing on what you want. @kellijoford #FIxThis!

@LuMoney__ @PlayStation Hey! Why?

@PlayStation ErrorSU-42118-6. PS4 Slim (2) Genre Action & Adventure (1) Rating E10 (Everyone 10+) (1) M (Mature) (1) Price $500 - $999 (1) Products. No UK store has any avaliable.

Also your “update” caused more issues that weren’t there.

At first I had issues setting it up as it was my first game online experience. PlayStation Network is offered and maintained by Sony. lots of folks (like myself) have tried your troubleshooting guides, db rebuilds, initialization, etc. #TRASH.

This Ghost of Tsushima Legends mode IS A PROBLEM.

@PlayStation Hey guys,

Disengage Defenses still a thing in Madden 21 #Madden21 #glitch #eamadden #MaddenNFL21 #maddendefense #defensemadden21 #maddentips #maddenEA #madden #videogames #Professionalgamer #gamer #PS5 #PS4UPDATE #PlayStation #XboxSeriesX #Xbox. It IS a contractual issue (or at least part of it is). Do to the recent issues with the latest Playstation update I am unable to livestream to Twitch. and a terrible dashboard.

@SethC1995 My eyes havent hurt this much in a long time and I only played for 2hrs bc all my friends on PSN are at LEAST 9 hours behind this timezone , @Matias18867059 @mediamolecule

@AskPlayStation Hi..living in Indonesia.having an issues for sign in to psn network.


If you have forgotten your username (which is the email address you signed up with), you will need to contact TSN Direct at 1-833-TSN-HELP (1-833-876-4357) or help@tsn.ca. Weirdly enough I can connect with the the psn twitch app connect/disconnect fine however unable to connect to stream. lots of folks (like myself) have tried your troubleshooting guides, db rebuilds, initialization, etc.

Did anyone else who doesn't have a PlayStation receive a very legit looking "account registration confirmation" email and then a "sign-in ID change" email?

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