The confusion should not be solely on his side. All the fun of the first third or so was sucked into a kind of standard, boring house-based romance with not nearly enough H/h interaction for. After a moment, he said, “Sweeney stopped me. “I imagine one of the girls said something about what was going on, maybe to calm some nerves, and it was repeated at Sweeney’s. That bullet’s lodged around here somewhere. “Do you have one?”, “No, but I can get one from the kitchen.” She started to turn, but Chick barked at her to stop. Joe Pepper arrived at Mrs. Fry’s establishment soon after he learned shots were fired. Did you hear a whisper maybe that one of them was around tonight? She cocked an eyebrow at him. When he took it, she eased herself onto his lap. When the book starts, she is undercover as a prostitute in a brothel. She threw the pitcher, aiming for Chick’s head, but he sidestepped it, and it glanced off his shoulder and hit Amos squarely in the jaw.

We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. “That, and I don’t like the smell of roses.”. One of us is bound to trip over you. Quill moved quickly, pushing at the door while it was still juddering. “That’s all right by me,” she said. “If you’re looking for Mrs. Fry, she’s gone for the sheriff herself. He smiled, but it did not reach his eyes, and no one in the parlor was comforted by it. “I believe Mrs. Fry wanted you to take me away,” he said.

It seemed that Mr. Whitfield had at least two friends, and she was confronting the pair of them across the threshold. “I thought we agreed that when you came to Falls Hollow, you would drop by my office. He had taken her for eighteen and no more than twenty when she appeared on the landing. You are Calico Nash?”, She gave Joe Pepper a withering look. When he could see clearly, he stared at the derringer and put his hands out. ).

From face to feet, he counted more angles than curves. “That’s one way to do it,” she said, not sparing him a glance as she pushed the door closed behind him. Spice, suspense and romance in a heart-stopping love story! Her characters were enjoyable. “Like a hair shirt suits. She tried another tack. Now living in Athens, Greece, he finds the British Consul has seized his passport—they don’t care to renew passports for people who have committed criminal acts or renounced their British citizenship, and Simpson has done both. The woman at the top of the stairs wore a variation of the theme. It occurred to Quill that stumbling through a door was a lesser indignity than being laid low with a cock curled in on itself like a slug. “You’re a redhead.”, Calico said to Joe, “He and I established earlier that not much gets past him, but I suppose he felt the need to prove it to you.”, That made Joe’s grin deepen. I am very good at it.”, “I can’t say the same right now,” he said. It made a small bulge under his tin star, which he did not bother to correct as he considered anything that raised his profile as sheriff to be a good thing, especially in present company. She shook out her hair, raked it with her fingers, and then pulled it forward over her right shoulder and began to plait it. Kidnapped! Some features of WorldCat will not be available. His chest jumped slightly as quiet laughter rumbled through him. Rounder bottoms. “I admit to being a tad perplexed.”, “Good.

This gun for hire. Would you also like to submit a review for this item?

“Mine.” He remained expressionless as Honey regarded him steadily. The detailed review below will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Although she primarily worked alone, and entered into partnerships with considerable reluctance, she had not forgotten her guest or the reason for his interference in the first place: I was concerned about you. He ignored the room’s only chair and sat on the oak chest at the foot of the bed. “She’s really gone for Joe Pepper?” he asked. “You haven’t taken a notion in your head to protect someone, have you?” He did not wait for a response. Then he could walk out on his own.”, “Behind you, on the vanity. Fry and the sheriff,” she said.

“What did you do to him?”, “Beat him about the head with my peashooter.”, Joe laughed. Recommended. Now he needs to obtain a fake passport and visas to stay in country. Quill thought Mrs. Fry demonstrated considerable temerity to demand payment up front from this customer, especially when it appeared she had made some effort to please him by recruiting Katie Nash for her house. Quill grinned. He regarded Honey’s guileless expression and wondered what he could believe. I don't read that many Western romances, but this one intrigued me from the preview chapter. “I was concerned about Mrs. Fry, but I shot him because he was attempting to draw on Miss Nash.”, Calico snapped at him. The plot was suspenseful but a bit too involved for me, and it wasn't that hard to work out who the baddie was fairly early on. “Just an observation. “I guess he didn’t know.” She lifted the wig, tossed it on top of the vanity, and removed the thin white cap that held her own hair in place. “I guess he really didn’t know who you were.”, “Exactly,” she said, echoing Quill.

Her chances of making it count, should it prove necessary, were improved by the fact that the guns of both men were still strapped. Nothing in her expression gave her away, and when he regarded her hand again, her fingers were merely curved over the rail, pink and perfect, and featherlight in their touch. With the exception of the brothel’s madam, who wore an emerald green silk gown and matching green slippers, the whores who worked for her appeared in various states of dress—or undress, as it were. “Are you going to tell me what happened?”, “We both shot him,” she said. It spread open, fluttering like angel wings, and mostly covered the scarlet corset when it dropped. Her pause had been deliberate, had it not?

I've read a number of Goodman's novels and found them good, so I picked this up with high expectations. “At least that’s what one of the girls told me.”, Calico gave her attention back to Joe. It occurred to Quill to retrieve his hat and gun belt, but then he thought better of it. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. nothing. “He’s really here,” the taller one said.

When he followed me upstairs and carried on outside my room, I can assure you that is when the menfolk scattered. The whore at the piano began playing again, softly at first, and then more loudly as her confidence grew.

“You don’t understand. “That’s no good,” she said, more to herself than to him.

I absolutely love this new style, but fervently hope she won't depart from her old form for good because I love it even more. "More than an entertainment and more than a detective thriller, "This Gun for Hire" is a harrowing exploration of the twisted and tortured psyche of the hardened criminal." I really liked this book. Not my fav genre, although I know others love it. Refresh and try again.

Praise for This Gun for Hire "Danger, treachery, and clever subterfuge infuse this complex and multilayered story that boasts more than one despicable villain. Ash. It is unbecoming. It did not surprise her that Quill McKenna was not in sight. “His reputation?”, Quill nodded, pleased that he was understood at last. And you’re on the bony side of thin. 293 p.p. Before he knows what’s happened, Simpson finds himself on a boat to Port Said, en route to a new—and potentially short-lived—career as an officer with a group of mercenary soldiers preparing for a major operation in the Central African jungle. The publisher has supplied this book in DRM Free form with digital watermarking.

Crumpling the damp handkerchief in his fist, he asked, “What in the name of all that’s holy happened here?” He made a second survey of the scene.

Honey touched his chin with her fingertip and turned his attention back to her. In many respects this is lighter fare than Goodman often offers - many of her books involve characters with traumatic pasts which present the main obstacle to their burgeoning relationship.

His eyes fell on the whiskey bottle on the bedside table and the twin tumblers beside it. “No,” he said. A nicely rounded bottom that fit snugly in his lap and breasts that looked as if they would overflow the cup of his palms to the perfect degree. Instead, one of the girls—whose name he never caught—relieved him of his hat and gun belt and escorted him to his present chair. He was real taken with the girl in it—who it turns out might be his sister—and said he wanted Daria to be more like her. Browning and staining to dust-jacket covers.

April 7th 2015 He did wonder for a moment if Whit was still alive, but then he observed a breath shudder through the big man and had his answer.

“I don’t want to hurt you, and I will if I have to shake you off.

“You think I have a glow?” A chuckle stirred at the back of his throat when her eyes narrowed—green eyes, he noticed, not blue, not soft, but remarkably fine in their own way, sharp and sentient, a shade sly, and framed by a sweep of thick, dark lashes. “Come with me,” she said.

. "This Gun for Hire," (1936) is an early-career British crime drama/thriller by much honored twentieth century English author/screen writer Graham Greene (The Third Man.,The End Of The Affair (Vintage Classics)).The book is set in England, a country then unhappily anticipating the start of World War II. He held Honey’s eyes and jerked his chin toward the stairs. He glanced sideways at her, saw the small shake of her head, and released the breath he had not known he was holding. He was not entirely sure why that was so. Nothing more than a courtesy call, just to keep me informed.”, “Hello, Joe,” she said.

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