Upon the merchant's death, his evil uncle steals his patrimony and sells him into slavery. I learned so much about Jerusalem in the era that this book was centered in. Not being one to re-read any books, I read The Silver Chalice again when I was in my thirties. Could a likeness of Christ be achieved just from the descriptions of those who had know him while he was alive? There are many early biblical & historical figures: Luke, Peter, Joseph of Arimathea, Simon Magus & his companion Helena.

Please tell us about any errors you It is the fictional story of the making of a silver chalice to hold the Holy Grail (itself here conflated with the Holy Chalice) and includes 1st century biblical and historical figures: Luke, Joseph of Arimathea, Simon Magus and his companion Helena, and the apostle Peter.

Several of the apostles are still alive and preaching and it was very dangerous to be a Christian. The idea is to see what the world was like that you were born into. Both the Jews and the Romans reviled them. I also learned a lot about Ancient Jerusalem and Rome and found that Basil's time at the court of Nero fascinating. Now in my fifties, I'm ready to read it again.

It was written 50 years before the DaVinci Code and was also about the beginnings of Christianity. I decided to read this book published in 1952 because it was a personal copy from my mom's library. Joseph of Arimathea hires Basil of Antioch, a lowborn artisan, to fashion a beautiful silver casing to hold the plain original cup that Jesus used.

Warner Bros. made a film based on the book. Start by marking “The Silver Chalice” as Want to Read: Error rating book. If I weren't compulsive about finishing books I start I would have dropped it half way through. If you like Th. The White and the Gold: The French Regime in Canada [Canadian History Series #1], The Pageant of England--The Conquerors [Plantagenets #1]. Re-read it out of curiosity, didn"t remember any of it. I found that the pervasive spirit of the chalice (the Holy Grail) gave the story a mystical quality that, although it was Christian, felt as though it was more than just the religion and touching to a truth beyond the trappings of customs. First published in 1952, this classic recounts the story of Basil, a young silversmith, who is commissioned by the apostle Luke to fashion a holder for the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper. I just don't care. It's kind of weird. We’d love your help. It's time to move on and tackle a more entertaining story. The Silver Chalice, the story of early Christianity as told through the eyes and experience of Basil, a former slave, was the best-selling fiction book in the United States in … Basil has a great gift for art which he is not allowed to use whilst working for the silversmith, having to churn out basic items ordered by customers, but as he learns the trade and how to handle silver his gift becomes known. The dramatic plot, compelling characters, and spiritual depth of. Thomas Bertram Costain (May 8, 1885 – October 8, 1965) was a Canadian journalist who became a best-selling author of historical novels at the age of 57. Thomas Costain is a great author. The colorful, passionate world of early Christianity comes to vivid life in this story of Basil of Antioch. Free download or read online The Silver Chalice pdf (ePUB) book. Before graduating from high school he had written four novels, one of which was a 70,000 word romance about Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange. [Suggest a different description.]. Please enter a suggested description. It’s about a young silversmith who agrees to make a “chalice,” or a fancy goblet, covered with figures of the apostles, to hold the simple cup that Christ supposedly drank from at the last supper. Even though it was largely through fiction, I learned about the difficulties of transitioning from pre-Christ followers-Jews-to the "new law" of Christianity. Once again I am impressed by the degree of historical research he did to provide a compelling read. It's not a tough read at all (although standing at 840 pages), the writing is simple and the story straight forward enough. Makes it so much easier to understand, visualize and remember. In fact, this author has other titles I never got aro. This was a great book I read from my Grandmother's library as a kid. It also brought a desire in me to be artistically creative, even though my fruits were poor, the spirit of it was great! The story was inspired by the archeological discovery of a 1st-century silver chalice in Antioch (see Antioch Chalice). A lovely old book which tells the fictional story of what became of the cup used by Jesus at the last supper.

Margaret Atwood’s Big Sequel Answers Readers’ Questions. I want to rate this book higher because it is so well researched, and brings part of the new testament to life. It centers around a marriage of convenience between the silversmith and a beautiful young woman who he doesn’t really love. But the way the writing is done (very descriptive) leaves no room for imagination and interpretation and I was, frankly, bored.

His humble beginnings and creative talents gave him a natural modesty and compassion. The Silver Chalice was well received when it was published in 1952. Lewis historical fiction, or a proselytizing Edgar Rice Burroughs about the Holy Grail in early Christendom. This report is anonymous. This is a wonderful book, which I freely recommend to friends and family.
Starts with Basil at age 10 being adopted by the wealthiest merchant in Antioch. However, we can only email you if you include your email address. As a slave, he survives by working as an artist and silversmith. Research to write this novel was wonderful. A young boy named Basil is sold into slavery after the death of his rich adoptive father and he is apprenticed to a silversmith. Basil, talented artisan, who is later sold into slavery by the manipulating brother of the merchant, is later purchased from slavery and asked to create a decorative casing for the Chalice that Jesus used at the Last Supper. That’s where we met boys. It was near the top of that list for 6 months.[2]. Joseph has supported the Christians with his great wealth for the last thirty years or so since Jesus died, he is now a very old man and is cared for by is granddaughter Deborra, he does however have one last important task to accomplish before his death which he knows is not far off. So that wouldn’t have grabbed me, either. If you like both historical fiction and Christian fiction, you will find this story about the cup used at the Last Supper to be a gem. Basil was a very likable character and his conversion to Christianity seemed natural through the stages he wen. And the school library? The story centers around the cup that Jesus drank from during the last supper and the boy who grows up to make the chalice that surrounds it. Looking forward to reading this book but I find it interesting that the description calls Luke an Apostle? It centers around a marriage of convenience between the silversmith and a beautiful you, I remember being completely captivated by this book when I was fourteen.

Read this when I was 13. I wouldn't call this a "Christian" story, more of a historical one. I don't care what's going on. The period of enslavement and his gratefulness for being rescued from it, further improved these characteristics. We will have to slit throats. This was a fascinating story with well-drawn out characters and an exciting plot. The plot of The Silver Chalice centers on the Grail — the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper. He was an amazing historian and a physician but I don’t think he was an apostle? Most reports are processed within a few days of submission. Costain supported his theories with documentation, suggesting that the real murderer was Henry VII.

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