He really meant a lot to her; she built him from scratch and they had so many epic adventures riding through the Wasteland together! Take a few deep breaths and name your feelings, then make a new plan. We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners. Every once in a while in The Imagine Neighborhood, we get thrown an extra day in the middle of a normal week when everything is topsy-turvy: that’s Blurghsday!

Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez...more, Frustration and disappointment are powerful feelings, and Scotty needs a little help talking about them while he’s stuck indoors. In this episode, Macho and Scotty use self-talk to help them focus, and calm down when they’re nervous. Wednesdays are for exploring feelings with music!
Being kind—and being yourself—is the best way to be a robot. Every week, you’ll get additional discussion questions and activity ideas for kids and grown-ups. Whether you’re at home, at school, or on a spaceship, anyone can use self-talk!

And you can discuss how it feels to be frustrated or disappointed when you don’t get to do something you were looking forward to.

Current and classic episodes, featuring compelling true-crime mysteries, powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations.

Artist Radio. When you don’t want to play anymore or don’t want to be touched, that’s totally okay. You might want to take a ‘shake break’ by shaking your body, or go for a walk, or sit quietly. Every week, you’ll get additional discussion questions and activity ideas for kids and grown-ups. mily, and her friends all want to help Doc find a way to feel all her emotions—and they want her to know that she has people around who support her, even when she’s sad. Practice asking for help or apologizing when accidents happen. This week's songs are Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine Think with your child about something silly that might happen by accident. Your child can also role-play as the adult, asking you to pause, breathe, and finish up what you’re doing.This episode was produced in partnership with Common Sense Media and their easy-to-use digital literacy curriculum. until things get a little out of hand. It takes a visit from Destructivir to show Vac that the way you look is just one part of being a robot, but it’s not the most important part. Sometimes you’ve just got to say, “Blame it on Blurghsday!” . She and Scotty discuss how to make waiting easier – and maybe even fun. You might want to take a ‘shake break’ by shaking your body, or go for a walk, or sit quietly. Scotty helps Captain Marion, the Fire Pirates, and Fieryous George practice some skills to name a problem without blaming and reminds them of how important it is to calm down so you can solve the problem.

And you will feel more like yourself again someday, but it will take some time. (Or a person.) Listen Magnify Your Voice An entry in the Magnify Your Voice app calls for residents to encourage restaurants across north county to provide paper straws in … And an extra special thank-you to Marc Sanchez from the Brains On! And, like all skills, it’s okay if it’s difficult at first: We all get better at problem-solving with practice. Are they at a surprise birthday party, a petting zoo, or a spooky haunted house? By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. But if we’re going to make our neighborhoods more like the Imagine Neighborhood, and make things right... we have to start having these conversations now. Vac sounds the alarm, bringing the whole gang to the rescue with exercise, music, and royal decrees. Enter any name, phone #, or email and get background checks names etc. And you can share your drawings and reflections with us—we love seeing what you come up with, and you might see it featured on our Infinite Refrigerator!

Contests. This week's songs are Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine  ...more. Because talking about this stuff is really tough — but really important. Click here to check it out!

We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners! s how to use our Danger Voice to be loud and assertive when it’s important to get someone’s attention.

You can leave us a message there! Try taking a belly breath to calm down. Tune in to hear how your idea can be featured on the show! List lots of ideas to solve the problem – the sillier the better!

Head over to ImagineNeighborhood.org and check our full list of extras: Emotion Experiments, Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones, GoNoodle, Mind Yeti®, and more! And you will feel more like yourself again someday, but it will take some time.

But Scotty needs this oven to stay in his house because... well, because it's his oven! Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno, e discussing worried feelings with your child. You and your child can try building your own Cardboard Scotty, or other friends, family, or imaginary characters. Then ask your child if they’d like to tell you about something that worries them… and how it makes them feel.

Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno...more, How do you feel when you’re scared? If you have a question you'd like answered,  have your grown up go to ImagineNeighborhood.org, or ask them to call 206-438-6528  (206.4.FUN.LAVA). Pretend you’re in line at a store or at school, or waiting until it’s time to get out of bed. And how can you help your kids handle big emotions if everything still feels up in the air?

Sometimes you’ve just got to say, “Blame it on Blurghsday!”

They practice saying, “Pause, breathe, finish up” when it’s time to finish an activity or put down a device.

Songs in this episode: . Scotty’s a little nervous, and Macho’s distracted by the chattering cargo. In this episode, we talk about crossing the street safely. Then, practice calming down using belly breaths: put your hands on your tummy, fill your belly up with air, and exhale. ...more, As many people are getting ready for back to school, we know that school might look very different than we're used to. Scotty and Doctor Apocalypso are about to find out! Changes...more, Macho Supreme, the toughest space marine in the galaxy, is at Scotty’s door – and he can’t get out! Macho was really looking forward to the Glamour Flex contest, and now he can’t go! So you can find that episode at https://www.imagineneighborhood.org/post/how-to-start-the-conversation-about-racism Thanks to self-talk, Scotty calms himself down, Macho finds the blastoff button, and the grumpy cockatiel doesn’t crash-land. Player One is the “Nose Stealer” and tries to steal Player Two’s nose. This week, the neighborhood’s grown-ups make a cake mistake so exciting that they run wild! We’re back after a nice summer break to talk about how it feels when things don’t go according to plan.

Turns out, there’s a lot more to this monster than either of them knew!In this episode, we talk about our angry feelings, what to do if you’ve made a mistake, and how to make amends.

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