The vehicle also makes an appearance in Mad Max: Fury Road and is later modified into an off-road bare metal version called the Razor Cola. It was restored to its original former glory, but retaining the tanks fitted in the sequel. After giving Max hope of exacting vengeance on Scrotus, the two form an unlikely partnership and set out in the base of the Opus in search of food, water, allies, upgrades, and redemption in a world devoid of sanity. SAAS have a web site at. By the early 1990s Mad Max hysteria had passed and the car was on display in the Birdwood Motor Museum in Adelaide. Both black Interceptors were automatic with stock C4 Ford transmissions. -How the hell did you get all this together? If an original Scott Injector hat is too The Interceptor only appears again at the end of the game, when Max uses The Magnum Opus to ram the Land Mover off a cliff and Scrotus gets out of the Land Mover using Max's Interceptor. Max attempts to outrun the War Boys but the current state of the Interceptor is no match to significantly superior vehicles driven by the attackers. The tightly fitted belt gave the car an authentic blower whine. The, uh, first of the V8 Interceptors used on-screen in the cult classic film Mad Max is being put up for sale in Florida by the Orlando Auto Museum. The car was proven to be authentic by Murray Smith's initials scratched behind the interior trim of the door. [6] Total Film ranked him #75 in their Top 100 Movie Characters of All Time. The duplicate was later blown up and its remains were salvaged by a local Broken Hill resident. Only the finishing touches and cosmetic details such as surface rust were handled by the scenic artists, Max's possessions were added by the set decorators. Errol unfortunately passed away some time back. For those Mad Max fanatics who wish to drive the same V8 Interceptor used by Max to chase down highway criminals, a functioning replica is available from a company in Seattle.

The rear suspension was raised to give an exaggerated racked appearance, the front was also lifted. Being the 1970s it was the height of the van craze, and there The original design was based on a modified Ford Mustang, and for a brief moment that is what Max was going to drive.[2]. prove an easier alternative if you're worried about doing a custom job. The Interceptor itself does not appear in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, but the inner frame and undercarriage of the Interceptor appear to have been used as the body of Max's Camel-drawn car, which he is robbed of in the very beginning of the film. When confronting the survivors in the refinery, Max is taken captive and the Interceptor is towed into the compound, where the paraplegic mechanic manages to deactivate the explosive trap. They needed a vehicle to feature in the film as the black police 'Interceptor' - a high performance, evil looking Australian car. it is also shown that the horn of the car is intact, which Max accidently triggers, though this reveals Blaster's sensitivity to loud noises. The body work has been bashed back into shape after being rolled, with the bodykit being remade in steel to match the exterior bodywork that is stripped off to bare metal, another supercharger is stacked with a skull on top of it. Rims were purchased from the same manufacturer who had made them for the original Mad Max 1 Interceptor. (and some others) because of concerns over the design being copied. He appears in the films Mad Max, Mad Max 2, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Grant Hodgson, Gordon Hayes, Grame Row, Sam Costanzo While the supercharger gave the modified car an aggressive look, it was nonfunctional. The once pristine Interceptor is now showing wear and tear, due to the harsh conditions of the wasteland. Some people are aiming to make their cars 100%

Note the large box flares on the front wheel arches, and how the front lip Out of two vehicles only the Razor Cola #2 made it back from the production of Fury Road. George can also help you out with a few replica tins of

The "Hero Car" and "Stunt Double" at the same spot. for the Melbourne Hot Rod Show. Maybe Here are fifteen facts about the Ford Interceptor from Mad Max. A small water pump was attached to These questions and more are answered in this video.

Once a pristine auto, the one-time “Pursuit Special” shows wear and tear from the wasteland’s harsh conditions.

Original Peter Arcadipane ad for parts. The parts consisted of fiberglass fronts, blower assembles and everything else needed for that version of Fury Road. Mack at Advanced Spoilers: Advanced Spoilers and Creative Cars Fax : (816) 761 6693 At the opportune moment, he activates it, ramming a vehicle in front of him, while also destroying the Interceptor's aerodynamic front shroud. Max possesses considerable skill with firearms and is an excellent shot, but his most apparent skill is combative driving: he can shoot accurately with one hand while driving with the other. Being a GT, it automatically came with a 300bhp 351ci V8, 4V heads, top loader, 9 inch diff - … Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Eventually it made its way to the Orlando Auto Museum, which is now selling the vehicle. I am not sure of the exact make / model of the original light, but Sam Costanzo has found a company in the USA called Petersons, who are never fitted with a police siren, those sounds were added later during the You should talk to George Kritty about the possibility of without the wide van flares), and you'll also have to This rebuilt Interceptor appears again in Mad Max: Fury Road, however it is in very bad shape. The crew building the Pursuit Special were skeptical of the movie and they did not think it would be a success. The boot door has been removed in order to accommodate them. Note that Advanced Spoilers actually sell a full kit of After his Interceptor is wrecked and he is captured by a gang known as the "War Boys", he is imprisoned and used as a live blood donor for the gang. To see some more pictures, check out the sub-page The criminals drive a variety of vehicles composed of scraps, parts, and any available rusted and damaged components, but display more power than some of the most potent muscle cars of the 1960s. car builders / parts page for more info). Basic reproduction units are available now, and true EFI units are It was Ray's idea to include a roof spoiler after looking at the car from the side.

The pipes are zoomie pipes, siren system. The car went to Franklin Side Crash Restorers where Tony and Mario Romero went to work on it. page. Ph: +64 9 262 1417 way. know about superchargers, and see a LOT of pictures, I will direct you to Steve, Back to Building a Mad Max Vehicle Replica, The steering wheel is a MAXROB, who were It suits the film perfectly, and it made a great presence within the film.”, It used to reside in Peter’s museum, and people traveled from around the world to see it. [1] Byron Kennedy and George Miller had budgeted $350,000 for their film, including a mere $20,000 for props and vehicles, and a paltry $5000 to keep those vehicles on the road. Around the same time, Murray Smith was hired on as part of the Mad Max crew. Instead it was put up for sale yet again, but failed to be sold. THE original Mad Max Pursuit Special ‘Interceptor’ has been put up for sale by current owners, the Orlando Auto Museum in Florida, USA. The Interceptor sighted during filming in 2012. Both cars were originally 302 XB Fairmonts, reasonably rough cars as they were getting more desirable by 2009 and knowing the vehicles needed to look run down there was no need for pristine examples, nor was a genuine GT needed, they just had to be complete and drive-able. This Razor Cola was displayed at various events including the Sydney Opera Mad Max Fury Road Premiere. means more work in fitting it to the car in a coupe format (i.e.

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