'Succession' season 2 finale review (SPOILERS): HBO drama makes good on its 'blood sacrifice' promise, in a dazzling episode 10 He can’t totally smile. Frederick Douglass (Daveed Diggs) is introduced in direct dichotomy to Brown in an episode that purposely pushes our buttons. It's a bunch of people standing around on a set with lighting, cameras filming, and re-shooting, re-shooting, re-shooting until the final product resembles what happens in REAL LIFE. But beyond just being satisfying, the ending is also fully supported by everything in the narrative that we’ve seen up to this point. They were just flat out soap operas— weren’t they? © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Succession season two finale – battle of the backstabbers: discuss with spoilers. That’s the other thing that makes Kendall’s eleventh-hour treachery so pleasing. And borrowed wholesale from the commenters. Why doesn't Shiv exclusively wear backless turtlenecks now? Great show, long may it hold us equally in thrall. Town & Country participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. And Ken says in reply: “I see you.”. Greg told Kendall that he had kept the documents at shiv’s wedding.People forget that. Respectfully disagree, I think he knew the moment that Logan described the dead boy as NRPI— No Real Person Involved— and Ken realized that his dad coined that acronym, that his dad knew. I do not foresee a happily ever after for those two. Belittling Ken and forcing him to come on the visit to the family‘s house was pure sadism, as was spreading a report that Ken was back on drugs when he wasn’t, which resulted in him not being able to see his children. Comparisons ranging from "the next GOT" to "this is the next Sopranos and The Wire rolled into one." But of the horrible people in the Roy family, Kendall and Greg seem to possess two things that no one else does: a conscience and a sense of guilt. Will Tom ever have the confidence to sport his extra-puffy vest again? “It was nothing.” If there was any doubt whatsoever that Logan was somewhat oblivious to what was going on in the cruises division, his casual use of that phrase obliterates it. The idea that Kendall feels like he should be punished for his role in Andrew’s death — and, perhaps subconsciously, for trying to undermine his father — has run through this entire season. It showed quite clearly that she was being sidelined and she knew it. If he does “love” his children, that love is totally toxic. In the first season, Kendall spearheaded an attempted vote of no confidence against his father, a vote that failed. That’s what Logan Roy tells his No. Montenegro, and to Albania.". But she was sidelined - she needs to return for Series 3. who seemed personally insulted when it didn't end the way they had envisaged it. If nothing else, though, it's proved that Roman isn't meant for a normal relationship with a normal girlfriend—even if she's nearly as nihilistic and biting as he is. All the Live Events, Movie Releases, and Productions Affected by the Coronavirus, John Fogerty to Donald Trump: This Cease and Desist Order Ain’t Fortunate, Son, “He is using my words and my voice to portray a message that I do not endorse.”, First-time host Issa Rae seems at home on the, Pandemic Dining Somehow Isn’t the Worst Part of Issa Rae’s. At this moment in time, especially, it felt good to watch a metaphorical knife cut through the knit in one of Logan’s many cardigan sweaters and slide straight into his back. Are they really going to spend Christmas with their mom now? I can personally attest that relationships certainly can start that way and last a long time and yet not be perfect starting places. I'm perfectly happy saying it's just good, well written and highly enjoyable television. I don't think Shiv is any different in this regard, and whereas she clearly enjoys Tom's companionship, I think she would easily, if it came down to a choice between him and her career, cut him loose. I think my favourite part of the episode was that scene on the beach and the way Sarah Snook conveyed Shiv's utter emotional bankruptcy as Tom confessed his doubts about their marriage. Logan is wrong about everything he says here. create your Guardian account The Judas kiss was pretty heavy handed. Please try again later. He’s a whistleblower, calling out his old, conservative, propaganda-slinging father for the horrible things he’s done without ever being held accountable. All rights reserved. to recommend a comment, Available for everyone, funded by readers, This is our basic commenting system. Succession critics, and even some of its fans, frequently point out that everyone on this show is horrible. Hardly. Family, magic, and sacrifice are redefined in a packed, fitfully brilliant final hour. “You’re not a killer. It's not even clear if Gerri feels okay about the whole thing. Credit... Graeme Hunter/HBO I saw all of it very differently. I was hoping for something with the fun of 'Dirty Sexy Money' and the intelligence of 'Billions', but it has neither quality - and (despite the obvious quality of the performances) it's just to soapy for me. But in the final seconds before the credits roll, Brian Cox lifts the corners of Logan’s mouth into something almost, but not quite, like a smile. But then, he did place his full trust in Logan Roy. But he’s also a little impressed that Kendall had the cojones to do what he did. Logan also spent most of the season torturing Shiv and then backstabbing her using his mistress of the moment… Sorry, I don’t see him differentiating sadistic control from love. But he puts the pieces back together in time to make a real impression during that press conference, where, by the way, he mentions that he has documentation that backs up his father’s awareness of all the unsavory things that have happened at Waystar Royco. And when asked about playing her in those deeply strange, psychosexual scenes, J. Cameron-Smith herself often sounds like she's at a loss. latest additions to Meghan Markle’s staff. Even an evil, hairless one??? let’s hope the writers give us an ending that makes sense for the show. There's nothing 'flawed' about Shiv and Tom's relationship at all. “You’re not a killer” is, crucially, a phrase with more than one meaning. Unmissable? Thinking about it, there has been a lot of imagary of people being trapped in this show, from Greg in episode 1, to the safe room(s), the brothers in an elevator talking about dog cages, the court room, the business retreat, even the occasions in the helicopter and private jets, the yacht and backs of moving vehicles. How will the Hearts fare in their upcoming soccer game? Apparently it doesn't have the highest viewership so I think it's just a push by folks who love it to try to make sure it will have more seasons to come. It's better than your fucking comment anyway. The Roys would do well to not underestimate Marcia. Look, you’re going to have to watch it for yourself. In fact it's highly believable. The Succession season 2 finale ended on a perfect note by coming back to the relationship between Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) and Logan Roy (Brian Cox) that’s been at … He did what his father asked by going on TV to say, “Dad’s plan is better.” He dropkicked Vaulter to the curb, against his own instincts. I've really enjoyed it so far but do agree that the hype hyperbole happening right now is a bit much. Best to break it off. And did anyone else get sand mites from a performance? Log in or link your magazine subscription, Cardi B Really Didn’t Mean to Post That Nude, Sacha Baron Cohen Hid in a Bathroom for 5 Hours to Prank Mike Pence, Bette Midler Posts Shriek Peek of Sanderson Sisters’ Virtual. It was masterful acting. I noticed that the proposed "threesome" with a member of staff was a clear example of the workplace sexual harassment that got them into trouble in the first place. What of her curiously imprecise back history?). Then he tried to stage another coup in the form of a hostile takeover, something he might have pursued further if he hadn’t gotten into that car accident and come crawling back into his dad’s arms, begging for his help and protection. As for Marcia, she was in most episodes but not on the yacht because they’d argued. If anyone's looking for something else to watch on the subject of horrible mega-rich media tycoons, look out for "The Loudest Voice", a 2019 mini-series starring Russell Crowe as Fox News' Roger Ailes. The reason that Logan can honestly tell Kendall not to feel badly about Andrew Dodd is because he doesn’t feel that badly about screwing over his own son or screwing over anyone, for that matter.

Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. Kendall already knew from the finale of season one that Greg had the incriminating documents. “I think this is the day his reign ends,” he proclaims. Gil Eavis managed to dig up records all but proving that the Tall One had destroyed evidence, and read them aloud during a nationally televised hearing. And her panic about commitment on her wedding night made sense in terms of her experiences of toxic love and commitment and control in her own family. Couldn't make it up. I think Logan was both genuinely surprised and genuinely pleased! As soon as we saw Kendall floating in the pool on that yacht during Sunday’s episode, his face almost-but-not-quite submerged in water, just as it was when he soaked in a pool in Iceland, we should have known his fate as the blood sacrifice was sealed.

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