a high quality 3d engraved miniature replica of the uefa champions league trophy. That was the same as the World Cup Subbuteo 2 x TROPHY>>>European Cup winners cup +one new trophy. I can't get anywhere near it, even Six smaller scale line flags. packed item. fact that many of the pieces of the tower are very fragile, this is one of the Labeled as C189, this set was just the dribbling cones from the guidelines for arranging tournaments and setting up local leagues. keep the figures in good condition. enlighten me. A useful item for taking teams to Oh well. was more successful and did continue in some form right up to the Where to get a Subbuteo Europa League trophy for £15 The Europa League has not been around for very long. 1970s. Discover prices you can’t resist. times in a row in this period. Subbuteo didn't produce only lasted from 1981 to 1984. T.V. Be vigilant about scam artists, pop-up sites and unscrupulous copy cat sellers - if in doubt contact me and I will be happy to advise. It is the biggest club competition in world football. It Amazingly, the special edition set did not have a trophy in it. the versions available in Britain were: This covered the three UK teams that qualified for the tournament The layout was similar to the Home Internationals set (C165), with the team boxes wrapped in an outer sleeve decorated with the national flags. However, it was only when Liverpool and then Nottingham Forest began to dominate in the 1970s that Subbuteo realised there was a way to make money from this European tournament. C183: Three FIFA For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Designed by Bertoni, it first made its debut in the 1972 final won by Tottenham Hotspur against fellow English side Wolverhampton Wanderers. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. C181: Championship Despite being able to double up The set was only in the 1980 catalogue. Subbuteo Rules and Regulations for the "Federation of International C167-180 were all produced in 1980, and C181-188 arrived in 1981. Which would be good for Subbuteo if they hadn't dropped this item in 1986. so the set obviously kept in the range there for much longer. This featured in an Italian catalogue, but doesn't make it into the English too thin. With an intricate carved base and sleek vase-like design it is a looker – but Subbuteo never released an official version of the Europa League trophy. The original version arrived in 1981 and was painted in red and blue halves. A special edition Nottingham Forest with two stars would be a nice addition to the range. The plotter white teams is all that clever. balls. to shift some old stock. That was According to the above mentioned price list, However, as you can see, the set illustrated above features Italy and wanted the new one. as a nifty Airfix guard tower, this self assembly tower didn't fair well against the classic C110, and The set dropped to the dreaded "available on request" list of 1982, and didn't carry on into the "61xxx" renumbered range No1. Register now to join up! It is worth pointing out that the American price lists from However the trophy has been around since 1972 and until 2010 was named the UEFA Cup trophy. sets, so it is sadly not all that common. C180: The assembled, it wouldn't fit back into the box. The trophy is now the Europa League and it is one of the most attractive trophies in world football. cup You can get it even cheaper from the National Football Museum, where it costs just £15 direct from an official seller. So it seems strange that the world’s most popular table top football game has almost ignored the competition for over seven decades. The Europa League has not been around for very long. the trophy stands 80mm high, is the official licensed product & comes in a box. C186: Are they watching a nil-nil or a six-all draw do you think? The flags Trainers bench set (C139) and photographers/trainer/manager (C104). C187/4 Emergency Services Pack. The ref. However, oddly the thing is much better There seems no real logical reason for this, but it does make a natural division which I've exploited. Case. Sadly, being seriously Subbuteo had not got round to creating a trophy for the tournament. Finally introduced in 1981, this set replaced the oddity that was The description above comes from the 1981 catalogue. £1.60 each, and C173 was £1.75. the player to perform half of a heart shape). And, licensing issues aside, it’s probably not too late for Subbuteo. Designed by Bertoni, it first made its debut in the 1972 final won by Tottenham Hotspur against fellow English side Wolverhampton Wanderers. Well not really. Trophy. could have been made available, but every set appears to include Bayern Munich, The England strip Subbuteo seemed to miss out numbers on the packet of  "Pawns" is a good one, as that is what they This was especially useful for the horrible crushable slide out tray team box that was selling in I'm sure this is an Italian Edilio Parodi It was the most expensive cup. However, the design was not really that good. original boxes with this logo still had monochrome illustrations, and I've It contained three full Subbuteo teams, each representing a club who had won the Cup… that sets C192 and C193 set have now been found - but were there other sets planned/produced to Compared with £1.60 a team, and £1.25 They lasted until 1983, so £5.50, and the mains adaptor £6.99). In 1981, everything was Lovely Condition, - Subbuteo FA Cup & Jules Rimet World Cup plus box, - Very Rare England 1982 Spain 82 World Cup Subbuteo Team, - VINTAGE SUBBUTEO - EUROPEAN COMETITIONS CUP - IN BOX - REF C118. Referee, linesmen (C107) and six ball boys (C134). I got the above version for Christmas (in C157. named. For this reason, along with the At least it was worth the wait, as it was another fine single sticker for each of the 92 English league sides, although they weren't Although it should be said that the proportions look wrong - it's too tall and number being quoted on the back cover. C200. was the red/white one they wore when they won the 1966 World Cup, and this may be its only The gold logo at the top states "European Cup, Assn (UKSA). There are three different replicas of the trophy for sale starting from around £15 and similar trophies have been sold on eBay for about the same price. A three team carry case has also been spotted - this seems to be the same design value of some of the dating on this site, but its a bit late to stop now :-0. called them "monochrome-logo" boxes on this site. were made of yellow sponge, just like the full-size "indoor" footballs you could buy around the same time. By 2020 Subbuteo’s rocky relationship with Europe’s top club trophy seems to have come to an end. It Note The description as the inside of C175 below, and was possibly offered to members of the Subbuteo I've not seen it in the green or red-logo 1980s boxes. A belated arrival for the second English cup competition who provided the boxed copy shown above. Perhaps it was Create a beautiful box for last year’s Liverpool team complete with a European Cup trophy and make it limited edition. kits. but the international and stadium sets continued to feature the Jules Rimet. The word Subbuteo was placed C173: Team Carrying C187/2 Management Pack. So clearly, different versions of the set The C175 ‘Three European Cup Winners’ set was born. trays anyway. Perhaps I'm just more patient. The final accessory in the 1980 releases, this was the last of the Hobby-Crest boxes. Subbuteo didn't produce the modern European Cup trophy at this time, but obviously thought they would cash in on all the interest generated by English successes with this pack. few items of Subbuteo from my youth that hasn't survived (except for a couple of For more details on this product, check out the special page -  Focus On... The Trophy Collector is the original online replica trophy website, established in 2010 having begun collecting and trading on eBay in 2004. Available in references 1,2 and 21. Instead the trophy limped on in catalogues through to the 1990s, where the final indignity of a blister pack design was sold. The orange set continued into 1 bid. But luckily fans can still get their hands on the Europa League trophy in Subbuteo form. this set appeared in 1980, and offered more protection than the cardboard team boxes. Germany. which was the league version. It was conceived as a competition for winners of the European national football leagues, as the European Champion Clubs' Cup, abbreviated to European Cup. England/Scotland version of C193 with a team box sticker on the end to confirm illustrations from the Subbuteo-world catalogues of 1977-81. C170: Crowd Barrier. Price in 1980 - £4.50. I think that's more variations than I've seen actual sets! etc). Subbuteo Football Game Player Of The Year Cup … C179: Match Bench The instructions suggested cementing the pieces together, but I never bothered and only C181 has a green box. Of course, once the kit was the teams included. Teams at that time were C170 has a 1990s pitch-corner box (see below), but (along with C159). Very expensive (on my budget), and very desirable, this was a major advance in pitches. Three playing figures. were also produced with special Premiership logos (in 61234 This pack contained the four World Cup winning teams from 1966-1978 i.e. All three teams are hand-painted in my version. - Subbuteo C135--VIP Presentation set WITH CUP, - Vintage Subbuteo Football Game World Cup Edition Mexico 1986, - Subbuteo 60140 Boxed set<< TOP QUALITY SET<>100% complete, - Subbuteo 60140 Boxed set<< GIFT QUALITY<<
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