So if that’s where your hotel is, you will be going a bit of island touring every day. The beach itself is tiny, but the seawater is crystal clear and cool. It was once again inhabited in the Geometric era (second half of 8th c.), at the same period when the nearby town of Kastro was founded. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. These elegant ceramic pots instill a sense of warmth in the atmosphere.

Apollonia is the capital of the island and it spreads along several hill plateaus at the center of it. Sifnos island is popular with Greeks because it offers no distractions beyond what Greeks enjoy the most: good company, a good beach, long conversations over coffee or dinner, and endless relaxation. Other nice beaches include more crowded ones, at Platis Gialos, Vathy, or Kamares. The most important one is the monastery of Panagia Chryssopigi. Kastro houses bathed in light during sunset. Sifnos is a mountainous island with fertile valleys, beautiful beaches and several towns. in

Sleeps 6 • 3 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms. The municipality has an area of 73.942 square kilometres (28.549 sq mi)[4] and is 15 km (9 mi) long and 7.5 km (4.7 mi) wide. Small white isolated churches and villas allow the sunlight to bounce effortlessly off white walls before it dissipates in the humble olive groves. The town was naturally fortified by the steep hill that also provided good visibility for miles, and it was further protected by a double fortification wall all around. Do you like : Sifnos beaches, 365 A real local experience. fertile valleys, beautiful beaches and Greeka team and its community members will be delighted to help you! Besides the numerous restaurants and shops at the promenade, and the hotels further up the hill, you would be hard pressed to find any other places of interest at Kamares. The island enjoyed relative prosperity long after its gold and silver mines were flooded, all the way up to the Byzantine years when it suffered mightily from pirate attacks. Sifnos lies in the Cyclades between Serifos and Milos, west of Delos and Paros, about 130 km (81 mi) (80 nautical miles) from Piraeus (Athens' port). Later yet, in the 17th century, Sifnos was annexed and held by the Turks until 1821 when it joined the Greek revolution against the Ottoman occupation. Apollon-Artemis Apartments / Apollon. [18], Notable figures from Sifnos in modern times include the educator and revolutionary leader Nikolaos Chrysogelos (1780–1858), who served as Greece's Minister of Education, and the chef Nikolaos Tselementes (1878–1958), who wrote a classic cookery book still used in Greece today.[19]. Great for honeymooners, couples, families with children and romantics. Sifnos island, Greece. The small comission I make on the bookings Three whitewashed villages, anchored by the capital Apollonia, sit like pearls on a string along the crest of the island. Sifnos more, Create a Trip to save and organise all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. The climb is challenging and it takes about fifteen or twenty minutes to complete. Though both these dynasties became thoroughly Hellenized, they retained their Roman Catholic form of religion. [7][8] Modern scholars suggest that some of the mines flooded because they had eventually been dug to a depth below sea level,[9] while the majority of them, situated far from the sea, were probably exhausted. While it lacks the intimate touch of smaller islands, it also lacks the artifice of more popular destinations. One of the most "popular" churches of the island, is one of the Seven Martyrs, where many couples choose to get married. is full of beautiful Cycladic Most of these ferries make several stops on the way to Sifnos or back. Do not hesitate to ask the community! It has the benefit of being close to three very nice beaches. [5] Archeological evidence indicates the island was within the mainstream of Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Cycladic civilization.

The site is hard to reach via a rough goat path that zig-zags up the steep face of the cliff for about 427 meters.

Guide to the best villages of Sifnos island in Cyclades, Greece with photos, sightseeings, reviews, maps and more. There are also infrequent sailings to other islands in the Cyclades. Have you found it entertaining as well as useful?

Plati Gialos is the busiest, and most popular destination of the island, mainly for its long and wide beach. Ironically, Tselementes shunned the simple, seasonal food of his childhood in favour of the fancy dishes he learned to cook at grand hotels in Vienna and New York. The municipality Sifnos is subdivided into the following districts and villages: Villages of Apollonia and Katavathi seen from Ano Petali, "Απογραφή Πληθυσμού - Κατοικιών 2011. Kamares One of the main characteristics of its architecture is the unique pottery art that decorates the gardens and chimneys. Kastro is a nice place to stroll, especially in the afternoon. Restaurants, Churches and monasteries, Ample Nightlife, The scenery is certainly pretty with the steep mountains that hug the bay, but not spectacular.

Andreas, Ay. Certain towns of Sifnos have developed to accommodate the tourists (like Kamares, Platys Gialos, and Vathi), while other ones, like Kastro, have remained traditional, pristine, and beautiful. Then, just about every single restaurant on the island is filled to capacity, and the main cobblestone streets are filled with meandering tourists. The island prospered in Archaic times thanks to its gold and silver mines. area and average elevation)",, Mediterranean port cities and towns in Greece, Populated places in Milos (regional unit), Articles with Greek-language sources (el), Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, St. Marina in Flabouro in the evening of the 17th, Prophet Helias (2 events both in the evening of the 19th: on the top of the tallest mountain-also known as Prophet Helias the tall and in Troullaki respectively). What to do Sifnos has a fantastically well-maintained and mapped selection of hiking trails to suit all levels of fitness. Do you enjoy using my site?

Greek History. The one is right at the end of the tarmac at the entrance, while the second is located at the other side of the village. 6 reviews. You will quiet spots to swim either at Faros, Vlyho, or Fasolou. A walk in the beautiful regions of the island reveals a collection of glimmering churches and chapels, sandy beaches with green waters and countless spots for isolation. Sifnos is one of the most characteristic examples of Cycladic architecture and beauty. There are many events on the following days. I absolutely fell in love with the island due to its sheer natural beauty, ultra-picturesque towns, delicious food, and fantastic views. Faros, Sifnos. The town's name is thought to come from an ancient temple of Some hotels and accommodation are located around these villages. And white too is the forehead of the market-place,

The nearby Serifos island might be a better ferry connection hub.

like The Syphnians built an elaborate network of watch towers in an attempt to establish a communication system that would warn against a seaborne invasion. Greeka? Chrysopigi is a nice little cove with a quiet little beach and the islands most photographed church atop the headland that frames the small bay. [13] The verb "to play the Siphnian"[14] appears in a fragment of Aristophanes, and is explained in the Suda alongside "to Lesbianize" as a reference to transgression. The archaeological site of Agios Andreas (map) is perched atop a steep hill on the way to Vathy from Apollonia. fourth island in the Western Cyclades Daily ferry schedules make it easy to visit the other islands of western Cyclades on one island-hopping tour. It is a pretty little town with whitewashed low houses and a busy center that becomes very popular as night falls. They are all presented with a detailed description, photos and their location on a map of Sifnos.

In the sixth century BCE it was invaded by pirates from Samos. I absolutely fell in love with the island due to its sheer natural beauty, ultra-picturesque towns, delicious food, and fantastic views. And more? The second-largest town is Artemonas (800), thought to be named after an ancient temple of Apollo's sister-goddess Artemis, located at the site of the church of Panayia Kokhi.

, It is no coincidence, the large number of festivals held on the island almost every month. several towns. Can't-miss spots to dine, drink, and feast. Where to eat? © 1998-document.write(new Date().getFullYear());

Traditional Stone Barn. The remainder of the yield was shared out each year amongst the islanders themselves. Monster, The main reason that Sifnos is very popular with Greek visitors is because it offers no distractions beyond what Greeks really enjoy: good company, a nice beach, and long conversations over a dinner or a drink. 195, 196). ΜΟΝΙΜΟΣ Πληθυσμός", "Population & housing census 2001 (incl. is the Sifnos. Where to stay? We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic. The changing light kisses the landscape, and as you explore the slopes of the central mountains you’ll discover abundant terraced olive groves, almond trees, oleander and aromatic herbs. Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2020. It is therefore lighter and has a loose consistency. As Herodotus tells the story, the Syphnians found out what the oracle meant at a later time when the Samians arrived and demanded payment. Sifnos is one of the most characteristic examples of Cycladic architecture and beauty. Top Greek islands & Mainland Destinations, Most popular Greek islands & mainland destinations. Seralia is a very cozy cove near Kastro, Sifnos, Greece.

[17], Little is also known of Sifnos during the Ottoman rule from 1617. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic. and is easily reachable by ferry and A small village that has doubled in size n recent years thanks to a large hotel that was built in front of the best part of the beach. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Australia. It has a shoreline of 70 km (43 mi), with a permanent population of 2,625.

For people who are looking for the 'real Greece' and yet still wouldn't mind a little nightlife, Sifnos is the place to go. Where to eat? Characteristic chimney with a typical ceramic pot in Sifnos. been inhabited since 3000 BC. Then, just about every single restaurant on the island is filled to capacity, and the main cobblestone streets are filled with meandering tourists. history Near the town of Platis Gialos, at the position called “Akrotiraki”, excavations began in 1896 by Polak and are ongoing for the exploration of a prehistoric cemetary dated to the second half of the 3d millennium BCE. A small church dedicted to Saint Andreas provides a recognizable landmark for the site along with a conspicuous sign on the side of the road. This section offers a map of Sifnos with all the major locations of the island.

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