They have an elegant basic arrangement, Bronstein says: “I write with Josh, Josh directs with Benny, Benny edits with me.”. “This pattern does not seem accidental,” Scott wrote, and he wondered whether the brothers meant to hold up for critique Connie’s “bottom-of-the-barrel white privilege,” or whether they were merely trolling—engaged in “coy, self-disavowing provocation.” He concluded that it didn’t much matter. (In “Lonely John,” Benny plays an unmoored young man with a small apartment who likes to hang out at his local gas station.) In order to make a film as unflinching as “Heaven Knows What,” Josh Safdie spent so much time in Holmes’s world that he scarcely registered its bleakness. "The Do-Over" (2016)   Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 6%. Goldman gets no respect and Silverman is the first one to make sure of that.". What did you enjoy most inside this short film? “Like you’re kind of dejected.”. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Benny Safdie as Goldman in a new short film by the Safdie Brothers. They may produce another documentary, and they’re also thinking about a movie set in the world of rare-animal smuggling—the turtle project got them hooked. Do you have a financial philosophy?”. The brothers agreed, and after the shoot they asked him to help them edit. When Garnett suggests that Howard exploited the Ethiopians by underpaying for the opal, Howard defends himself with a basketball analogy. In 2017, they made “Good Time,” starring Robert Pattinson, a jittery, hallucinatory crime drama, which, once you got over the jitters, was perhaps also a comedy. “Enough,” the guard finally said, sternly. "[32], In February 2020, Showtime ordered a pilot for The Curse, a parody of HGTV starring Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie. To viewers who didn’t know the backstory, “Good Time” might have looked more like a crowning achievement. Already a subscriber? [4] They graduated from Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School in Manhattan. “Even unrepentant homophobes deserve funnier,” Chicago Tribune Michael Phillips wrote in his 2007 review of movie about two firefighters who pretend to be gay to get benefits of a domestic partnership. They worked with Sean Price Williams, one of the most celebrated cinematographers in independent film, who shot with long lenses, from a distance, so as not to disturb the actors or alert the authorities (there were no filming permits involved); the action unfolds in tense, unsteady closeups. Asked about his acting work, he gave an earnest reply: “I wanted to be very present.” His wide-eyed intensity matches the film’s mood, but he was not the first basketball player the brothers considered. So they returned to Sandler, this time with extra muscle: Martin Scorsese, who had signed on as executive producer. “I started looking at everybody’s jewelry, to see if it was good or bad,” he said. [4] The Safdie brothers are Jewish. Their films Daddy Longlegs, Heaven Knows What, The Pleasure of Being Robbed, and The Safdie Brothers Short Films are being shown at the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, held in Paris June 10 to 16, where the brothers Safdies appear alongside one of their heroes, director William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist). After Cannes, with some financing from a French company, they started work on an unabashedly autobiographical project, “Daddy Longlegs”: a feature about a young father, loving but wildly unreliable, trying to make it through a two-week visit with his two young sons. For the Safdies, “Good Time” was a way of showing the film world that they could be trusted to make bigger movies. For years, the brothers were do-it-yourself visionaries, finding ingenious ways to make their little movies seem big; they used the city as their soundstage in part because it was free. The Safdies are obsessive about basketball; in “Uncut Gems,” Howard’s fortunes rise and fall with the outcomes of the games he bets on. “Vulgar, trite, sexist, misogynist, hacky, tacky, gross, sentimental and stupid, with occasional flourishes of racism and veiled homophobia thrown in to boot,” TheWrap’s Alonso Duralde wrote in his 2012 review. Since then, though, Holmes has faded from view. A critic on IndieWire called him “the most contemptible character” Sandler has ever played, which means that he outranks both title characters of “Jack and Jill,” Sandler’s 2011 comedy, about a man with an annoying sister, which currently has a three-per-cent positive rating on the review site Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe one of these days they’ll need someone to play a Madison Square Garden security guard. He was on West Forty-fifth Street, near Times Square, aiming a handheld camera at a human statue—a man dressed in gold from head to toe, with gold paint covering his face. The six-minute-long short film can be found on Vimeo for free. © 2020 NONETWORK, LLC. If you don’t receive within a couple minutes, try again. Sandler says that he was impressed by the script for “Uncut Gems,” but initially puzzled by the brothers’ reverence for Howard. [24] The film had its world premiere at the 71st Venice International Film Festival. “An early contender for worst movie of the year. They turned out to be Sage and Frey Ranaldo, the sons of Lee Ranaldo, the Sonic Youth guitarist, and Leah Singer, an artist; the boys agreed to act in the movie, and their parents appeared as their stepfather and their mother. In October, “Uncut Gems” screened at Lincoln Center, as part of the New York Film Festival. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. All Rights Reserved. To underscore the sense of physical push and pull, they managed to make a violent action movie with no guns. But Williamson had foiled their plans by tearing his meniscus, so the brothers had to find other ways to entertain themselves. Caleb Landry Jones, an emerging movie star, played her abusive but somehow mesmerizing part-time boyfriend, Ilya. [25], The Safdies directed the 2017 crime film Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson and Ben Safdie as siblings. They typically cast experienced actors alongside first-timers, which is to say, “real people”—although the Safdies would probably object that the term insults the first-timers, by implying that they’re not acting, and also the professionals, by implying that they’re not “real.” Still, viewers who found themselves transfixed by the faintly menacing professionalism of the bail bondsman in “Good Time” might have been pleased to discover that he was played by the proprietor of American Liberty Bail Bonds, in Kew Gardens, Queens. “What’s going on?” He and his brother were in a sound studio in midtown, making last-minute alterations to “Uncut Gems.” On the screen, an image of Sandler, in character as Howard, was frozen in mid-patter. 2006 If You See Something, Say Something (Short) (as Joshua Safdie) 2005 The Adventures of Slaters's Friend (Short) (as Joshua Safdie) 2004 Alberto Lives in a Bathroom (Short) It’s trying to replicate life.”, Photograph by Gus Powell for The New Yorker, “Hi! “The whole point is for people to go home thinking it’s real,” Benny added. In it, Benny Safdie plays a gold statue performer in full, authentic regalia. If you’re going to film a love letter to an unlovable character, it helps to have a star whom audiences already adore. Other recurring collaborators include composer Oneohtrix Point Never and cinematographer Sean Price Williams. This was the era of “Jackass,” the MTV show built around silly and painful stunts, and the Safdie brothers’ early work could be prankish. The Safdie brothers began making independent short films from a young age, drawing heavily from their disruptive childhood as two children of divorce. Mind if I just hang out here in front of your face for your entire life?”, “Before I fight this dragon and rescue you, can I ask a few questions? It is a reasonable request, but on a recent night it was not enough to dissuade a wiry man with a beard and a ball cap, who was standing up, cupping his hands around his mouth, and yelling, “Hey, Aaron! Now, Adam Sandler dons (then un-dons) the gold paint as an unsteady, but likable performer, while Benny plays his antagonistic silver counterpart. The brothers are compulsively productive, which is why they were making a tiny film even while finishing their big film. [29] Theatrically released in the United States in 2019, it received critical acclaim and became one of A24's highest-grossing releases. “Never.” The trailer for “Uncut Gems” went viral as soon as it was released, in September. One early version featured Amar’e Stoudemire, whom they met while working on the Cooke documentary, and who usefully complicated the film’s view of identity by being both African-American and Jewish. Zero.”. In those years, Bronstein was working as a projectionist at Lincoln Center, and one day Josh Safdie stopped by to tell him that he had met an intriguing young woman on Forty-seventh Street: Arielle Holmes, a jeweller’s apprentice who turned out to be part of a community of homeless young people battling addiction. But, Josh Safdie says, “the whole point of it is not to assault people—the whole point of it is to create a feeling of what that world is.” For “Uncut Gems,” the Safdies brought in the cinematographer Darius Khondji, who is renowned for an elegant style, which the brothers both admired and wanted to disrupt. (The brothers arranged for her to go to rehab once filming was done.) 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