Organically Fed, Pastured Whole Chicken. Ready to lay brown egg layers. THEY ARE $15.00 EACH Two are laying eggs. This is a fine, young, male bird just starting to crow. | More Information, HENS 😃🐣 My small flock can handle only one mature rooster -- photos of the dad attached. I am in Atlanta, Michigan 49709... Tel: 989 370 6874 | 49709-9623 | MI | 09/25/2020  Both were raised from 2 months old and are now 6 months old.

Posting a classified is always 100% FREE. Just can’t keep to good home... Tel: 410 456-8546 | 21921 | MD | 06/12/2020  Cackle Hatchery® has several different types of meat chickens for sale, including our red broiler chickens and jumbo Cornish cross chickens.All of our meat/broiler chicken breeds are available in sets of 25, 50 and 100, but that’s not all – we also offer special orders that come with free exotic chicks and ducks. If your able to pick them up, they are available free of charge! | More Information, RHODE ISLAND RED BABY HENS One white silkie and one porcelain d'uccle. About 8 weeks old. Ayam Cemani Beautiful Roosters (elite Bloodline) Lamborghini of poultry NO PROBLEM WHAT KIND. Healthy, strong, and friendly. *Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences. 4 pullets born 7/25/2020 incubator hatched hand raised. This is a live animal sale, delivered to the butcher for you, and cut according to your custom specifications to get beef how you like it. © 2020 Steaks And Game, LLC. For Sale (9) Golden Comets (2) Buff Orpington--just over a year old...$15.00 ea.

C... Tel: 717-587-9113 | 17552 | PA | 10/17/2020  | More Information, BLACK AUSTRALORP PULLETS | More Information, FREE BUFF ORPINGTONS FREE That’s why consumption of chicken in Australia has increased enormously in recent years, from being an occasional meal to a regular staple. 5 weeks, you finish to the size you want. All female, 7 wks old Brahma chicks... Tel:  | 77090 | TX | 07/01/2020  He is actually really sweet and beautiful.... Tel: 5614017757 | 34953 | FL | 09/25/2020  Have hens. | More Information, FOR SALE: 2 MONTH OLD ROOSTER Healthy, vibrant colors. I am als... Tel: 276-479-0060 | 24271 | VA | 08/08/2020  Reasonable or free if you have some to get rid of. $50 pair Unfortunately I live in a residential community and roosters are just too loud. Long story short, I ended up with a straight run of 17 Buff Brahmas. Healthy and sweet, we just can't keep him. We also raise Easter Eggers Pullets that Lay a blue or a green egg Will lay up to 280 eggs per year. I am asking $12.50 per bird. That’s why consumption of chicken in Australia has increased enormously in recent years, from being an occasional meal to a regular staple.

| More Information, BACKAYRD CHICKENS | More Information, FREE AMERAUCANA ROOSTER!!! | More Information, FOUR FREE CHICKENS Large, tender and moist, capon is chicken like you've never seen, or tasted, before. I am looking to find a good home for them starting in mid-July. You can Text me at the number provided... Tel: 864-402-3692 | 29692 | SC | 10/09/2020  Baby Chicks... Tel: 270 883-2728 | 42025 | KY | 06/22/2020  Please add 4 wks old, 4 month old and 6 months old | More Information, FREE SILKIE ROOSTER!

The … FOR SALE: 2 MONTH OLD ROOSTER I purchased 8 chicks from Tractor Supply on April 13, 2020 and we got one Rooster out of the bunch. If you are new to raising birds for meat, you will need to investigate processing to find out if there is a facility near you or what kinds of equipment you would need to do the job yourself. About to start laying eggs. Black Ameraucana, Appenzellar Spitzhauben, Easter Eggers and barn yard mix. I also have a big bag of food for them and a coop.

Serama chickens for sale is not just for competition, but also as pet and companion. We have two beautiful and beloved chickens which turned out to be roosters. They have been fed org... Tel:  | 55360 | MN | 09/03/2020  | More Information, 5 WEEK OLD CORNISH X 1 week old. They are all female and do lay eggs. Not babies... Tel: 630-715-3386 | 60521 | IL | 05/15/2020  | More Information, FOR SALE - excellent quality Roosters all black - black feathers, black skin, black comb and wattles, black flesh, black organs, black ... Tel: 9725329776 | 75028 | TX | 04/16/2020  | More Information, FREE EGG-LAYING HENS (2 HENS) | More Information, CHICKENS RHODE ISLAND RED YOUNG HENS | More Information, RARE AYAM CEMANI ROOSTER Contact Information: Connie Zullo: Phone: (770) 349-5657. At 6 months old, they sell for $ 115 each.... Tel: 954-444-4498 | 33328 | FL | 06/07/2020  Tel: 5862123726 | 48042 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information, CORNISH CHICKENS

| More Information, PURE AYAM CEMANI CHICKENS healthy & friendly I have moved and I need a new home for them. I bought two of these and I only used one this one's like new I only used it one tim, put a few eggs in it to make sure it worked, I am not able to do this anymore.

Young Rhode Island Red Hens I need 3 chickens so my poor lonely chicken can have friends. $20 each Heritage breed. CALL 205 965 1252... Tel: 205 965 1252 | 35146 | AL | 08/12/2020  | More Information, FOR SALE: CHICKENS Firm... Tel: 3157252208 | 13431 | NY | 08/09/2020 

| More Information, FREE EATER EGGER ROOSTER I plan on keeping a couple roosters, I'm sure I'll have more. | More Information, WANTED ROOSTER COCKERALS (FRESH) Free Range Chicken Eggs. Tel: 7605348037 | 92234 | CA | 09/06/2020  Greenfire Fa... Tel: 5083263121 | 02767 | MA | 07/21/2020  for exclusive specials, recipes and save 10% on your next order. The weigh of this chicken are Miscellaneous depends on the class.

2 white Silkie baby roos. Two 10-week-old French Black Marans roosters ready to find new homes. I have an Easter Egger (EE) rooster that is about 5 months old and just began crowing a day ago. | More Information, 8 ROOSTERS NEED NEW HOME I purchased 8 chicks from Tractor Supply on April 13, 2020 and we got one Rooster out of the bunch. 4 Plymouth Barred and 4 Rhode Islands... Tel: 8039346981 | 21620 | MD | 08/25/2020  DOZEN $2.50 1 Pullet Silver Laced Sebright. The breeds are as follows: | More Information, BUFF BRAHMA JUVENILE COCKERELS -MID JULY I only have 2 left. I have four chickens, two adults and two young ones. 336-491-3919, WTB , BLACK OR WHITE JERSEY GIANT CHICKENS, (FRESH) FREE RANGE CHICKEN EGGS. | More Information, AYAM CEMANI ROOSTERS 4 chickens need new home. Adorable silkie chicks in assorted colors.

TopStock. Great on cold weather.... Tel:  | 49878 | MI | 10/02/2020  1 black, 1 gold Located in Dade City FL (Pasco County) $20.00 cash only.

| More Information, SILKIE CHICKS. Wanted Jersey Giant Mature chickens . He is incredibly sweet and protects his girls. They are vibrant chicks. Fill out and email the order form and email to and we will get back to you with pricing, and delivery times. Started Cornish-X chickens. Free local delivery. 802 369-9510... Tel: 8023699510 | 05250 | VT | 09/15/2020  For sale Brown sex linked Pullets , hyline Bovan, Novagen breeds available. But Price WILL be Going Up Soon I have pure Ayam Cemanti cocks and pairs 10-12 mths, cocks are 100$ and pairs are 260$, Plus all shipping costs

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