On the offensive, Alabama could not be checked, and on the defensive, save for one spot in the line, Alabama was Auburn's equal. The term coined because the red mud stained the Alabama white jerseys crimson. The color crimson refers to the jerseys the football players wear, and the phrase refers to the team rolling over its opponents. He said Alabama reminded him of the sea pounding the sea shore and that's from a quote from him, another great Birmingham writer, Clyde Bolton, who interviewed him, but yeah, Zipp Newman probably popularized (Crimson Tide). Virginia Tech Hokies Watson, the Bryant Museum curator, said before the "thin red line," Alabama's informal nickname used to be the cadets because the university was a military school "and then newspapers, they called them the warriors," he said.

Alabama Crimson Tide | Arizona Wildcats He was the youngest sports editor in the South when he began working in the role in 1919, according to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. Enter your information to receive emails about offers, promotions from NCAA.com and our partners.

"Roll" is used here as a verb, not an adjective. Newman is credited with making the nickname mainstream as he "probably popularized the name more than any other writer," according to Alabama's website. The only thing I've ever seen is in the '20s, that's when the university kind of started using it if they were putting something out, they would use Crimson Tide and I've been trying to find – and I haven't found it – the first use of 'Roll Tide.'

Former Birmingham Age-Herald sports editor Hugh "Doc" Roberts is credited with giving Alabama its nickname, according to the University of Alabama athletics website. "There was no rain, no mud. "The game, played in a sea of crimson mud, was the last game played between the two rivals until 1948 when the series resumed. Alabama had a greater diversity of formations and kept the point of combat in opposing territory.". 1 Miami", "Listen to Los Angeles folk rock band Dawes' sweet new Alabama-inspired song 'Roll Tide, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Roll_Tide&oldid=957609108, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Roll Tide" is the name of a dramatic piece of orchestral music that was composed by, "Roll Tide" is the name of a song by the California based American folk-rock band, This page was last edited on 19 May 2020, at 17:50. Part of his inductee bio reads, "Newman was the prime motivator behind the establishment of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. "There can be no dispute of the statement that the magnificent resistance and fierce aggressiveness of Alabama surprised none more than the Auburn team itself. and or Just a way to say beat em' pretty much". He used the nickname to describe the 1907 Auburn-Alabama game played in Birmingham," the department's website explains.

The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NCAA or its member institutions. Roll Tide (or Roll Tide Roll) is the rallying cry for the Alabama Crimson Tide athletic teams. Taylor Watson, curator of the Paul W. Bryant Museum, has worked for the museum for 28 years and for the last 15, he's been working on a book about things Alabama fans think they know but actually don't. Prior to the adoption of the nickname of "Crimson Tide," newspaper accounts from the early 1900s called Alabama simply the "Alabama football team," "Crimson," "Crimson and White," or "the Alabama football eleven," with "eleven" being a common refrain a century ago in reference to the number of players on the field for each team. The question still remains as to whether it's the most obnoxious slogan in sports history. Alabama's first nickname was the "Thin Red Line," another war reference which was used to describe Alabama teams, according to Alabama's website. Believe what you want.

", "Zipp, who was by the way a great writer," Watson said, "He was in World War I. The interesting thing about that game, the '07 Alabama-Auburn game, was the last game they played for 41 years and if you read the accounts from other newspapers, it was a clear, cool day. "One of them is that story," Watson said.

"The thin red line finally worked its way far enough to their opponents goal posts to try for a placement goal," reported The Tuscaloosa Times-Gazette. So, there's not a lot of clarity behind who, when, how or why one of the best football programs in the country got its nickname, but that's just part of Alabama's story. The Alabama football team … [1][2] The trademark to the phrase is claimed by the University of Alabama, with licensing and marketing by The Collegiate Licensing Company. That's all part of the evolution and popularization of a nickname. It is a cheer used to rally fans of the college’s athletics teams, known as the Crimson Tide. Alabama has won five of the last 11 national championships in college football (as of 2020) and the Crimson Tide claims 15 national championships in …

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Although Auburn was favored to win, Alabama played well in the red mud and held Auburn to a 6 - 6 tie, thus gaining the name 'Crimson Tide,'" Grooms wrote. The first one I've been able to find is in 1929 but you gotta think it goes back further than that.". The phrase "crimson tide" was a fairly common descriptor back then in regards to life or blood, often in the context of war or poetry. UrbanDictionary.com, that less-than-official, super-irreverent but always entertaining website, provides the following entry as an introduction to the two-word chant: "Rally chant for University of Alabama athletics, especially football.".

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