That Revenge Spin-Off at ABC Isn't Happening After All, Leaked Thor: Love And Thunder Plot Details Tease Fun Cameos And A New Villain, Thor: Love And Thunder’s Revengers Lineup Reportedly Revealed, Includes Beta Ray Bill. Your story must start with “Today,” and end with “FML”. Anonymous My daughter, who is 18, asked me why the lights on the car still worked. 17/8/2014 16:40 FML, Today, my friends thought it would be fun to change my dad's name on my phone to my girlfriend's name. FML, Today, I found out my mom paid my best friend $20 to be my friend when we were 10. The movie is lacking grit and the necessary hard edge a revenge western really needs. During the Civil War, a group of Confederates escapes from the Union POW camp at Fort Bravo but has to contend with the desert, the Mescalero Apaches and the pursuing Union troops. - United States - Auburn, By Have you just experienced an FML moment? I now have a sprained ankle and a broken window. Three young men take a young woman and a middleaged man to an isolated cabin, where they are terrorized in different ways. I commented, "Wow, I really could do with one of these!" This includes times like when my mother is frantically calling for help after falling off a ladder. rarara 9/8/2012 19:33 7/5/2009 19:47 FML, Today, I discovered the crunching noise your foot will make if you accidentally drop a cement block on it. Three of my Kenyan coworkers keep getting together and reminding me that having more than one wife is okay in their country. It's no surprise that it was a box office disappointment, though the then declining popularity of the western genre as a whole probably played a part as well. The "Revengers: Endless Tussle" series features characters like "The Incredible Fella" and "Regular Raccoon." - United States, By FML, Today, my boyfriend let out a horrible fart in the middle of sex. Title: From The Virgin Suicides to On the Rocks, IMDb dives into the cinematic stylings of Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola. Jonathon Dabell . FML, Today, I was masturbating in my room when my dog started to bark obnoxiously. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? valene5687 - Cholo - United States - Dayton, By Shortly before her marriage to her childhood ... See full summary », Patrick Foley has been on the move all his life. During the Civil War, Mexican cattleman Alvarez Kelly supplies the Union with cattle until Confederate Colonel Tom Rossiter's hungry men force Kelly to change his customers. Biography. This went on for about a half hour. Certificate: GP - United States - Littleton, By 20/11/2010 05:49 Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. FML, Today, one of my dad's work friends came over. mathesonn FML, Today, I started a new job. 13/10/2011 16:56 Inside were condoms, birth control pills, and an invoice made out to me. FML, Today, I poured my heart out to my girlfriend of two years expressing my feelings for her. A clear rip-off of The Avengers, the Revengers debut in a line called “Endless Tussle.” Under heroic monikers like The Incredible Fella, Regular Raccoon and Knighty Knight, the Revengers are courtesy of comedian Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant. With William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Woody Strode, Roger Hanin. - Get them while you still can. The only person that remembered was my creepy stalker. I’d done a bit of this in the past, but the more I thought about it, the more ideas I had, so I felt the project warranted it’s own name and website.”. Since the death of his mother, Pascal, ten years old, spends his holidays with his father, the rich Laurent Segur. (Though the climatic sequence does have some excitement.) FML, Today, I made up an ingenious plan to finally hook up with the guy I really like at a party. 28/9/2014 16:42 sleepyt127 FML, Today, I got my sister to pluck my eyebrows. When did Greg become a revenger?? He gave me a ticket for "Subway Vagrancy" even though I have a job and an apartment. Bumper Morgan is a veteran Los Angeles Police Department street cop. Today, a package was delivered to my house, addressed to me, clearly marked "sexual health products". - Don’t try reposting old FMLs, we’re not that daft. - FML, Today, I realized that at 20 years old I already have noticeable wrinkles around my eyes. Revengers Endless Tussle Action Figures. Directed by Daniel Mann. 14/4/2012 06:27 FML, Today, I was driving my parrot home from the vet. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. When I went downstairs, I found an open door and an empty TV stand. Not a single person moved to help me. France, By Please don't hate Check out these knock off Avengers which are definitely exactly like the real thing. 30/10/2012 21:26 I've had the dog for 16 years. ugh thanks He assembles a team of mean, lawless convicts to act as his posse as he pursues the gang responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. 4 of 7 people found this review helpful. When I went back to get them, I was faced with the sight of my boss and a coworker getting it on against my desk. Anonymous Whoever staged this "hilarious" prank: well played, asshole. The Revengers But to balance it out, my chronic acne keeps me looking youthful. My parents went ballistic and grounded me. You have: - Incredible Fella for $45 - Regular Raccoon for $40 - Token Girl for $35 - Fedora Ron for $30 (Ron not included) - Knightly Knight for $40 Could make for an awesome gag gift, if you know someone who's into the real thing! 13/7/2010 15:02 Political and personal intrigues surround a group of characters in Malaya, after the close of the Second World War. He is due to retire after twenty years on the job, but is not letting up on the criminal element on his beat. When I tried explaining that I have no clue what he's talking about, he started exclaiming, "Liar, liar! FML, Today, the snowblower found my lost phone. He admits to wanting to drop it off at the shelter while I'm at work. Thank you, your FML was submitted it will appear in moderation soon ! FML, Today, while working as a bank teller, a woman came in with a $100k check. Do not eat the raccoon. Home › Products › Revengers Products Browse by All 11 oz book depression funny gift gift book gifts Home & Living humor I Scream magazine Mother's Day Mugs obvious plant parody penguin Revengers spider-man spiderman Sublimation toys White base FML. By Nadine / 27/1/2016 05:20 “Late last year, I hit on the idea of ‘street humor’—for lack of a better term. The story also plods along with a lot of filler, such as the whole unnecessary sequence with Susan Hayward. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. This FAQ is empty. She responded with, "I'm going to bed." - One of the biggest problems with the movie is the direction by Daniel Mann. He assembles a team of mean, lawless convicts to act as his posse as he pursues the gang responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. She shaped them wrong, so now I look constantly sad. OhNo - United States, By How are you supposed to collect them all of Ron isn’t included? Let's just say I didn't finish. My chemistry classroom. 15/3/2014 22:05 - United States. Furthermore, it’s not possible to obtain badges by posting keywords, so stop believing things you’ve read on message boards. Pants on fire!" - United States, By Anonymous He didn't ticket the homeless man next to me covered in piss. Something scared her, and she started flapping in my face, causing me to crash my car into a tree. Even the times when the bullets start to fly, the action mostly has a been there, done that feeling. Anonymous Download the app for Android - While I managed to cut two minutes off my time, a few minutes later I felt dizzy and nauseous, which I thought was because I pushed myself too hard. There are two types of villains in 2018: 'Thanos' and those who habitually spoil movies for you. Well, the plan itself worked great. FML, Today, I was locked out of my house. As I was driving home, I decided to let her sit on my shoulder. FML, Today, our power went out due to some severe storms. - 7/6/2009 23:15 The previous homeowners owed the water company over $300, and the company doesn't believe that I'm not them. I awoke at 5am in Coney Island, end of the line, to a cop poking me with his baton. Follow the instructions below, and if your story gets through the moderation process, it'll published in the next 24 hours. Download the app for iOS. - FML, Today, my husband of 5 months admitted he is jealous of my dog. FML, Today, my boyfriend informed me that to save money, he's been using the same condom for the last month. These "Revengers" were created by Comedian Jeff Wyaski as part of the Obvious Plant proect.The project plants hilarious flyers, signs, and various other things around the world just to bring a little bit of humor into peoples mundane, every day lives. FML, Today, I got hit by a Salami log thrown from a car; its metal wire cut my shoulder. He thought for a few moments, then said, "Uh, you shit quietly." With no other available option, I decided to try and ninja my way through a window. FML, Today, it was my birthday. flatfoot FML, Today, out of habit from twelve years of karate classes, I bowed to my teacher as I exited my classroom. - Canada - Lethbridge, By - United States - New York, By Not sure where made. Where’s Ron!? - Your instinct was right, because it’s good to laugh life off. FML, Today, my mom confessed that she has to make up compliments to give to prove me wrong when I said she can never say positive things about me. I guess my dress didn't give him a clue. Loki16 Pumpkin eater!" As others here and elsewhere have noted, "The Revengers" is an obvious attempt to emulate "The Wild Bunch" and "The Dirty Dozen", from its casting William Holden and Ernest Borgnine, to the idea of hiring criminals to go on a dangerous mission. I've gotten 3 marriage proposals from married men so far. FML, Today, it hit me that I'm incredibly pathetic, when at the age of 21, I tucked my stuffed animals into bed with me, facing in different directions so they could keep watch for monsters while I slept. Don’t use this space for discussions, advertising or spam, or for posting anything which isn’t an FML. One day, when diving near the shores of Corse, an aircraft falls into the ... See full summary », Deprived of a normal childhood by her ambitious mother, Katie, Lillian Roth becomes a star of Broadway and Hollywood before she is twenty. Meet the heroes who will defend Earth during the events of “Endless Tussle.” It’s the Revengers! Anonymous Guess who got an erotic text message when standing next to me while in the line to buy groceries. “I was somewhat bored with these more traditional humor avenues, so I started looking for something new,” Wysaski said in an interview with  Fast Company. The life of peaceful rancher John Benedict (William Holden) is torn apart when his family is massacred by a gang of marauding outlaws and his farm is destroyed. 2/6/2016 08:40 30/3/2009 02:08 These "Revengers" were created by Comedian Jeff Wyaski as part of the Obvious Plant proect.The project plants hilarious flyers, signs, and various other things around the world just to bring a little bit of humor into peoples mundane, every day lives. I need a shower. - - United States, By He's retired ever since he married Hermione. Even though it was clearly his, he gave me disgusted look, called me a dirty bitch, then kept going. Tired of cow-punching for a living, two Montana cowboys rob a bank and flee but their employer's sons chase after them. FML, Today, my water got cut off. Don't know about you guys, but I sure would like to collect them all. The supervisor told me this will keep happening until I pay up. Add the first question. As he was leaving, he complimented my dad on having three "strapping young boys." FML, Today, I auditioned for my school's production of Romeo and Juliet. Western, Certificate: Passed Written by You must be logged in to be able to post comments! FML, Today, after leaving my workplace, I realized that I forgot some important work papers.

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