My husband recently passed away.. First,one week in the middle of the night I was awakened by Alexa playing very loud music. What I’m trying to say, is that it will pass. Lastly, do you think possibly you or someone in your family opened up a door via spirit tools or occult practices? Wow, long story and thanks for sharing. As soon as it posted the light started linking really fast and got brighter and I got a sick feeling in my stomach and my heart start racing. We would hear birds in the attic really loud. This was a nightly haunt so every night it was the same. I ran so fast upstairs and I called my grandmother. These are all standard malicious ( naughty ) ghost happenings. well i live with my grandparents (who don’t believe in spirits or anything like that :\ ) so at the house i lived in when i was little until the end of 8th grade some things happened.. not bad just creepy. hello yesterday my friend clean his room of restaurant where he stay that was so dirty room and old one. A new apartment I moved into mid Jan 2019 started showing signs of a spirit. You would try to stop it with the button. And then my sister went to open the door and she thought my mom was coming. At my ranch house: people have died there, it is a part of stephen f austin’s 3rd colony established in TX. Hey Christine, My husband and son do not expeiernce these feelings, or dreams, or the street lights going off unless either myself or my daughter are with them in a car but they have seen things. He figure it was one of the kids and went back to sleep. Window sills, walls, etc, etc..If a week later you still have issues then you must get a good medium to do a cleanse fully to help clear way it all. My best friend and i just moved in to a house in California near the ocean. The spirit child that I have always sensed when I am there, does not feel there anymore( and I spent the night two nights ago) and did not hear the floor above us cracking like stepping foot steps nor did I feel the cool breeze or sense the presence of the little boy. Do you think that makes it more probable that these are spirits causing these things to happen? And it never seemed creepy. i have a 16 yr old son,who a couple of wks ago came down stairs with his quilt and said he was sleeping on the sofa cos something was tugging his arm and he thought it was the 3 yr old,who was fast asleep in my husband stayed in there 1 nite and said he felt like some1 was sat on his chest, i also dared myself to stay in there and i woke to find my hair been stroked back from my forehead,my 3 yr old now just randomly started talking about a mukky man all in black with black glasses carrying fruit,and he asks my son for 2 pennies, he also mentioned the word french doubles i asked what he meant and he laughed and said mammy thats were he works,and everyday he says the mucky mans coming soon,im a bit freaked now but i dont show it what is this. Sorry about my spelling I’m very tired but just can’t sleep now, 9 bayly road new Plymouth is my old house when I was a kid. Kids and baby’s or more open to seeing these things than we are as adults so the spirit will notice them more. What would you suggest to do? This is common after renovations and minor types of hauntings. I don’t believe in cleansing and staying where things have been so negative. From your story you come across as very sensitive ( psychic ) to premonitions and to energies around you. My silver cross knocked off of the wall. Hello guys ! I even turned on the tv and was reliefed to see the familiar static on the screen. I had a closet door totally moved. So REALLY, since that happened with her, I have been kind of scared to ask for help. Then he banged and stomped and started stomping down the stairs he stepped on the one stair that would make a squeak only when I put my full weight 160lbs on it. Hey Steve, One night, we heard footsteps on our mobile home porch, the light was on a few minutes before and was suddenly off without us noticing, our dogs went hysterical, there was no one there, and our parents were asleep. It has never been full knocks, just minor bangs and shakes. That way if a ghost is trying to communicate the pattern may help solve it.. Timon: its all in my kitchen. Leave it. I dont no what to do. If same happens elsewhere then it most likely be something else. Her door was shut and she even had the radio playing while she was doing her homework and heard it. My mother past away suddenly October 5 2015 by an undecided UTI going septic. My mom and I were in the basement in her house, and there was scratching noises on the wall, but nothing, and nobody, except for me and her wore down there. It was quiet. ok so for the past 3 weeks my bed has been shaking at night, my gf feels it too. I just turned around, turned it back on and said “You leave this lamp on now. I’m wondering now, what should we do with the two beads? Built in 1986, the 2,314 square foot house has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. I dont know what to do its been going on for 2 years now im scared and what i told isnt even half of what you wowuld imagine.. what can i do who can i talk to. Hi Timon, He fell back asleep and later woke up to a very uneasy feeling inside him. Sounds like an amazing paranormal experience.. After that look throughout your house to see any other possible natural triggers. Only recently I came against them in the name of Jesus in the night in my sleep and my husband heard a growl of something as it was leaving. I would recommend taking her to a clairvoyant or medium to find out what exactly or who exactly is trying to communicate with her. I could hear upstairs somebody walking towards my kids room from the living room to the hallway, then I heard the same steps come down the stairs, I had my door shut cuz it stays more warm. I am Abhishek Maitra 22 year old boy from India.. We 3 friends did planchette few days back… The 1st day when we were trying to do planchette it didnt work for us but we all heard strange someone is banging against the wall…Then later on we did plachette successfully.. Now we are feeling that some thing is there..but nothing unusual things are happening only three things we can see or can feel is that some one with us..2nd thing is at night we can hear someone is coughing(might be the person next door) 3rd is my computer is shutting down automatically!! Hey Tails75, Later this morning I found out that a small child, maybe 3 years old had accidentally drowned in the backyard pool a few years ago. The house feel lighter, if not then repeat until ti does.. “That’s a place where it’s a very extreme haunting. I was scared af. If you are dealing with shamans to solve your spirits problem. After my mother moved out dad changed all the, Sorry, furniture in the house including an ancient piano and a statue of Emily Bronte things started to feel better. she was a pitbull and never acted like that. Sometimes I wonder if was hallucinating this one though, because it’s just so….bizzare. any ideas or comments. If so then this is something that needs to be undone. We threw it in my grandmas backyard and recently i had a wierd dream about my grandfather, i thought he was trying to scare me, knowing he was kind of a prankster (my dad told me that). Possibly in the past people were dabbling with energy downstairs and opened a door to the other side. This is probably the most easily confused one as doors could open or close with the wind. So one night about 1:30 am I was awake in my room which is in the basement doing homework. Maybe a good idea to sleep out of your room for a few days. But I don’t think so. he would of been 14 years old. My dog, a Rottweiler was with me, and one of the doors slammed on him hard enough to make him yelp. Also, I had another occurrence about 2 weeks ago. try doing some evp’s, maybe you can get some answers. Hey Lim, record your stuff down and try to work out a pattern. she described the feeling as being half asleep, but not being able to move. It is December 8th 2018, and every night for the past week i have not been able to sleep, but that’s not the scary thing. The realtor told me the record date had been changed to 1905 to help me out for some reason ? I would watch doors move that I was far away from, and I remember looking outside in the space between my neighbors house and seeing things. Not to mention the basement that I previously lived in ended up haunted too because when I first move in and live there with my family, it was quite peaceful and feel quite safe. I don’t know what it is? po.src = ''; Right after we moved in I could just feel something in the place, but only at night and I thought it was just me being paranoid of a new place, then one night as I was walking down the hall to my room it felt like something was rushing up behind me and it was enough to make me run. But anyway, the other thing was the fact that when I was in there by myself just watching it and waiting for it to stop, as I kept thinking it was about to, but didn’t until my son walked in, anyway, I got SO NAUSEOUS AND short of breath, like I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and that short of breath feeling stayed with me for a few more hours, the nausea went away as soon as I stepped out of the closet. Our dog followed the footsteps down the hallway growing, then yelped as if hurt (she was fine). Last night my husband and I took our babies up to my daughters room to dress them for bed. I thought it was one of my children since that hallway leads straight into a playroom. I also thought that it could be a superstition. If I would not look up, I would not see it because the day was very sunny. I know it sounds unreal but I want to know if you could help us out please. Like the jingling of anklet when someone’s walking. I went into a place inside of myself, some where I’d never been before, it was so peaceful and calm. I was the only one in the house. I chucked it off the first time and figured a button was stuck. But the windows aren’t open, and the heater is on in my room. “Once I was in somebody’s condominium,” psychic medium Negri says, “and this woman just could not breathe in her bedroom. My phone was tossed around like a toy. My electric toothbrush was continually turning on and off by itself during the night till now it just doesn’t want to work at all, it was fairly new too. i was amazed at that time i thought that is some line issue but what happened next is pretty terrifying again when i hanged up the call .. I saw a young teen sized shadow grab the doorframe and stick its head to peek inside my room. Footsteps and a bad smell of a sweaty older man.. Evil spirits. I happened right when I believe that I was dosing off. I was just hanging out in my room and all the sudden my phone shut down randomly but it still had a lot of battery life left. I have come home after being at work and my mom being at work too to all of the cabinets open downstairs in our kitchen or doors open that I knew I had closed before. Yeah, sounds very haunted. [It] dripped down my arm, out of nowhere. My husband and I both had loving and close relatives who have passed on within the last ten years (when my son was small, he said he could see his grandfather, which was disconcerting, so we asked him just to let that be our own family secret, mmmkay?).

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