I'm at level 18--haven't gone to Skellige yet--but have the quest still in limbo with "track the smell of blood and sewer muck" still x'd out. Last Edited: 3 Nov 2016 8:31 pm. Anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it? Ok i Finally found a solution to the problem! Won't be making the same mistake on a second run through. Way later, I was going somewhere and there was a woman asking for my help (yellow !) Anyone that have had the same problem and know of any soution to it? so after awhile i came back to novigrad and some bandits asked me look for their friend and when i accepted it opened up this quest again, when i finished the quest it said i completed it and got it off of the failed catagory. Same thing happened to me - I also did not see a "scent" trail to follow for the first one - so it does not seem like it is currently completable. Archived. Failed the first objective, but was able to do the rest of it. I helped her and triggered the rest of the quest, find the 3 keys to open the safe. Hmph. I went the wrong way for about 10 steps, and the bandit said 'nah witcher got it wrong', and left, and it hasn't FAILED the quest, but it has an X on it as if i have failed, and there's no way for me to continue it. I never had to go visit the 3 bandits so if anyone ever gets into the same problem just ignore the bandits and see if you have the note labeled "Warrant" in your inventory, Yeah I just ran into the three bandits without any of the stuff before and no matter the ending I go with the quest just ends without mention of the safe/keys, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I got this quest when some random mage in the temple isle part of novigrad lured me to help her clear out some witch hunters in her home. I later bumped into the 3 bandits who tell you to track their "friend". Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 2. Novigrad, Closed City bugged. Very strange. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. While walking around Novigrad, Geralt of Rivia can be called over by some bandits northwest of Hierarch Square in between a blacksmith, a sh… From Lussi on the ‘St. It does seem to be bugged a few ways. The first part handed me one of three keys telling me that there is 2 more. Problem is that after i helped the bandits out the questline just ends. If you completed the part with the treasure of Lussi the Fox, Fritz, and Walter, the quest will be reactivated again after encountering and talking with the Bandits northwest of Hierarch Square. i failed the quest but i did everything it asked me to do. BBC Radio 1 Recommended for you I think it's a quest to do with 3 keys or something, but i haven't got that far, that's just what i read, but what i had to do was 'Track the smell of blood and sewer muck using your Witcher Senses'. Reading the note and finding the other keys through it ends the quest the proper way. Problem with the Quest "Novigrad, Closed City" Close. Doesn't give a reason why for the failure in the question log. Don't know if it's because I'm too far ahead in the story now or what.

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