Oh man, what a lame film. Review by: Fusion3600: Posted on: January 28th, 2012: Jump to Disc Scores. Don't get me wrong, these three girls look good naked and have a good sense of humor; There just isn't enough for them to do. It surprised me how well made it was, and fun. His voice is pain, so if you like that sort of thing, watch the beginning sequence. Which one was this? Sisters is also a gift for Scream Queen fans in that it allows Quigley, Bauer, and Stevens to flex their underused comedic muscles; this is done in a very broad, very endearing way as the ladies milk easy laughs through working awkward nerd characterizations to the hilt, complete with frumpy hair, buck teeth, and unconvincing fat suits. Well, there really ain't one -- and frankly who cares about some lousy it-would-only-get-in-the-way story. Are you the kind of person that enjoys truly crappy horror movies? Director David DeCoteau’s sexy horror comedy, NIGHTMARE SISTERS, is a non-stop thrill ride of outrageous 80s trash, starring three of the biggest names in scream queen history.Vinegar Syndrome is proud to bring NIGHTMARE SISTERS to Blu-ray for the first time anywhere in the world, newly restored from its original 35mm camera negative!

Standard DVD review - Nightmare Sisters.

I do, however, know it was the movie where they hire a lot of women and require them all to take their clothes off. 80's scream queens Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Brinke Stevens play dorky sorority girls who get possessed by a succubus and they're transformed into sex hungry goddesses who also have a craving for frat boy souls. The effects consist of cheap optical light flashes and one shaky skeleton puppet built by Sisters screenwriter Kenneth J. Harmless fun, and a must see for Quigley/Stevens/Bauer/DeCoteau fans, Three Scream Queens join a succubus sorority. Follow. "Nightmare Sisters" is a harmless, enjoyable b-movie which is more sex comedy than horror. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets monitoring_string = "df292225381015080a5c6c04a6e2c2dc". The acting...well heh, let's move onto the humor. Nightmare Sisters (1988) Review by Bradley Frohloff. Cut to three sorority sisters (Quigley, Bauer, and Stevens), ostensibly done up to seem plain and unattractive. Skeeter gives it 9 for 10. The auteur DeCoteau has created a masterpiece that will simply blow you away. Scanned, restored & preserved in 2k from … There are few films that embody cheap and cheerful as well as NIGHTMARE SISTERS (1988) does. Cinematic Heaven in my mind. External Reviews Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Forgot your password? and the Terms and Policies, The sole reason that this flick even exists at all is to display the three splendidly alluring starlets naked. It was more boring than "Babes at the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama." I have never gotten the desire to comment about a movie on these boards. The good news is that when Sisters does finally bestow its exploitative goodies upon the patient audience, it does so in spades: witness the prolonged bathtub scene during which the three sisters do little more than bathe each other and giggle. But when the movie starts cooking, it's highly amusing and extremely sexy. But, the dorks sneak away anyway, and the jocks find out, hot in pursuit. I don't think it's even intended to be scary, and there is very little violence, but a lot of nudity and humour. So if you love Linnea, Michelle and/or Brinke, this makes a nice addition to your DVD collection.

If you must see this, you will enjoy the three girls cleaning each other in the bathtub. Fred Topel. Will the nerds be able to save their gals from the evil driving them? This delightfully dumb and drecky no-budget piece of shamelessly pandering direct-to-video smut is nothing more than a feeble excuse to showcase the almighty 80's scream queen holy trinity of the exquisitely bountiful Michelle Bauer, the sumptuously slinky Brinke Stevens and the ever-luscious Linnea Quigley strutting their sexy, sensuous, sizzling stuff clad only in their birthday suits. Awards Cult helmer David DeCoteau’s perky scream queen vehicle makes a grandiose Blu-ray debut courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome. Nightmare Sisters does benefit from having been shot on thirty-five, and this new Vinegar restoration has the modest production looking sharp and clear. Technically, this blatantly cheap picture is the absolute pits, with flat direction, slack pacing, blah editing, a very crude sense of dumb college fratboy humor, and infuriatingly static cinematography (one insipid master shot of Brinke, Linnea and Michelle plays out for an agonizingly uninterrupted ten minutes), but it's still the rare cheerfully cheesy soft-core movie that completely fulfills the trashy promise of its sleazy premise and thus rates highly as a supreme slice of late 80's schlock for that reason alone. There’s a brief interview with screenwriter and effects man Hall, a video intro from De Couteau along with some crummy bloopers, but the real prize here is the television edit of Sisters. Thank god the movie is now on DVD. Otherwise it will be one of the most grueling viewing experiences you will ever encounter. These unpopular ladies are anticipating a visit from three generic frat imbeciles later that the evening, and have scrounged up some party favors to amuse their upcoming guests. Don't have an account? There's also a long drawn-out nude bathtub scene, but watching the girls just sitting there giggling, splashing water and looking like they are having a great time rubs off on the viewer and becomes enjoyable.

and the scene where our famous beloved Scream Queens transform, was everything and more than what I wanted it to be.

I only wanted to kick myself for waiting a lifetime before watching. But I gave it a "5" anyway and that's only because of the three leading ladies and their ability to enliven even the most atrocious film. The girls become possessed by a succubus demon and go from ugly duckling to swan. De Couteau is no amateur, and thus the film is lit and blocked well (though one scene does go noticeably out of focus) considering the budget with which he was given to work—however, the amount and density of filler here in the form of static dialogue scenes is unconscionable (despite the Blu-ray back cover blurb assuring us of a “non-stop thrill ride” to come). Nightmare Sisters begins with a turban-wearing medium (punk rock frontman Dukey Flyswatter, the voice of the Imp in Bowlarama and here essaying a tone-deaf comedy Indian accent) awakening some sort of evil force in the middle of a séance.

Thus, viewers judging this tiny movie on conventional criteria are going to be sorely disappointed. (dun dun dun dun) Suck me! | It's a much sexier and more natural scene than what we B-movie fans would later encounter in Skinamax porn - you know long, dead serious, fake-looking, awkward simu-sex. This indie film by the auteur DeCoteau is the single greatest influence for the creation of the Eye Candy Hall of Fame. Not as pornographic as you are thinking, even though at one point three women cram into one bathtub to share a 5 minute bubble-filled romp. The Nightmare Sisters @alliewrestling & @thebrandirhodes will be in action, and Le Champion @chrisjerichofozzy has something to say on Wednesday. Not because it's a b-movie, or 'cause it was cheap or didn't have effect or top notch actors, but because it was just the most lifeless, annoying, intentionally naive piece of crap ever. The Nightmare Sisters package is more comprehensive than the film probably deserves, but its admirers are definitely out there. Nightmare Sisters Blu-ray Review: Director David De Coteau's '80s cult classic Nightmare Sisters now on Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome. Don't get me wrong, this movie is horrible in almost every way and is really an insult to horror movie fans everywhere. This was way better than I was expecting and I find it shocking that according to the IMDB trivia it was shot in only four days. Seriously if you made it this far....take my word...this is the movie you've been looking for. Awakening a demonic spirit in a crystal ball Marci found at a flea market during a séance with the nerds, the three sisters are turned from geeky broads to delectable babes. | It was a delight to watch and lives up to the hype. The cast boasts of three members of the All-Century team: the ever-so-lovely Brinke Stevens, the majestic beauty of Michelle Bauer, and the sultry Linnea Quigley. The cast seemed very prepared and lucid in their characters. Sure, you got to slog their 30-odd minutes of excruciating witless and labored sophomoric comedic antics prior to the gals dutifully doffing their duds in the name of lowbrow exploitation, but when they finally shed their clothes the film comes through with a gloriously lengthy and explicit three women having fun in the bath tub sequence that goes on for five marvelously drawn-out minutes. It should come as no surprise then that it is the same in terms of quality i.e., not very good! Copyright © Fandango.

Sign up here. (dun dun) Sucky sucky sucky sucky succ u bus! Granted, the opening scenes with Brinke, Michelle and Linnea playing gawky and ungainly asexual nerdettes are quite amusing; seeing Linnea with ungodly buck teeth singing off-key and a fat'n'frumpy Michelle pig out on junk food is admittedly funny, but the film really doesn't hit its stride until the geeky gals become possessed by evil spirits and turn into sexually insatiable and predatory hot babe succubi. (dun dun dun dun) Suck you!" So much that I paid a great deal online just to have it on VHS.

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