. I've never been a big June Allyson fan to begin with, so that didn't help matters any. The Korean war had already found its way on to American movie screens when BATTLE CIRCUS came along. And, because he is the lead, you KNOW that regardless of how unappealing his character is and how much he SHOULD be taken up on sexual harassment charges, he'll get the girl by the end of the picture. A quirky and realistic slice of Korea, with Bogie! and THE STEEL HELMET, are infinitely better. With Humphrey Bogart, June Allyson, Keenan Wynn, Robert Keith. Even though Bogart and Allyson appear in one comic scene in this 1953 film, the film is anything but a comedy. Robert Keith, who seems to have managed a long Hollywood career without ever varying his performances one whit, does what he always does as Bogart's commanding officer. He's a bit of a lonely figure with a past that doesn't really get explored much, but he's obviously a superb doctor. Seems to me like someone should have caught that. Fearing life in prison for a fourth offense, convict Duke Berne pulls out of an armored car robbery, planned by his crooked lawyer, but he is framed for the robbery anyway. Snoozer of a war picture about an Army surgeon (Humphrey Bogart) and a wide-eyed young nurse (June Allyson) falling in love on the battlefront. Title: Use the HTML below. Allyson, June and Frances Spatz Leighton. Many small moments of candor and skill don't patch up this mediocre mash-up, Excellent first look at a MASH unit filmed during wartime, Interesting take on MASH with annoying romantic plot, "They haven't invented a medal yet for those people.
This COULD have been interesting, but it wasn't. It's different, though, in that it portrays a much more positive picture of the military.Bogart played Major Webb, second in command of MASH 8666. Unfortunately, the two leads were hopelessly miscast. .

The film is set in Korea during the Korean War. . The movie stars Humphrey Bogart and June Allyson, and costars Keenan Wynn and Robert Keith. A group of nurses returning from the war in the Phillippines recall their experiences in combat and in love. This movie has some of the most cringeworthy work I've ever seen from him. Bogart was teamed with an old pal, Keenan Wynn and June Allyson who was also a friend. It's not the best war movie you'll ever see; it's not the most exciting movie you'll ever see and it's not one of Humphrey Bogart's best movies by a long shot. While certainly NOT Maltese Falcon or To Have and Have Not, Battle Circus surprised me. The soldiers depicted here are much more believable, at least in terms of having a command structure and enough discipline to function in a theatre of war. If you liked MASH TV series you will be shocked to watch this. Nonetheless the performances are good and occasionally overcome a difficult script (difficult not in complexity but in mediocrity). Eventually the two caravans safely negotiate the battlefield, and Jed and Ruth are reunited.

The one-liners never stopped at the 4077th, and there were few characters, especially in the last few years, who were not ever-ready to spew out endless dreary puns galore. Again, I grew up with this one on commercial television with an interruption ever 15 minutes.

The primary focus of the film is the horny character played by Bogart in his never-ending quest to get inside June Allyson's underwear! There can never be enough said about the horrors of war and what some of those medics went through, in my opinion they should all be given M O H's (Medal of Honor) As I stated at the beginning of this comment I would like to see this film brought out in DVD!!! Set in Korea and made during the war, this is the love story of a hard-bitten Army surgeon, and a new nurse ready to save the world. "From The Warner Archive: Battle Circus, 1953 (dir. The early going in the film really left me disoriented when the unit's encampment undergoes strafing fire, while more than once and clearly visible, a warplane bearing USAF markings is shown flying by. Third rate Bogart and Brooks would be fifth rate with anyone else.

. It's only natural to compare the two films, and to compare them with the TV series that began 15 years after "Battle Circus." There are some real war horrors here. (1953).
FAQ The aerial sequences with the Bell 47 helicopters were filmed there. Bogart was totally out of place in this role and acted like it. Why is a US fighter jet firing on their own soldiers? One has to wonder if Robert Altman saw this film before he made his version,which he had to, it's about a mobile army surgery unit in the Korean war, and their day to day trials and tribulations. [8] Bogart told Brooks, a close friend, "let's not make any more movies together. There wasn't really much passion (or chemistry) between them, but the relationship seemed believable to me in the circumstances, where such relationships probably come and go pretty quickly depending on who gets transferred where and when. Battle Circus is a 1953 American war film directed by Richard Brooks, who also wrote the screenplay. The film's technical advisor, Col. K. E. Van Buskirk, had commanded one of the first MASH units in Korea, and ensured that the MASH and aerial scenes were authentic. . Another one I always avoided. This FAQ is empty. One of Brooks' better films actually. And don't ignore the fine actresses playing the nurses and exploring the challenges of doing such work with tremendous challenges. ", Bogart must have forgotten this one, worse than Swing Your Lady. Notable (I suppose) for focusing on a MASH unit years before the film and TV series made that more widely known. I couldn't get through it. The black and white photography, camera angles and editing of Battle Circus are top rate adding verisimilitude to an unusual story about medics during the Korean War. Metacritic Reviews. I pulled this one down off the shelf the other day to watch it for about the half a dozenth time. Looking for something to watch? And he is SO unconvincing in this role and her character is such an idiot!! I was stationed at Osan AB and had several good friends that were in the medics. . This was Humphrey Bogart's only film for MGM. After seeing that he is beloved by the unit, she agrees to his advances.

He moves in on her in a way that would get him kicked out of today's army and then the movie gets more and more pointless with a completely predictable ending. Unfortunately, the only semblance of a plot is a rather whimsical romance between Humphrey Bogart and June Allyson. I'm trying to convert all my VHS to DVD. . Was this review helpful to you? To be honest, I really hadn't been aware that a story that focused specifically on a MASH unit had been done before that. Maybe if MGM had realized that a generation later, a comedy classic would be launched about a MASH unit in Korea, they might have opted for a more lighthearted treatment of the subject here.

Add the first question. the producers of this movies decided they could not call this movie MASH they thought people would think of mashed potatoes. Nurse Lt. Ruth McGara is assigned to a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) unit near the front lines of the Korean War. The tents and helicopter presage MASH. There she meets and is roughly romanced by Major Jed Webbe, one of the unit's surgeons. Their romance blossoms in the midst of overwhelming numbers of casualties, threats from the enemy and from the weather, and emergency evacuations that test the mettle of even a unit whose very name suggests quick mobility. But outside of a couple of intense moments (such as the one where a terrified North Korean soldier -- Philip Ahn -- threatens to blow up the operating room), the movie hovers like a helicopter over the no-man's land between drama and soap opera, unable quite to make up its mind where to set down. Certificate: Passed ", Film summary from the official June Allyson website, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Battle_Circus_(film)&oldid=979511217, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Patricia Tiernan as Lieutenant Rose Ashland, Adele Longmire as Lieutenant Jane Franklin.

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