The last few weeks have been busy for me, more busy than normal. There is likely to be a lot of tension about minor choices for your friends in which you are going to be involved. In return, these survey respondents got money back for their coffee — something any user who downloads the app can do as well (yes, even you). 4. Thanks for being a part of my life! Invite others first while not expecting an invitation. When it comes to coffee, everyone has different criteria for what goes into their "perfect cup." Some key points to being a low maintenance friend are as follows: 1. One who is genuinely happy to enjoy the company of others. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Being a low maintenance person means you shun shopping outings. ( Log Out /  Jennifer Kustanovich, SUNY Stony Brook5. I love each and every one of you, and I don’t thank you nearly enough. BLACKPINK's new documentary with Netflix was released in the United States and the transparency within each member was beautiful. It's the friend who you understand has a life outside of you. Radhi, SUNY Stony Brook3. When something goes wrong or a friend has to cancel, try to believe the best and give the benefit of the doubt in every circumstance. 0. They come with this vast knowledge that my life is a bit of a hot mess, yet they are so understanding that if they need me I’m going to make time for them. ( Log Out /  This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. But this one isn’t about you, because hopefully you already know how much I treasure you! It's the friend you don't get angry at when you don't hear from each other in a long time, but when you get together, act as if no time has passed at all.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Those who say "friends can hurt and leave you, but family is forever" clearly haven't experienced what unfortunately has become an all too common occurrence in the American family dynamic. The friend who has a life outside of you, the friend who works a lot, or moved far away, but remembers how important you are to them even though your relationship is changing. So next time you're feeling detached from a friend, don't sever ties or get angry. But we do enjoy spending time with other introverts and doing nothing with people who also love to do nothing. And that sounds incredibly lonely. It's wanting the best for them, regardless of what that means for you. The ones you don’t talk to for months because you both are busy in life. They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends, which most of my friends feel like family at this point anyways. ( Log Out /  I'm about to graduate college, I don't know if I'm staying where I am now or if I'm moving back home, and I definitely don't know where I'm going to get a job. A few days back a friend blogged about friends and how they fit into different layers of the onions. Chai has been synonymous with home since I can remember — any South Asian person will relate to that sentiment. ( Log Out /  Being a low maintenance friend is important. Let your friend know about the “real” things that are going on in your life not just superficial. Kristen Haddox, Penn State University4.

( Log Out /  A low maintenance friend can be described as someone who doesn’t require a lot of work or attention. Edit them in the Widget section of the. In my experience, the minute I realized I was in a dangerous relationship was when I hoped and prayed for something to go wrong so my ex would leave me first so he wouldn't get mad at me. Friends are important. Easy-going, unselfish and usually a joy to be around.

Here’s an inspiring low maintenance friends quotes about good friendships. Someone who is easy to please, does not require constant pampering, attention or gifts or things done "their way or no way". What is a low maintenance friend? Coffee, for billions of people, is one of the only things that can get us out of bed (after hitting snooze a time or two), especially in 2020. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Some caffeine lovers, though, are extra particular when it comes to their beloved beverage.

So strong is the telepathic connection I don’t want to call myself lucky coz I am sure I exchanged these humans with some heavy duty karma points from my past birth. To my low maintenance friends I don’t thank enough…. 2 - I have my preferences, but I won't turn down a cup of coffee.

Last month I got a phone call from France. Where has sex magic been all of my life? Create a free website or blog at Some friends love a night in on the couch catching up while some friends don't want to see you unless it's for dinner and drinks. So I'm sorry to the friends who think they've fallen to the wayside because I haven't talked to them. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. So to all my low maintenance friends, thanks for always being just a text away, a long lunch date to catch up, an hour long phone call because we miss each other. These friends are golden.” Here’s an inspiring low maintenance friends quotes about good friendships. Here are 15 signs that point to a dangerous and abusive relationship. But if I were to hit a note, it would be that of TLC-“What about your friends?” As an only child that moved frequently due to my father’s military career, friends were at times an anomaly. As you get older, you spend less time with friends and it is easy for friendships to come to an end because of this. We don’t talk regularly – some of us talk once in two weeks, some of us in months and some in a year once. Definitely a must-watch for your Netflix queue this month! Because, if we're being honest, is there anything that beats a quality cup of coffee on those mornings when all we wanted to do is roll over and go back to sleep? I wonder whether or not my voice will actually be heard when I vote in my first presidential election. Low Maintenance Friends. They’re put in your life to help you laugh, cry, and sometimes just get by. Totally altruistic ones! And if you're headed to a coffee shop to pick up your caffeinated beverage, you don't want to sleep on the best coffee drinks in America. Some friends can hold intelligent conversations. Posted on 11:27am Friday 27th May 2011. If it feels lonely among the stars, how does it feel at rock bottom?

Treat others with respect and be thoughtful. They’re put in your life to help you laugh, cry, and sometimes just get by. We judge celebrities. However, being a registered voter in my home state of Idaho, I knew that this action was futile. Remember, it's okay to have high maintenance friends, too. The truth is unless I bump into you face to face, I'm really not talking to anyone! They're friends from before I changed my major, or back when I used to do community theater.

Others, not so much. Low Maintenance Friends “Shout out to low maintenance friends. I hope that isn't what happens to you, but sadly that's just how some people are. It was my penfriend's brother inviting me to a party near Avignon for his sister's birthday. It's understanding, loving and caring for your friends. Even being as young as toddlers, we're frequently taught to play nice with the other kids or asked if we met anyone and made new friends at school. Change ). “Shout out to low maintenance friends.

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