Why is it important? As soon as you get three stars in hero adventure, you are able to auto complete it. However, more barracks DON'T mean you can train multiple types at the same time, it simply allows you to train more in one go. From Zero to 20 Million Might with 30-day Supply Chests. The best possible Lords Mobile Guide for enhancing the capabilities is by playing more levels. Make sure you pay attention to the active events and consider using speed ups or gems to complete research projects, buildings and troop trainings, especially if you can win more than you spend. Even though this is often overlooked, communication is key. Once your times start to be more than just a few minutes you might get tempted to use these to speed up research, construction and troop training. How can I check or move to other Kingdoms? My advice is to wait with going for production. It is available at almost every building or function. Getting FREE speed-ups, FREE gems, and a bunch of goodies for just playing the game, and doing the right things at the right times. When starting a rally, the Rally Captain can set a Rally time. Hell is a lot harder. To do this, research Quick Swap in the Academy to unlock Equipment Sets. Lords Mobile: Prepare to enter a world of chaos in Lords Mobile, a real-time, competitive strategy game. It still costs you stamina, however. What is the max Castle, Hero, and Player Level? Once you are sure it is linked, you can log in on your pc and play! Opening the Gift Box will grant Gift EXP, that increases Gift Levels. Close. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You can save Equipment Sets by using Equipment Quills, which can be bought in the Guild Shop. Note: You can also increase the boost duration by researching the relevant technology. You need to research in the Academy to unlock higher tier troops. The game will warn you if you are not strong enough yet for a battle. If your captor has not set a ransom, or the ransom fee is too high, you can message them to negotiate. Know your enemy and never attack blindly. When a resource bar turns completely blue (with yellow text), this means that you have reached the maximum quantity of that resource. It can give speed-ups, resources, even gems. Give a guild a serious chance, but if you don't like it, do switch to another one. You can lower the cost, fasten the replenish rate, and increase your energy limit. Note: The first “Winning Start” pack does not contain any Equipment or Medals. Sacred Equipment and The Big Guy Medals are only available after the 2nd tier of this pack. Where do I find the Turf Club & 7-day Dash Bundle? GUIDE. If your Castle IS level.17 or ABOVE: It can be released (Luckily the invader does not have an "Altar") or unfortunately Executed. Help out your guildies by giving Help in the guild menu, even when you are at max coins. However, if you are uncertain, just save up. Only 60% of troops injured in Skirmishes and outside your Turf (attacking, rallying, War for Wonders) will be sent to the Infirmary. From here you have a couple of options. To that end, you can choose to join a guild, and work together with your allies to further your goals. Resource Production boost, Travel Speed boost, Auto Battle for Hero Stages, Army attribute boosts, etc.) Other players can claim this bounty if they attack your captor and rescue your Leader. Auto completing Hero Adventure.As soon as you get three stars in hero adventure, you are able to auto complete it. Get Guild Coins by helping your Guild mates! Important: Unless you pay money, don't attack other people in your 24H bubble, since you are vulnerable and being attacked all the time could put you at a serious disadvantage. The Events are accessible via the Event icon (with alternativing Solo and Hell in it and a timer), to the right of your avatar and gem and stamina. Gem and resource buying and selling is against the IGG Terms of Service. construction and research speed and increasing the resource production. The available buildings are the same (although named differently), the initial 4 research categories are the same, although not all research projects are the same. This will lead you to the following screen: Subsequently you press garrison. The more VIP points you build up, the higher your VIP level can be. Do note that there are more bonuses than what’s showing in the screen shot below for the current VIP level. ALWAYS. Check the “Turf Club” & “7-Day Dash Bundle” page in Turf Boosts for more details. If you aren’t in a guild, you will not be able to progress much in this game. In the Talents tree there are two sides. A good plan is to appoint an unimportant hero as your Leader and always either keep them in your Shelter or send them to reinforce a shielded Guild mate. The open guilds might not be the best and it might be good to shop around a bit. Select which one you want to use, click the hero you want to level, and select the amount of the exp item to feed to your hero. About jewels, don’t use them unless they are for the highest piece of equipment. If you already have a [Name-Changer], you can use it here. Or if a strong ally is ready to help you out. Note that you don’t have to send all of your troops away. Make sure you have your account linked to facebook so you can play it on different devices. But with great risks comes great rewards. For example. We recommend maxing out Construction Speed, Research, and Training Speed. If the Guild does not contain at least 11 members within the next two days, the Guild will automatically be disbanded. Get Construction - Research - Training first. When you start the game you get two Novice Relocators that you can use as long as your Castle has not exceeded level 5. This Energy cannot be regained even if you were unable to hit the Monster. [Guide] Guide to the New [Familiar Awakening] Feature. Promoting a hero:Promoting a hero is fairly simple, but ill show you how its done. Always shelter them for 12 hours. In this Beginners Guide for Lords Mobile we show you everything you need to know to be successful in the game. This is a fighting game, but nevertheless, pick your battles. Note that you don't have to send all of your troops away. Snoop On Other’s Kingdom IGG allows you to snoop on other’s kingdom and knows what is going on in there. This is a strategy game, think out the best scenario for you. The guide will help you understand the VIP System, Guilds, Resources as well as Building and Upgrading Buildings. Why vip 8? Beginner's Guide to Lords Mobile. Clicking on that button will lead you to a screen where you select which EXP item you want to use. 3 years ago. This means you can train the amount of troops which would get you through the night, so you don’t lose precious training time. Girl power gets stuff done! Home » Bot » Lords Mobile: Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks). Download lords mobile on the emulator. Via the Guild menu (first button on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, next to the map) you can apply to join a guild or join one of the guilds that are currently open. So its better to get equipped with construction speed that you can already equip. If you haven’t changed your Player Name or have not logged into the game for a long period of time, your account will be regarded as an inactive account. Find this website useful? previously. Please consider providing me with some much needed energy to keep going! Lords Mobile: Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks) Home » Bot » Lords Mobile: Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks) Ybot June 4, 2019 Leave a comment. You will get a bonus for using certain types of heroes, so this is reason to make sure all of your heroes are competitive.

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