“Ah, Timothy, what brings you down here? He miscalculated badly during the whole confrontation with a juiced-up Corporal Werth at Walter Reed, he rushed in and escalated Werth at the worst time, endangering civilians and wounded service personnel. I began to question if I was capable of flying by myself, something I had never done up until this point let alone across the Atlantic Ocean, to the United Kingdom where I knew no one, to then live and attend a university I had never been to, in a city I was not familiar with. “Your turn will come, Tim – you just need a bit more experience, I reckon,” Derry gave McGee a friendly pat on the back even as the junior agent continued to scowl at him.”. Probably not he decided, but then again, Shepard and Ziva were friends. It was unorthodox maybe, but he could do with an unbiased viewpoint right now. It wasn’t like Tim had asked the annoying ex-cop to come around to his apartment and bared his soul. SECNAV is on my case about this one, Gibbs. Tommy as per usual wanted to know what was going on and Lisa was happily bragging about psyching out Jacki Nadine, the intelligence analyst from the Middle Eastern Desk who like Officer Lisa, was hoping to be sent to Iraq. The next night Tim wandered around his apartment thinking about his day. Yes! He might have decided to use the disappearance of the two missing sailors to mask his own, or he might well be the third in a series of missing sailors. But we don’t know, do we? “McGee told me no one would notice or care if I went missing.”. They’d worked together before Shepard had been appointed to the top job. So, I chose my self- esteem over convention. Of course, it is up to you how far to push the boundaries of your Comfort Zone. Likewise, he watched Tony make a visible effort to shake off his anger and maintain his focus on the interview. They both played the hardball and took no prisoners. McGee wanted to scream in frustration and punch something, but everything was stainless steel and he’d probably break bones in his hands, so he paced around the autopsy table instead. Daniel H. Pink states in his provocative, but pervasive book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” that people are looking for so-called productive discomfort. I suspect that he sees himself in McGee – the whole misunderstood and under-appreciated boy genius thing.”, “Makes sense,” Jimmy said. Sensing his outraged she shrugged. So maybe when Tony pulled out those so-called insights that quite often solved cases, it was because he was speaking from personal experience. What did he have to do to get picked for an assignment anyway? She’d almost been victim number six, despite her being a Kidon-trained assassin, which seemed to have shaken her abundant self-confidence. So just because McGee chose not to reveal highly embarrassing stuff, now Ducky was pissed off with him and suddenly praising DiNozzo? “Understood, Agent DiNozzo. He needed to cool off before the video chat with DiNozzo, anyway, so he went to find a coffee. So, what does bring you down here to see me, Timothy?”, “Advice. The information analyst recalled how panicked Tim had been a couple of years ago dealing with an Under Secretary of State when Gibbs was in the field and DiNozzo was on an undercover assignment. McGee’s spiteful criticisms had taken place only seconds before Tony’s Mustang was blown up. So okay, there were some fanfic stories made him feel like puking, particularly the explicit necrophiliac stuff with a bisexual Pimmy Jalmer having sex with corpses in the morgue. She smiled indulgently at him, in the way that you’d do with a cute puppy even if they’d drooled all over your favourite shoes and Tim wanted to shake her. She was also a damned fine analyst and knew the ME region and Iraq extensively even if she didn’t have any field experience. “What did he tell you? This quote is everywhere – on magnets, decorative pillows, postcards, Pinterest, and Instagram. Eventually, these are the people whose self- esteem takes a setback and become unhappy in life. It wasn’t as if fans at the site had any reason not to give a completely impartial opinion. We all know how easy it is to snack on unhealthy foods when we are upset or stressed. Of course, Sandrine wasn’t the type of female that Tony would normally be interested in. Today, I can proudly say that I have come a long way. Do as I say, not as I do, should be his overarching motto. Do you also feel like that sometimes? This isn’t realistic … You really expect us to believe that an important investigation into an influential Marine reservist would be allocated based on who volunteered as opposed to looking at who was the best placed to lead the investigation, dude? “Just like he tried really hard to warn me off you because he was jealous of me dating you.”. Not Mossad, not Jewish and an NCIS employee.”. So, people were reluctant to cross him, but that didn’t make for particularly close relationships either. He couldn’t bear to let me have my moment of glory – he had to steal it out from under me.” The junior agent looked quite cross and more than a little bit comical, his pouting more suited to a young child. He strikes me as a fine young agent if a little too eager to please. He calls me Probie and hundreds of other dumb frickin nicknames to make me mad and belittle me. “Seems to me if anyone is homophobic it ain’t him. Rankin’s wife is connected, Leon. She also loved O’Halloran’s Pub and ordered a ribeye steak and salad plus a baked potato and ate it all without making him feel guilty for eating cow and carbs. Life is supposed to be easy, fun, and fulfilling, not hard, boring, and lacking. He didn't succumb to the pressures that the society put on him about wanting to marry a woman who was not only a divorcee but also, mother of a child. You remember that time, don’t you?” he inquired with faux gaiety, and McGee winced. Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone. Plus, McGregor figured that Agent Tommy (who wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box) would use reverse psychology to encourage him to do the wrong thing and make him look like an idiot. “He told me not to volunteer…” Tim began, but before he got any further, Gibbs interrupted. Ignoring the taunt, he continued his demolition job of Tim’s accusation. I’m going to be intruding on their friendships. Someone must handle the widow, Dina Rankin, plus investigate from this end. with you. It was extremely funny, but the problem was now Agent McGregor was feeling rather paranoid. “What the hell was with your fucking attitude?” the senior field agent demanded furiously. The next few weeks went into looking for a rented accommodation- living with my parents was out of the question. “But why would Leon mess with Tim about the volunteering crap?”, “Mess is the operative word, Palmer. Of course, that book (the first one in the Dexter series) was a work of fiction, but it was somewhat plausible, nevertheless. analyst who’d accompanied him to the Green Zone and pondering over Nikki’s friendship with the young Iraqi youth, Jameel and his sister in Baghdad. Four months later, he was instrumental in finding the mole, after working undercover in Cyber Crimes and meeting the love of his life. At the end, you will return as a better person. Indeed, I do believe that it was Jethro who gave you your first ever nickname because of the mask you were wearing when we found our unfortunate submariner. Sighing as he took a sip of his beer, Tim decided to put aside the downside of his day. Plus, they were flying to LA in SECNAV’s private Lear jet, no less. “He made sure I didn’t get to go to Iraq. If that was even possible. Why is stepping out of your comfort zone scary? She even attacked Tony after he’d been blown up by Ari’s car bomb saving their lives just for making a mild double entendre joke. October 12, 2015 | Essays | ... final year I’ve realized this experience has taught me so much more than how to navigate public transit or write an essay. This is how the story goes…. He suggested that they should both agree on a safe word or a phrase that could signal they had been taken against their will and needed help. That`s not a secret. McGee thought his life was perfect, unprepared for his alter-ego to draw him and everyone around him into a dark malevolent evil which would change everything forever. Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone | Jan 06, 2020. “Well, actually, Agent DiNozzo would be a lot more familiar with that concept than I am,” he observed, ignoring the dirty look that Tony and the captain were directing his way. He’d said that he needed to be slapped down repeatedly, so he’d learn to respect his superiors because he believed he was better and smarter than them. Anyway, Palmer told him that Tim didn’t need building up. “What happened a few months ago with former Corporal Damon Werth in his psychotic state at Walter Reed proved to me that you’re still way too green for a critical investigation in a war zone, McGee.”. Abby looked at him pityingly. At the university I attended, I found there were a few fellow students from the United States but also many studying abroad from other countries within Europe. When presented with the opportunity in my junior year, naturally I was drawn to it. It was childish and unprofessional behaviour, Tim.”. Author Notes: This is essentially an NCIS story with a minor Criminal Minds crossover of three characters – Rossi, Reid and Hotchner. You should do the things, which help you grow and achieve your aim, make your dreams come true. Well, that one in particular. “The boss wanted Ziva to go, but the acting director refused to send a Jewish Mossad operative to Baghdad, so that’s why he picked Jardine instead. A beautiful country located in South America. They were supposed to be friends! It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you’re plucked out of the familiar and planted into the unknown. Okay, that’s if they had a shred of human decency. Jimmy’s joking was never malicious – even if he was socially awkward and often put his foot in his mouth. “Yep, she was, and I miss her heaps, but it doesn’t change the fact she was sexually repressed and has some totally not cool homophobic attitudes. “He smiled gently as if to rob his words of insult. You chose to protect your self-image over his badly dented self-esteem, McGee, so I wouldn’t be too quick discount the significance of DiNozzo’s actions in bolstering your spirits at his own expense. He had no idea that Tim was feeling so aggrieved and yes, so damned entitled. “Glad to hear it! He followed Gibbs to the elevator sulkily, although thoroughly chastened. We consider taking the chance or stepping out into the unknown but often justify not doing it by telling ourselves, “I’m only in my 30’s and have a lot of time left to do this,” or something similar. “I don’t understand why all these questions about enemies aboard ship. That Agent Tony, he’s such a jerk. This quote is everywhere – on magnets, decorative pillows, postcards, Pinterest, and Instagram. It wasn’t fair!”. Thinking it over, Tim decided he wouldn’t talk to her about it – if she made fun of him, or worse, if she sided with DiNozzo, he didn’t think he could stand it. Many thanks to Darian for the awesome artwork for this story and much appreciation to Arress for her help, too. Plus, he won’t let Varnai walk all over him, either.”, Gibbs frowned, “The only problem he has is the language barrier and I’d prefer he has an NCIS interpreter… send Jardine. The person who he couldn’t understand taking DiNozzo’s side though was Gibbs. As he made his way into his bedroom to get ready to go to sleep, Tim decided he would show Abby. McGee gulped as he stared at Gibbs and managed to open and closed his mouth several times but that was the extent of his response. “As you’re so fond of reminding everyone, you have degrees from Johns Hopkins and MIT and are capable of thinking for yourself, but regardless of what he said or didn’t say about volunteering, it wouldn’t have made any difference. Vance picked the agents to go to Iraq and you could’ve volunteered if you’d wanted to. “You endangered bystanders, hell you injured all of the team, including yourself when you raced in without waiting for my go-ahead to cuff him.

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