Cara Buono This Stranger Things star — whom you might also recognize from her role on Mad Men — played Kelli Lombardo, Christopher Moltisanti’s wife, in The Sopranos’ sixth season. American Express investigated Nuovo Vesuvio restaurant's role in the credit card fraud and pulled the restaurant's authority to accept American Express cards. At the Bing, Tracee insults Ralph in front of his friends, and particularly, makes fun of his perceived lack of masculinity. Although a different bloo…

I'm healthy, our baby's healthy. Sal fails to follow Moltisanti to a hijacking job when he hits a bicyclist.

Elliot has a daughter, Saskia. Little Carmine is a capo and the son of Carmine Lupertazzi, the leader of one of New York's Five Families. When the time came for Johnny to leave the wedding he was reluctant to go — he wanted to wait until his daughter and her new groom left. ", "The Sopranos - Kelli Lombardo Moltisanti". Phil is less generous in business dealings with the New Jersey family and still harbors anger over Tony's cousin killing Phil's brother in front of him. The operation ends when Meadow takes the old lamp to college. At the end of Season 1, Artie learns from Tony's mother, Livia, that Tony was responsible for the arson at his original restaurant co-owned with his wife, Vesuvio, in Essex County, New Jersey. Eugene drives to Boston and finds Teddy eating dinner at a fast food restaurant and shoots him repeatedly in the head. In season 4, Germani was tasked with vandalizing Carmine Lupertazzi's restaurant when Tony and Carmine got into a dispute over the HUD scam. Jimmy realized what was about to happen and went for a gun in his ankle holster, at which point Silvio shot him in the back of his head. With Johnny in federal custody, Phil became acting boss of the Lupertazzi family. This later leads to Sal murdering Jimmy to cover up his connection with the FBI. Elliot calls her "Jen" during their sessions. Matt worked with Christopher in various aspects of organized crime, including the Massarone construction site; a pump and dump stockbroking scheme at an over-the-counter brokerage house in Bayonne, New Jersey involving an internet company called Webistics; assisting with Junior Soprano's executive card game; and some burglary jobs with Chris and Sean. In 1999, the lucrative new office parkway, the Triborough Towers in Essex County, New Jersey along the Eisenhower Parkway in Roseland, New Jersey and Livingston, New Jersey route was subject to a bidding war between Barone and Czechoslovakian-based waste management company, Kolar Brothers Sanitation. It is revealed in season six that when Leotardo's grandfather immigrated from Sicily, officials changed their last name at Ellis Island from Leonardo to Leotardo and allegedly is a descendant of Leonardo da Vinci. When Patsy's then capo Paulie Gualtieri was imprisoned in 2002, Tony promoted Christopher Moltisanti to acting captain over Patsy. Members of both the Soprano and Lupertazzi families were angered by his allocution, believing that John should have stood trial before admitting anything regarding La Cosa Nostra.

Dirty cop Vin Makazian told Tony he had a rat in his organization and pointed the finger at Sal. Unattended and still in drive with the engine running, the car idles forward and a tire rolls over and crushes Phil's skull. After Leotardo becomes boss, tensions escalate between the two crime families and Little Carmine makes a last effort to resolve it. In "Mr. Ruggiero's Neighborhood", Bonpensiero is overheard on an FBI wiretap that Bevilaqua's family is involved in the construction business and that the family saw him as a scion. He was an associate of Tony's father, John Francis "Johnny Boy" Soprano until he supported Johnny during the unrest of 1983. Phil Leotardo later told Vito's wife, Marie, that her husband was probably killed by two homosexual transients Vito had picked up at a bar. Johnny was also a friend of Tony Soprano. His decision was heavily influenced by the murder of Angelo Garepe. Skip is an FBI agent who handled Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero. Irina then attempted suicide but was found by her cousin, Svetlana.

Ralph sweet talks Tracee by telling her of a romantic future with their child which makes her happy, only for Ralph to insult her by telling her if their child is a girl, she will name her "Tracee" because she is going to become a "cocksucking slob, just like her mother." They have three children, Kevin, Matt, and Terri. Tony justifies his actions by saying that Ralph "disrespected the Bing". It is implied he is from North Bergen, New Jersey. 's confirmation, but he spent most of the time privately counselling A.J., instead of talking business with the crew. Jackie was also the brother of Liz La Cerva, and thus the uncle of Adriana La Cerva. However, after gambling away most of the money he planned to give them, Tony instead paid for Vito Jr. to attend a boot camp for delinquents in Boise County, Idaho.

In the episode "The Second Coming," he tells Melfi of a study that concludes that talk therapy enables sociopaths. In the episode "Luxury Lounge," Rusty and his driver Edward "Eddie" Pietro, are assassinated in Rusty's driveway by Italian hitmen contracted by Tony. He is introduced in season 4. While Ralph only cares about the horse as a means to make money, Tony becomes emotionally attached to the horse. Vin Makazian, Tony's inside cop, reveals to Tony when he is asked to surveille Jennifer that she sees her own psychiatrist, Kupferberg, which surprises Tony. However, Tony later gets jealous and humiliates Zellman in front of Irina by whipping him with a belt. Father Phil encourages Ralph to view the tragedy as an opportunity to change his life's course; he also gently rejects Ralph's assertion that God allowed his son to be injured in order to punish Ralph for his criminal sins. When she discovers she is pregnant, she is scared of this, as her family frowns on out-of-wedlock pregnancies. The hit was carried out by Vito Spatafore, but Rosalie and the rest of the family were told that Jackie was killed by black drug dealers. At the card game, Jackie killed "Sunshine" the dealer, made man Furio Giunta was shot in the leg, Carlo was killed at the scene by Christopher, and Matush fled in the getaway car upon hearing gunshots. Vito also later calls Jim, but Jim was still angry over the way Vito had left and wanted nothing more to do with him. Tony, knowing that the restaurant's patrons would be permanently chased away if a hit occurred there, set the restaurant ablaze so that the hit would be avoided and Artie could rebuild the restaurant with the payout from his insurance policy. Although he is reluctant at first, he later accepts the contract after he decided that he is not moving up fast enough in the Soprano crime family.

Jim gets Vito a job as a contractor working for some of his friends, a job which turns out to be very slow-paced. In season 6, when Tony is comatose after being shot, Carmela was again dependent on Father Phil, who comforts her and the Soprano children at Tony's hospital bedside. However, she later reads the study at home and is convinced of its findings. Tony finds this very difficult to believe. However, construction of the spec house was halted after a building inspector found that low-quality wood had been used. He is a "degenerate gambler" is in debt to Tony and Hesh Rabkin, an old Jewish friend of Tony's father, Johnny. He explained his absence to his children by claiming that he was an undercover CIA agent hiding out in Afghanistan, and warned them not to tell anybody. Despite attempts to succeed at Rutgers University, Jackie Jr. drifted towards a life of crime after his father's death, and began helping his uncle Richie in his crew when Richie was released from prison. He tried to escape but threw his back out and was caught. [7] Rosalie is the widow of Jackie Aprile Sr., who died of cancer, and the mother of Jackie Aprile Jr. and Kelli Aprile. Artie moves out of the family home, but the two still reluctantly run the business together. Tony calls it quits and cuts off all contact with her and orders Patsy Parisi to threaten Gloria into staying away from him. Even while in jail awaiting trial he remained in control of the Lupertazzi family. Hiding in Oyster Bay, Long Island, Leotardo is shown talking to his wife through a car window at a gas station when he is suddenly shot in the head by Walden Belfiore, a soldier in the Gervasi crew of the DiMeo family. The FBI found pool tables full of guns. He followed in his father's footsteps and becoming a member of the Lupertazzi family at an early age. Ralph Cifaretto is played by Joe Pantoliano. Patsy took the killing very hard, which brought on a problem with alcoholism. Irina is Tony's 24-year-old Russian mistress during the first two seasons.

In season one, Charmaine and Carmela drift apart. To distinguish between them, they were called "Tony Uncle Johnny" (Soprano) and "Tony Uncle Al" (Blundetto) when they were kids, after their fathers' first names. One side was led by Carmine's underboss, Johnny Sack, while the other was ostensibly led by Carmine's only son and Miami capo Little Carmine Lupertazzi. After much wine and watching a film together, the two come very close to kissing. His wife remained supportive, often visiting him in prison. In "A Hit Is a Hit" Hesh helped Tony's nephew Christopher Moltisanti to realize that his girlfriend Adriana La Cerva had little aptitude for work in the music business. In the third episode of Season 5, Tony learns that Artie has been living in a Motel 6 since the separation from his wife. Tony had arranged for Carlo Gervasi to execute Vito at the mall early in the morning on the pretense that Vito was supposedly meeting up with Tony, to straighten out the situation, however when Vito returned to his motel, Phil's soldiers Gerry Torciano and Dominic "Fat Dom" Gamielleo ambushed as he walked through the door. Ralph defends himself by shouting, "I'm a made guy!" In the episode "Unidentified Black Males", it is also revealed that he has a genius level I.Q. Although he is semi-retired, Hugh had worked as a contractor, and he built Tony and Carmela's house. Carlo was promoted to caporegime of James "Little Jimmy" Altieri's crew after Jimmy was murdered on suspicion of being an FBI informant. After Little Carmine's capitulation, Johnny Sack becomes the boss of the Lupertazzi crime family. "Honey, I'm not Adriana. Mary is Carmela's mother who is in her mid-70s. Hesh's predictions of their obstinacy proved correct. In return, Harris tells Tony that while in hiding, Leotardo has been making calls from a pay phone in Oyster Bay, Long Island, information he apparently obtains from an agent in the Brooklyn FBI Organized Crime Division Office. Benny helped guard Tony while he was in hiding from Phil Leotardo. In "The Test Dream", Phil and Billy Leotardo kill Angelo in retribution for Peeps' death. After Tony viciously beats one of Phil's men, Coco, for threatening his daughter Meadow, Phil refuses to meet with Tony and then launches a war against the DiMeo family, ordering that New York is to "decapitate" New Jersey and do business with what's left, instructing that hits be made on Tony, Bobby Baccalieri, and Silvio Dante. Chris' action led to the Kolar Bros. withdrawing their bid which Dick was happy to report to Tony. The Sopranos (TV Series 1999–2007) Cara Buono as Kelli Moltisanti, Kelli Lombardo Tony then begins to suspect that Makazian mistook Jimmy for Pussy as they are similar in appearance. They bring him to Satriale's to dismember his corpse and Tony sends Janice off to Seattle to lay low. Hesh was able to help Tony end a particularly arduous "negotiation" with a castration. In season 6, Carlo begins to emerge from the background and become a more prominent character. Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office..., Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ercole "Eckley" DiMeo: a.k.a. Nevertheless, Little Carmine continues to get involved in crime family affairs. Ralph gives Jackie Jr. a .38 revolver at his request. Tony refused, but did not attempt to harm Vito.

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