[to the crowd of spectators before their balloon takes off] Amelia Wren: Stay still and keep calm.

James Glaisher: It’ll be your balloon. The weight limit was essential. [he points to the sky]

All I ask is to be given the freedom to undertake my experiments. James Glaisher: Well, the equipment was essential. Amelia Wren: And because this gentleman clearly doesn’t know you at all.

Biographical adventure directed and co-written by Tom Harper.

James Glaisher: One must make compromises in order to achieve greatness, my friend.

Amelia Wren The accounts of these ascents were regularly reported by Glaisher in the public press, and he became a popular hero.

This is the exact quote, which was reciting a bit of the poem: What more felicity can fall to creature, than to enjoy delight with liberty, and to be Lord of all the works of nature, to reign in the air from earth to highest sky, to feed on flowers, and weeds of glorious feature, to take what ever thing doth please the eye? Would that be a fair presumption? The development of the new department called out all Glaisher’s energy. [pause] As their perilous ascent reduces their chances of survival, the unlikely duo soon discover things about themselves, and each other, that help both of them find their place in the world. Antonia: It’s been two years. James Glaisher: Thank you. You could be good at so many things. John Trew: Even so, it can’t fight the weather. 15 Mar 2010. We could save thousands of lives. Stay alive. You have to face them here, on earth, with the rest of us.

Charles Green: Have you even been in a balloon? His later life, spent in honourable retirement at Blackheath and Croydon, was not inactive. The Magnetical Observatory was built in 1838, and finally established as a distinct department in November 1840, under the superintendence of Glaisher. You’re not that handsome. James Glaisher was an English meteorologist, aeronaut, and astronomer most notable for breaking the world record for the highest altitude reached by a human in 1862. | I have. Voyages Aeriens. John Trew: Good evening, Miss Wren. Uh, perhaps the French. US$43.83. It’s like a priest imploring me to confess my sins. 1848), and about the same time produced his ‘Hygrometrical Tables,’ in which he skilfully combined the various formulæ of Apjohn and Begnault for the calculation of the hygrometrical conditions of the atmosphere, thereby effecting a great saving of labour. And they, if you didn’t know, are the ones paying for this trip. Company Credits Surely, the sky lies open. In 1855 he presented an invaluable report to the Board of Health on the meteorology of London during the cholera epidemic of 1853-1854; in 1856 served as a member of a commission appointed to report on the subject of the ventilation of buildings; and in 1863 drew up a report on the Meteorology of India in relation to the health of the troops stationed in that dependency. Amelia Wren: Do you even have a balloon? I don't want to hear it from Newton. James Glaisher: I’ve just insured against them, should we not make it back. Amelia Wren: The French rose to twenty-three thousand feet. Today, we will break that record and reclaim it for these fair shores! Amelia Wren: I’m not a coachman for hire.

Amelia Wren Amelia Wren: James, the lack of oxygen is affecting your brain. Amelia Wren: And if that isn’t what I want? James Glaisher: One! Obituary from The Observatory (1903) [p.129] Longevity appears to be the prerogative of the meteorologist. So will you help me? James Glaisher: Really? Technical Specs. 03 Apr 2010.
Amelia Wren: Don’t you see what’s happening? I’m so sorry. James Glaisher: And now we’ve passed twenty-two thousand six hundred. To feed on flowers, and weeds of glorious feature.” Not yet. Amelia Wren: Now imagine that story again, and imagine this time that I am the pilot, that he told me to stop, that I was risking the balloon. 1, Proceedings of the Meteorological Society, Vol. Together we've brought the stars closer.

The safest way is up. Amelia Wren Amelia Wren: And so this is an opportunity I should not miss? Some push others towards them.' Born: November 5th, 1848.

Amelia Wren: With Mr. Glaisher. In 1866 an unfortunate illness prevented him (greatly to his chagrin) from observing the return of the Leonids, which therefore devolved upon the junior members of the staff. We’ll fly. It rests with the worker in mathematics not only to explore new truths, but to devise the language by which they may be discovered and expressed; and the genius of a great mathematician displays itself no less in the notation he invents for deciphering his subject than in the results attained. Amelia Wren: [voice over] We took to the skies in the name of discovery, to find something new, to change the world. I need to climb up and open it. James Glaisher: I didn’t bring any oilskins. In Presidential Address British Association for the Advancement of Science, Section A., (1890), Quite distinct from the theoretical question of the manner in which mathematics will rescue itself from the perils to which it is exposed by its own prolific nature is the practical problem of finding means of rendering available for the student the results which have been already accumulated, and making it possible for the learner to obtain some idea of the present state of the various departments of mathematics. Amelia Wren: You’re clever. Amelia Wren: Yes, your standing in the scientific community.

[flashback to when James meets Amelia at a social event] Perhaps that you don’t have an invitation for tonight’s events. James Glaisher: It is well known that he pushed harder than he should have. Add to basket.

A balloon pilot and a scientist find themselves in a fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a gas balloon in the … The mathematician has to deal with the most exact facts of Nature, and he should spare no effort to render his interpretation worthy of his subject, and to give to his work its highest degree of perfection. Amelia Wren: I’m descending. Let’s stick to our roles, shall we? James Glaisher: The papers I’ve written, the discoveries I’ve uncovered. Amelia Wren: James Glaisher. Paperback. Newton said that we build too many walls... Amelia Wren Between 1862-66, mostly with Henry Tracey Coxwell as pilot, he made balloon ascents, many of which were arranged by a committee of the British Association. Well, maybe the best way to break a cold is also to travel up. Amelia Wren: It doesn’t feel different at all, does it? [Antonia takes the bottle of drink of Amelia]

James Glaisher: Keep moving. One is to travel beneath it, the other above it. You change it through the way you choose to live in it, David Brewster - Royal Society Scientist -. Unless we solve that problem it will avail us little to solve all others.”. English meteorologist and aeronaut . Amelia Wren: I told you that you needed oilskins. In 1870 he contributed an account of his balloon ascents to ‘Voyages Aériens,’ par J. Glaisher, C. Flammarion, W. de Fonvielle, et G. Tissandier, afterwards superintending the production of the English edition of that work; and he subsequently edited the translations of Flammarion’s ‘Atmosphere’ and Guillemin’s ‘World of Comets.’. Several paragraph breaks, not in original text, have been added to improve readability as a web page.

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