This is the only known case in which the Sundance Kid actually shot someone―luckily for the agents, with less success than perhaps intended. Trusting, upstanding citizens who knew him were known to participate in horse races at Wild Bunch hideouts. In the years since the movie was released, dozens upon dozens of books and articles have been written about Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Etta Place, the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang, and the Wild Bunch, as well as the group's other members. Sundance Kid, who was born Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, was known to be a resourceful bandit and a person with a light trigger finger. In 1906 he and Cassidy returned to outlawry, robbing banks, trains, and mining interests in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. Authorities scrambled to find the culprits as Cassidy, Sundance, and their cohorts scattered in all directions. Harry Alonzo Longabaugh (1867 – November 7, 1908), better known as the Sundance Kid, was an outlaw and member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch in the American Old West.He likely met Butch Cassidy (real name Robert Leroy Parker) after Cassidy was released from prison around 1896. There were, in fact, two members of the Wild Bunch dubbed “the Kid.” The first one was, of course, Sundance. In 1909, according to Pinkerton accounts, the two outlaws were cornered by a Bolivian cavalry unit; Sundance was mortally wounded, and Cassidy took his own life. According to, Cassidy often led his own Hole-in-the-Wall Gang on numerous illegal escapades, while Sundance tended to come and go as he pleased. For years, numerous people claimed to have seen Cassidy, or Sundance, or both (and sometimes Place) after 1908. …Wild Bunch were Elzy Lay, Harry Longabaugh (the “. All that is known for sure is that the genteel lady fell hard enough for the Sundance Kid to risk fleeing from the law with him to South America. Eventually, Logan introduced Sundance to Butch Cassidy, and he officially joined up with the Wild Bunch. Both were captured and jailed in Deadwood, but were able to escape. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Butch and Sundance were burning ground and making noise, and a series of relocations was rendered null by their continuing habit of taking stuff that wasn't theirs. Outnumbered and outgunned, their story became legendary, and from that point on was used in numerous fictional portrayals in literature, film, and television. But the Pinkerton's Agency, angered over the Wilcox robbery and tired of the Wild Bunch's antics, set out for Cassidy and Sundance with a vengeance. Just a few days later, Sundance and Place (and perhaps Cassidy) were believed to have boarded the SS Herminius for Buenos Aires, per Donna Ernst. Although noted Cripple Creek attorney J. Maurice Finn defended him, the 1900 census verifies Lee as a prisoner at the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Laramie, where he was serving 10 years for his participation in the Wilcox affair. Many of them were simply outcasts, forced by one incident or another to step over the lines of the law. Upon his release in 1889, the young cowpoke took an honest job breaking horses for the historic Bar U Ranch in Alberta, Canada (per Canada Cool). Indeed, Cassidy was a model prisoner. (Sundance escorted the ailing Etta Place back to the United States in 1907 but then returned to South America.) It was during his prison sentence that he adopted the nickname “the Sundance Kid.” After serving his time, the Sundance Kid went to work in a large ranch in Canada, but a few years down the road, he decided to return to a life of crime. Rather, Sundance preferred the persona of a dapper-dan who was a favorite of the ladies. The Cripple Creek Morning Times verified that both men had been involved in the Wilcox Robbery, and both men likely knew the whereabouts of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Well never mind, you're the man I want. Their code must have been higher [than that] of the low-class criminal of today, who kills on sight and gets away with motor [cars]." The two allegedly lost their lives while in a desperate shootout that took place in 1908, in a small village called San Vicente, in southern Bolivia. Members of the Wild Bunch were comprised of unemployed cowboys, misfits, outlaws, and others who favored hanging out at their hideout, a place called Hole-in-the-Wall, in a remote section of Wyoming (per Atlas Obscura). Logan was killed while trying to escape, but the lawmen also found another important clue: the robber had recently been in Cripple Creek, Colorado with a man identified as Bob Curry, better known as Robert Lee. Sundance Kid was an American criminal who got fame from his robbery escapades in the US and South America.. "How did that rumor get started?" As Bob Lee went through the wringer over the Wilcox robbery, others of the Wild Bunch were having a high time. Together they would pass into legend as the last outlaws of the Wild West. Etta Place's story, or lack thereof, is a fascinating addition to the outlaws' tale. His was the last born in a family of five siblings. Officers notified the Cripple Creek sheriff to find and arrest Bob Lee, a cousin to Harvey and Lonny Logan. Shortly afterwards, says Anne Meadows, Sundance took Etta Place to New Orleans to celebrate the New Year before the couple traveled to Pennsylvania to meet Sundance's family. And acted violently―most probably. Lee was extradited to Wyoming, where his trial was set for May. It was during his prison sentence that he adopted the nickname “the Sundance Kid.” After serving his time, the Sundance Kid went to work in a large ranch in Canada, but a few years down the road, he decided to return to a life of crime. Anne Meadows also found that Sundance and Place checked into the Hotel Europa upon their arrival, and that Sundance opened a bank account amounting to about $12,000. In return for his generosity and compassion, Cassidy's friends were willing to put him up, feed him on the run, finance his escapes, and lie about his whereabouts. Omissions? Lawmen entered the house and found the bandits, who appeared to have committed a murder-suicide. Most tantalizing to audiences was a disclaimer in the opening credits of the film reading, "Most of what follows is true." On the way to jail, Lee asked if he was being arrested for gambling several times. But it was not until October that Cassidy and his buddies were even identified as the robbers. Several robberies were attributed to Cassidy and Sundance, sometimes accompanied by Place. In life, the outlaws eluded the law with finesse. There are numerous theories as to her origins. Although hundreds of new clues and evidence has surfaced regarding the deaths of Cassidy and Sundance, no solid conclusions have been reached. Baker also said Place was Butch Cassidy's girlfriend first before falling for Sundance, although some dispute this. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Wyoming Tales and Trails reports that one of the earliest claims came from Milton David Hinkle, who said he saw Cassidy and Sundance in Argentina in 1909 and again in 1913.

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