Can be accessible from hallway but not necessarily. In simpler terms, an elevation is a drawing which shows any particular side of a house. Shed roofs are also used over some porches. House plans with a feature similar to an island, but a peninsula is normally attached to the main kitchen cabinets and, like its metaphor, open on three sides instead of four. A level promenade in front of a building. floor plan    noun : scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level; contrasts with elevation. Any of a wide range of sturdy floor and wall tiles made from fired clay and set with grout. Space to create. Stone, brick, or tile work in which the components are laid diagonally instead of horizontally, forming a distinctive zigzag pattern along a wall face. Use the following tips on, Ten Ways to Redesign Your Home for the Summer, The weather's heating up, and with it, people are getting hot for the idea of redecorating. A roof covering of straw, reeds, or even living grass. Decorative paneling covering the lower three to four feet of an interior wall. Oriel windows generally project from an upper story, supported by a bracket.

back to top. House Plan Definitions and Terms. Small, usually rectangular or fanlight window over a door.

Find your perfect house plans in huge selection of Monster House Plans. Window or door screens featuring horizontal slats that may be articulated, allowing control over air and light transmission. House plans with a garage most often used with homes that are to be built on narrow lots but where an oversized garage is still desired. House plans with a main-floor bedroom and bath, except it can be located anywhere. Some transoms open to cross-ventilate a home, while others are only decorative. In modern homes, the wood or metal screening used to cover such areas.

House plans with a full "dark" basement that is built under a home on a flat lot. Usually red. In those instances, each unique plate height is called out with its own elevation marker. A brick laid in a wall so that only its end appears on the face of the wall.

Buildings with battlements are usually brick or stone. Short post or pillar in a series that supports a rail, thus forming a balustrade. A separately roofed structure on the top of a tall block of apartments or condominiums. House plans with a space normally intended as a guest room but usually not as large as a typical master suite. The curved or pointed top on a door or open entryway. House plans with a space that is more casual than a family room. House plans with a garage whose doors are not located in front of the house. (October 19, 2020), Office of the HistorianOffice of Art and Archives The wood, brick, stone, or marble frame surrounding a fireplace, sometimes including a mirror on the wall above. Typically handles the functions of the living and/or family room with casual dining spaces and entertainment centers, providing visibility to the kitchen areas. Doors can also be located on the side facing inward so that cars pass the front entry to enter the garage.

Under part of a sloping roof that hangs over a wall. Long room, often on an upper floor, for recreation, entertainment, or display of artwork. back to top. House plans with a space adjacent to the kitchen for casual dining and identified only when it is in addition to a formal dining room. Small supporting piece of wood or stone, designed to bear a projected weight, such as a window.

Most often in a contrasting color of brick from the rest of the wall. back to top. A series of cross-braces between ceiling or floor joists to stabilize them and keep them from twisting under load. House plans with a full or partial basement well-suited for sloping lots.

House plans that have living spaces positioned in such a way to take advantage of a view. Notice, none of the lines are skewed as you might view the house in real life. ADOBE. Most often a door. back to top. The sink or cooking range can also be located here. House plans with a large room in an average-size home that accommodates a wide variety of functions. Most often seen in second-floor bedrooms. House plans with a bathroom that serves two secondary bedrooms. This can be incredibly frustrating and can ev, House Projects to Keep You Busy During Quarantine, During these trying times, it can be easy to get bored when you are trapped at home. Ducts are large diameter conduits, that deliver heated/cooled air throughout the house. Windows designed with multiple panes to trap air and provide greater insulation. A sturdy flooring finish of marble chips mixed with cement mortar. House plans with a covered portion of open space that connects a detached garage to the main house. What this means is for every 12" of rise there is 12" of run. Prairie, How to read house plans | The Construction Set.

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