The drug dealers that Vod hired as security for the ball later break into the house in search of the ticket money Vod revealed she had hidden, refusing to leave until they have found the money or are given it; the housemates locking themselves in the cellar to hide. [29] Brown died on November 14, 2014, at the age of 34. [6], Exile is a race between two teams. During the night, Sabine gets increasingly drunk and relays problems about an old boyfriend of hers to Josie, who desperately tries to contact Kingsley to try to get her out of the house. Sabine soon arrives at the house and antidotes the atmosphere of panic by revealing that it is fine after all, giving Vod the remainder of the batch she promised her, only for Vod to throw them away, shaken by the experience. Johnny happens to be a fan of Margaret's and monopolizes her while Richie takes Rina to her room to exploit her sexually.

The party turns out to be a success, despite the housemate’s worries regarding the house struggling to cope with the capacity of people it holds; the police later turn up and Vod shuts it down.

Desperately trying to reorganise funding to societies, Oregon reveals that she failed to investigate properly before making mistakes - juggling this with an application for a prestigious scholarship in the US and her university work, much to Josie and Vod’s annoyance. Dylan initially decides to stay with Oregon, but after kissing her, decides that it is too weird, and breaks up with her. Vod, meanwhile, is relieved that her RAF bursary has finally come through, but learns that she must now pass a drug test to qualify for it. The third series, which began running in November 2013, aired on Mondays at 10 pm. [28], During the filming of Fresh Meat, Diem Brown secretly revealed to her partner Derrick Kosinski and Aviv Melmed that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Howard, meanwhile, has learnt that Sabine is pregnant with his baby, and adopts a baby pig. Tina & Kenny had to choose both Exile teams in Episode 15 rather than just one team. After Howard spends the whole weekend on the phone, Sabine gets bored and persuades him to have sex with her. Meanwhile, Paul Lamb, the invisible housemate, has flown the nest, forcing the group to start looking for a new tenant. After Vod's attempt to get rid of Javier by abandoning him in Rochdale fails, Javier becomes fed up with the way she treats him and starts acting cold towards her. The next day, Josie and Kingsley decide to start dating, to the delight of the group, but on the bus ride home, Javier decides to rip up his ticket and stay in Britain illegally, to the dismay of Oregon and Vod. JP becomes further disheartened at living on severely less money when the university reject him an emergency hardship loan and the student newspaper pay him a mere £5 for illustrations to one edition. They put their plan into action and shop round for locations and security whilst Kingsley ponders over his discovery that Rosa originates from Switzerland, not Italy as he previously believed. Vod returns to the house to find that Oregon has written a play with characters who are exaggerated fictionalised versions of the housemates. Vod accidentally overdoses and is taken to hospital where she is told she should enter rehab, but JP talks her into going back to the house instead. Howard and JP are jealous of Kingsley, and resolve to get into the event themselves. To make matters more difficult, each member will be carrying bags equal to the weight of the luggage they brought to the Challenge. Pursuing her poetry prize, Oregon finds the disabled rugby team occupying her office, protesting against her decision to slash their funding. While having a conversation later on, the two finally share a kiss, and have sex in an upstairs bathroom. The result is an explosive argument between Heather and Josie, with Kingsley caught in the middle, unable to defend himself as usual. Oregon asks Vod to come to Laos with her, suggesting she could teach English there as she writes her novel. Devastated, he decides to leave the University, but JP convinces him to stay. Perfect."

Howard, Vod and JP all attend the event, and after Vod impresses the representative, they all look set to get internships. They also receive a prize and will get to pick the order in the next challenge. This page was last edited on 14 March 2020, at 03:55.

Howard devises a plan to defeat JP as a rival for Sam's affections, by organising a team for her charity pub quiz, with JP as captain. The film had its world premiere at the 32nd Hawaii International Film Festival on 15 October 2012. Tony Shales is bitter at being dumped by Oregon, who is taking an internship with his wife, and unsuccessfully attempts to blackmail her into taking him back. A meeting with a university career advisor brings to light how tough it will be for some of the gang to secure a good job in the real world after they finish third year. When Kingsley tries to stop her, she confronts him for his role in Dave breaking up with her, and orders him to drive her up to Wales himself. In June 2012, after six years of remission, she announced that she was diagnosed with cancer for a second time.

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