24 Confucius (1940) was shot in Shanghai during the “Orphan Island” period (1937-1941), during which the Chinese sections of Shanghai were occupied by the Japanese with the International … 1941: 古中國之歌 (Songs of Ancient China) He would endure untold difficulties in his career only to die as a refugee at the age of 44. It would be finished by Zhu Shilin. A man of brilliant artistry whose career was too often swept under the tides of history, until finally emerging to international celebration, unfortunately too late for him to know of it.

Een biografisch artikel over Fei Mu en het maken van de Lente in een kleine stad, Fei Mu Documenten, Suzhou Art Museum, 2018.10.20-2018.11.25 “诗人 导演” 费穆 文献 展 亮相 苏州 美术馆, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, Eerste Chinese kleurenfilm; ook wel bekend als, This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article. In his words: “Confucius the saint and Confucius the man are two characters.

Hou Yao was responsible for writing China’s first film theory book Techniques of Writing Shadowplay Scripts in 1925.

(Lanham, Toronto, Plymouth, UK: The Scarecrow Press inc, 2012), p. 55.

Highly proficient in languages, he became fluent in English, French, German, Italian and Russian.3  This would also give him an interest in Western arts, such as literature, theatre and film, all of which would go on to influence his future works.4  Fei was a voracious reader, so much so that his habit of reading late into the night led to him going blind in his left eye.5  He was also said to have watched more than a thousand films, both Chinese and Western.6  The family’s Confucian beliefs would go on to have a huge influence on Fei’s thought, even though Fei disagreed with many of the more outdated ideas of the religion, such as preference of sons over daughters. Following the Communist revolution in 1949, Fei Mu, along with many other artists and intellectuals fled to Hong Kong. Later, when she saw what a success her son was as a director, his mother became a huge supporter of Fei’s work.13. Jiang Qing worked as the head of the film office of the CPC Propaganda Department. Born in Shanghai, China, Fei Mu is considered by many to be one of the major film directors prior to the communist revolution in 1949. Daruvala, Susan, “’The Courage to Live’: Woman, morality and humanism in Fei Mu’s Spring in a Small Town”, Confucius Institute for Scotland, p. 3.

Wong Ain-Ling, “Wei Wei Remembers Spring in a Small Town”, From Small Town to the Big Screen: A Retrospective on Wei Wei, Daruvala, Susan, “’The Courage to Live’: Woman, morality and humanism in Fei Mu’s Spring in a Small Town”, Confucius Institute for Scotland, p. 10. Fei didn’t understand why he was asked to do so nor what he could reflect on.

The film starred the famed actress Li Lili and Lan Ping, who would later be better known by the name Jiang Qing, the wife of Mao Zedong and one of the infamous Gang of Four. 1937: 夢斷春閨 (Nightmares in Spring Chamber) (Part of a compilation film 联华交响曲 (Linhua Symphony)) The best known of his films, Spring in a Small Town (1948), is even considered by many as the greatest Chinese film of all time. Known for his artistic style and costume dramas, Fei made his first film, 1933's Night in the City (produced by the Lianhua Film Company), at the young age of 27, and he was met with both critical and popular acclaim. 1940: 孔夫子 (Confucius) Humiliated, he returned to Hong Kong.45, Back in Hong Kong, Fei produced the film The Flower Girl (1951, also known as Flora) directed by Zhu Shilin for Longma.46  The director also tried to get his own films made.

He was an advocate of dramatic, highly structural films, where “script is the soul of the film” and where “no struggle, no drama” was something to be avoided.16  Fei Mu, on the other hand, would be in direct opposition of his mentor, with his reserved plots and relaxed storytelling.

Most significant was a new print made by the China Film Archive from the original negative of Spring in a Small Town. Wei Wei’s acting with him was so convincing that Li fell in love with his co-star. At a time when many youths went against old traditions, Fei honoured his family’s request and agreed to an arranged marriage. From Small Town to the Big Screen: A Retrospective on Wei Wei. Though, foreshadowing the problems that would arise later in Fei’s career, some left-wing film critics were annoyed by the film’s ending which shows the poor and the capitalists living in harmony.18. By all accounts, they had a happy, if reserved, marriage .12 The couple would have one child, Barbara Fei, born in 1931, who would go on to become a famous soprano opera singer in Hong Kong. (Jefferson, North Carolina & London: Mcfarland and Company inc, 2013), p. 79-80. His job entailed translating subtitles and writing synopses for films .15 In 1932, he was offered a job with the Lianhua Film Company and he moved back to his hometown of Shanghai.

Born in Shanghai, China, Fei Mu is considered by many to be one of the major film directors prior to the communist revolution in 1949. Daruvala, Susan, “’The Courage to Live’: Woman, morality and humanism in Fei Mu’s Spring in a Small Town”, Confucius Institute for Scotland, p. 2 . Founded in 1999, Senses of Cinema is one of the first online film journals of its kind and has set the standard for professional, high quality film-related content on the Internet. Fei cut down the original script by Li Tianji by two-thirds, even taking out one character. The Second Sino-Japanese War was in full force in 1937 and, by November of that year, Shanghai was occupied by the Japanese.

Can't find a movie or TV show? Fei’s mother didn’t take to the idea either, but when she saw how determined her son was, she agreed to help him change his father’s mind. Hou Yao would be murdered by the Japanese in 1942 in the Sook Ching Massacre.17, Fei Mu’s first film Night in the City (城市之夜, 1933), starring legendary Ruan Lingyu, sadly has no surviving prints, After being mentored by Hou Yao, 27-year-old Fei Mu was ready to become a director himself. To sidestep this, the future star of Spring in a Small Town, Wei Wei volunteered to smuggle the film print through customs. In 2005, Spring in a Small Town was declared the greatest Chinese film ever made by the Hong Kong Film Critics Association.Fei remained active in this so-called "Second Golden Age" and also directed China's first color film Remorse at Death (1948), which incorporated Beijing Opera and starred Mei Lanfang. He also directs films under the name Jasper Late. A man of deep intellect and a love of his country, he was simultaneously classical in his film language, while making numerous innovations in Chinese cinema. 7 (11) 2013. Spring in a Small Town is set in then present-day and tells of a family living in the eponymous small town. In the following years, Fei’s films would be mostly forgotten.

Jiantao was a common practice at the time, where the person in question is asked to write a report where he reflects on himself and lists the things he has done wrong. Tan Ye; Yun Zhu, Historical Dictionary of Chinese Cinema. Continuing to make films with Lianhua, Fei directed films throughout the 1930s and became a major talent in the industry, with films like 1936's Blood on Wolf Mountain and 1935's Song of China. Later, during the Cultural Revolution, Li Lili and her husband would be denounced and tortured on the orders of Jiang Qing, who used her power to pay back her grievances from her acting days and who, allegedly, was jealous of Li Lili’s acting talents.

At the age of 20 in 1926, he married Wu Mei without even meeting her first.

Remorse at Death starred the legendary Peking Opera artist Mei Lanfang and would be China’s first film shot in colour. However, the Chinese civil war, which had begun in March 1946, made filming hugely difficult and finally the movie was left unfinished.31, Remorse at Death (生死恨, 1948) was China’s first colour film, but suffered from the poor film stock used, 1948 would be a busy year for Fei, with him directing three films. Her husband, Jacob Fleck, had been interned at Dachau Concentration Camp, but survived, after which the couple had emigrated to Shanghai. He encountered his former star Lan Ping, now known as Jiang Qing and married to Mao Zedong, the leader of the newly formed People’s Republic of China.

Distracting a customs official with chocolates, a rarity in Shanghai at the time, she managed to get the developed film back.32  Despite her efforts, the film’s release was a disaster. 1934: 人生 (Life) Fei also took part in the anthology film Lianhua Symphony (1937) with his short film Nightmares in Spring Chamber. Respecting tradition, Fei sought their permission for the change, but his father was a headstrong man and wouldn’t agree to his request. Denounced and forgotten after his death, his films were finally rediscovered in the 1980s when they went on to influence many generations of Chinese filmmakers. To him, the most important part of Confucianism was the morality and ethics that showed how to live in an imperfect world.7. At Lianhua, Fei first worked as an assistant for the pioneering director Hou Yao. […] I don’t mind. Some critics said that my films were not easily accepted by people and that they attracted a lot of cheers but not a big audience. After graduation, Fei Mu agreed to his family’s wishes and began working a respectable job as an accountant for a mining company in Hebei Province  9 (some sources say Jiangsu Province10 ).

Belangrijkste was een nieuw druk door de China Film Archive van het originele negatief van Lente in een kleine stad .

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