The person who was locked out of their Facebook account was innocent. On 1-27-2019 I called phone number 1-800-305-7664 for yahoo help. Facebook has over 100 forms for just about every problem you could run into on Facebook. Reporting issues when they happen helps make Facebook better, and we appreciate the time it takes to give us this information. I was contacted via Twitter from Mark Zuckerberg, himself telling me that I had won the Facebook lottery. Select either Text Message or Authentication App, and then click Next. Review any troubleshooting steps to see if you can fix it yourself. Select the Facebook feature you're having a problem with, and then describe what happened. Still, can’t log in. Reports from people on Facebook help us identify and fix problems when something's not working correctly. There is also a Support Inbox listed. The best phone number and way to avoid the wait on hold, available live chat options, and the best ways overall to contact Facebook in an easy-to-use summary, as well as a full comparison of the 10 ways to reach Facebook, compared by speed and customer recommendations. The system allows you to type in the question of which you are asking in a search bar. Some of the more successful hacks appear in the news, but many hacks are smaller and affect only some Facebook users. Facebook, on the other hand, has over 100 contact forms for just about every problem you could run into while using Facebook. You can do it at any time. To prevent your account from being compromised again, Facebook strongly recommends enabling Facebook's two-factor authentication. Report Problem Calling Phone Number . We're sorry that didn't solve your issue. Facebook explains that you need to change your password and confirm that recent changes to your account came from you to keep your account secure. There are pages on Facebook where users and ask for help and this number has also been falsely advertised. Friends receive messages from you that you didn't write. He is suggesting that he should go to a local Target or Wal-Mart to purchase an iTunes gift card. Imagine that you attempt to log into your Facebook account, the same way you do every day. Open the Facebook menu by clicking the arrow in the top right corner. Because of Ricky McDonald I lost $7,000 dollars plus he put my bank in the negative for $3,500. Giving details (example: adding a screenshot and description) helps us find the problem. It is unknown as to how many people call the number and fall for the scam, but most of the individuals who search for the number more than likely dial it, as well. Scroll to the bottom and tap Help & Support. Facebook, on the other hand, has over 100 contact forms for just about every problem you could run into while using Facebook. Click Edit next to Use two-factor authentication. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Please explain what you were doing when the problem occurred and what steps we can take to reproduce the problem. They took the amount out of my checking account. “Steven” provides him with some very strange instructions. Shake your mobile phone. Andy O'Donnell, MA, is a former freelance contributor to Lifewire and a senior security engineer who is active in internet and network security. Thankfully, both the Federal Trade Commission and Apple have released alerts about this scam and, hopefully, you won’t be falling for it. Figuring out how to contact Facebook for problems with your account or other issues can be difficult, as the company does not accept phone calls for customer support. If you are having problems calling a specific telephone number, please fill out the form below and we will attempt to trace the source of the problem and resolve it. If you've reported something, you may have the option to check the status of your report in your Support Inbox. The scam has been first discovered and exposed by Aarti Shahani, a reporter for NPR, who took it a step further and called the number above using Pindrop, a service that specializes in fraudulent calls. Click Security and Login in the left pane. Enter another ZIP to see info from a different area. You need to give me the user ID to your ApplePay.”. © Copyright 2020 Scam Detector Media Inc.. All Rights Reserved. Facebook and its more than 2 billion active users are an attractive target for hackers. Follow the instructions provided to secure your account and change your password. ; There are a number … Removed or expired apps still have the information shared with them while the apps were active, but they can no longer access that information from your Facebook account after they expire or are removed. Posts that you didn't create appear to be from you. The original intent of the social media platform was to connect college students, for an easy way to interact with each other about classes and group projects. Activating this feature requires an additional form of authentication beyond your password when anyone attempts to log in to your account. I have pictures of all of the posts and phone calls and text messages they sent me but can’t figure out how to alert Facebook about it because supposedly even their customer service number is a scam, and there isn’t a pull down menu available on all of their help sites combined that has my question. Review the screenshot. It has been discovered that the scammers are targeting many other platforms, not just Facebook. Friend requests have been sent to people who are already your friends. Be wary of relying solely on text-message solutions for two-factor authentication. The fine print says *no returns* which is easily overlooked. When you can't access your Facebook account, you can still report a possible hack to the company and receive help to reset your password: Open Facebook's Report Compromised Account page. Problems you should report range from something not working, abusive content, or just general feedback. Enter your home phone number and select Continue. Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. How does the scam work? Launch Facebook's menu from the down arrow in the upper right corner of the page. Depending on the content you report, you may be asked to submit a report to Facebook. You also have the opportunity to delete every post, photo, and video that the apps posted on your behalf. So I don’t have a FAQ to report and therefore cannot give Facebook information they need about this scam. 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