You’ll get more energy than coffee I assure you! 3.

My husband and me moved to the countryside a couple of years ago and its bursting with dandelions. **My one caveat about dandelion recipes is this: if you do plan to harvest dandelions, be very certain that they have NOT been sprayed with any sort of chemical or herbicide.

5. I’am interested in helping elders who are in need of medicines so, I’m very thankful and would love to learn the recipes. My kids liked their fritters with powdered sugar (of course). My advice to all the young mothers out there – don’t force your kids to eat anything they really don’t like because I feel if this hadn’t happened I might not have such an aversion to trying these greens today.

I also toss them into soups or quiches. Destroys Cancer Cells in 48 Hours - Tiptop Home Remedies.

I LOVE capers and I go through so many.

Preparedness is always a plus, Foraging is necessary for others to learn and very important.

I have been gathering and eating it since a child. Sorry – just a word of warning.

Dandelion Root Tincture– “Dandelion has been used historically to detoxify the kidneys and liver, reduce swelling, fight skin problems, alleviate digestive discomfort, fight fever, improve vision problems, and prevent diabetes…”. Let the dandelion shine as the star of every dish! ???? Instead of cleaning my much needed bathroom, I walked around the property and plucked about 18-19 full heads of Queen Anne's Lace (not to be confused with Hemlock). Screw the weed in my yard with pretty flowers.

This wild edible can help improve digestion issues, is a remedy for kidney and liver ailments, and has an array of benefits for the skin. Use any of the early spring dandelion recipes to use your baby greens. Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe Instructions Step 1 Dig up a large bunch of dandelion roots.

Thanks for this. Unfortunately, the farm is no longer there, it is now a high dollar subdivision, country club and golf/tennis complex now called “Hurstbourne” in Louisville, KY where they hold PGA events and more….but I digress, sorry!). This dish is usually made with cabbage or kale in the fall, and also works well in spring with dandelions. My mom kept a basket and a knife in the trunk of the car and when she was driving past a field with a lot of dandelions growing she would stop and pick them so she could make a salad! Break it up and saute until browned.

I snip the underside bulb off about 18 blossoms and put the yellow petals in a French press with hot water. This week, I’m suggesting you eat something most people spend the better part of their adult lives trying to eradicate from their lawns: dandelion greens. The flowers are t…. This article from Foodal goes into depth about which plants and leaves to harvest and how to prep them for eating. Can’t wait! Once you do find some dandelions growing wild in your own naturally maintained yard (free of chemicals and pesticides), check out 16 Ways to Eat Dandelions. If you have some chives flowering, the purple blooms and yellow dandelion flowers make a pleasant addition to the salad both in flavor and aesthetically. Dandelion flowers can swing sweet or savory depending on if you keep the whole flower or remove the petals only. Plus it’s fun to use a free superfood that grows with no work.

I think the dandelion is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Anyway, to her batch of freshly washed dandelions my mother added freshly cooked bacon crumbles, chopped hardboiled eggs, sliced fresh onion (cut into rings) and mixed some of the hot bacon grease with apple cider or wine vinegar and a little salt and pepper, to make a hot dressing that would wilt the dandelions.

From Nourished Kitchen. YES!! That’s a homemade caper that just about anyone can grow! If you’re needing something a little more savory in your life, bake up a loaf of dandelion bread and slather on a generous layer of dandelion honey butter. It’s best to use the very young buds that haven’t grown on long stalks yet, in the early spring. From Chef Frank at Farm and Forage Kitchen. Dandelion Root Herbal Tea— Roast the roots first to add greater depth of flavor, 4. Next day we would chop the potatoes a nd greens together and made a hash. I remove from my pack, hearty paleo dandelion root muffins and dandelion rosemary shortbread cookies that are both sweet and savory. They grow wild all over Europe, the US and Asia. Love the suggestions. The ecologists definition of “weed” is a pioneer species, one adapted to growing on disturbed ground. WE used to pick them for my granddad and he made wine out of them. Grow Forage Cook Ferment, has a lot of dandelion articles, including how to forage the root. Use what you have. Make yourself a mug of this roasted dandelion root coffee with chicory root and cinnamon! I might just become a dandelion farmer :-). Capture the summer, just like Grandpa in Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine.

Great article and comments! This recipe makes one large mug full, or two smaller mugs full of coffee. May Yahweh thru his son B less you and your family as I see he already has.

One of my favorite ways is to make dandelion vinegar to use on salads and in cooking. Last year I did a bit of research and found they were a very versatile plant and starting picking and adding to omelettes and pizza, and pasta. Next, a hot syrup put in small jars, cover, put upside down until cold.

If you want to get even fancier with your dandelions and eggs, try making a dandelion soufflé. My grandfather loved it, and so do I. (They have never been sprayed or anything, just a dog in the yard and the occasional cat that crosses through). How do you make dandelion kumbucha? Like a groundhog not seeing his shadow, the sight of dandelions, to me, is indication that warmer weather is on its way. ): My mother would go to the field behind our house to pick the large fresh dandelions…. Dandelion Green Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing. 126 Comments | Cook From-Scratch, Learn Natural Remedies & Healthcare, Get my best tips & recipes for transforming your kitchen into a farmstyle kitchen, no matter where you live! These little beauties are paleo too. Here’s a video that shows an easy trick to separate the petals from the bud base. I just made dandelion jelly last week and violet jelly today. Dandelion Green and Red Potato Salad— A lovely side dish for a springtime meal.

The English common name dandelion is derived from the French “dent de lion” or lion’s tooth for the tell-tale serrated leaf edges. Laurie will teach you how to preserve dandelion roots, and make decoctions and infusions, plus a few ways to use them. How to Cook Fresh Dandelion Roots— Cook ’em up and eat ’em like carrots. Dandelions get a bad wrap for such an amazing little plant. The syrup and wine sound really good! My great auntie used to fry the blossoms in a batter. There are so fun to pick on a bright sunny day….we picked gallon bags of them and froze them for later use.

People have been eating dandelions since forever.

Another way to keep your liver happy is to make an overnight decoction of dandelion and nettles. Learn how to make this dandelion salve recipe using foraged dandelions! Homesteading | Self Sufficient Living | Living off the Land, 126 Comments | Jill Winger |    Last Updated: March 17, 2018. I have always foraged dandelions in normal times, and now dandelion recipes are part of our pandemic food security plan along with microgreens and indoor garlic. 5. Call your city’s parks department to be sure or ask your neighbor. However, in recent year’s, I don’t see the amount of Bee’s & Butterfly’s I use to…even with a heavy planting of Tropical Milkweed for the Monarch’s. I’m very curious what the flowers taste like. I hope that you enjoy it, too! Because dandelions are rich with vitamins and minerals, along with other essential nutrients, there are many ways to use them as remedies for common ailments. One popular technique is to deep fry the flower in a crispy fritter. Because of that, there are a gazillion ways to eat dandelions all year long. Or, you may use the blunt side of a paring knife to scrape the petals from the bud.

As mentioned above, this introduced European perennial is loaded with medicinal properties. You can dig and use dandelion root anytime, but most herbalists dig dandelion roots in the fall.

How to Grow Dandelion Baby Greens in Containers, Indoors or Out. But maybe, like me, you weren't aware that every part of the plant is edible, and that our little commonplace roadside weed in fact packs a burst of vitamins and medicinal properties. Add them to soups, casseroles, curries, or any dish that benefits from having noodles!

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