He then returned to Rome and celebrated a triumph for the conclusion of the wars on 22 October 180.

Commodus is known to have been at Carnuntum, the headquarters of Marcus Aurelius during the Marcomannic Wars, in 172. His victories were often welcomed by his bested opponents, as bearing scars dealt by the hand of an Emperor was considered a mark of fortitude. Marius poses as a gladiator in order to enter a special tournament Commodus is holding. Schwert als Gladiator, wofür er sich pro Auftritt ein He was supreme commander of Rome's armies and personal commander of the VI Legion. wurden vor allem in der Hauptstadt bis ins 6. The Britons within the city are outraged at the betrayal, and a riot ensues as Commodus demand that they all kneel before him.

[27] Cassius Dio and the writers of the Augustan History say that Commodus was a skilled archer, who could shoot the heads off ostriches in full gallop, and kill a panther as it attacked a victim in the arena. Husband of Ulpia Marciana: Levick (2014), p. 161. Speidel, "Commodus the God-Emperor and the Army,", This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 04:41.

He was the brother of Princess Lucilla, and uncle of Lucius. Also, in Gladiator Begins, Commodus introduces himself as Commodus Antoninus, although this isn't his entire name. Dieser Name kann erst ab dem 8.

In the arena, Commodus' opponents always submitted to the emperor; as a result he never lost. As a rock flies through the air and hits Commodus in the face, he looses his temper and orders Vittalion to put down the revolt, and then loudly mocks the mob as he and his Praetorian Guards flee to the dock to escape the city on his warship, leaving the XIV Legion and the city's populace to die. He was the brother of Princess Lucilla, and uncle of Lucius. Narcissus was a Roman athlete, likely a wrestler, from the 2nd century AD.

Unlike the preceding Emperors Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius, he seems to have had little interest in the business of administration and tended throughout his reign to leave the practical running of the state to a succession of favourites, beginning with Saoterus, a freedman from Nicomedia who had become his chamberlain. Husband of Ulpia Marciana: Levick (2014), p. 161. Portraitbüste Quadratus and Quintianus were executed. selbst als Konsul in der Arena auftreten hätte können.

His Hercules equipment is ornate and one of a kind, however, it is near impossible to obtain it in this game, as this would require defeating Commodus, which would initiate a battle where the Protagonist is forced to fight 100 guards. He thought of himself as the reincarnation of Hercules, frequently emulating the legendary hero's feats by appearing in the arena to fight a variety of wild animals. [22][23], His original name was Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus. sondern als Herakles, Sohn des Zeus. Diese sollten die Neugründung However if the player disarms one of Commodus's gladius's and wields it, an extra cutscene will trigger of Commodus panicking to escape the room. He then ordered the Praetorian Guard to strap on Maximus' armor and the latter soon joined him at the platform in preparation for their match in the Colosseum. Commodus appears for the final time in Chapter VII, when Marius, now having assumed the mantle of Damocles, swears revenge on Commodus for betraying his legion and sets out to kill him. Commodus was born on 31 August AD 161 in Lanuvium, near Rome. These tendencies now increased to megalomaniacal proportions. Jahre 192 anlässlich der vierzehntägigen In 195, the emperor Septimius Severus, trying to gain favour with the family of Marcus Aurelius, rehabilitated Commodus' memory and had the Senate deify him. 5. Statues of Commodus were demolished. During his solo reign, the Empire enjoyed a period of reduced military conflict compared with the reign of Marcus Aurelius, but intrigues and conspiracies abounded, leading Commodus to an increasingly dictatorial style of leadership that culminated in a god-like personality cult, with him performing as a gladiator in the Colosseum. Marcus Aurelius was the first emperor since Vespasian to have a legitimate biological son and, though he himself was the fifth in the line of the so-called Five Good Emperors, each of whom had adopted his successor, it seems to have been his firm intention that Commodus should be his heir. Gehalt von 1 Million Sesterzen genehmigte. Commodus appears for the first time in Chapter V, a prisoner of Glott and the Minotaur tribe. römischen Kaiser", C.Scarre "Die römischen Kaiser". Commodus in the Remix version fights with the Two Hand skills: Sting, Drum Master, Sweep Slash, and Stunning Blow. Dio Cassius 73.10.2, Loeb edition translated E. Cary, To “accept kinship with Commodus ... the bluntly pragmatic decision was taken to deify the former emperor, thus legitimizing Severus’ seizure of power.” See, Dio Cassius 73.1.2, Loeb edition translated E. Cary, Dio Cassius 73.5.3, Loeb edition translated E. Cary. Anfang 193 beschäftigt. Commodus then offers the choice to have the Protagonist join him and take Bernardo's place at his side. According to Cassius Dio, Commodus once killed 100 lions in a single day.

Sister of Trajan's father: Giacosa (1977), p. 7. The Colosseum The Colosseum stands today as a symbol of the power, genius, and brutality of the Roman Empire. nach seinen eigenen Titeln. 1, eingeleitet und übersetzt von E. Hohl, bearbeitet und übersetzt von E. Merten (1976) 138.

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