Online. 70. What if they changed a variable to make Sergei kill himself in the simulation, recorded it to tape, then used it as evidence? Could that come into play later on in the season? log in sign up. ... Reddit's home for Alex Garland's new Television show Devs on Hulu. Knowing Alex Garland, however, Devs may turn out to be even more twisted than any of these theories put together. They already have the code, they are finding ways to use it. "Forest is seemingly controlled by his emotions while Katie seems much more controlled and calculated. Thats why in Ep2 during the christ scene, Forest was asked "do you know? This one seems pretty obvious, especially given all of the religious imagery on the series. I believe the Quantum computing aspect is needed more than a binary computer, due to the fact a qubit can be both 1 and 0 at the same time, observing both complete states, and to get this level of prediction with perfect correlation and zero variance, you would need to be able to run every possible combination, all at once.

Could that come into play later on in the season? At the end of ep one I replayed the bathroom scene to see the camera in the watch. 70. Forest told Sergei that Biotech was worthless and not something he was interested in, so that negates your theory there, I believe they do view the future, but consider it Taboo. the Redditor wrote. Forest believes the Universe is based on Determinism; they are intent on predicting the future movement of the "Tram Lines" the paths of all things as Forest put it. implying "are you sure, or did you actually look to see the future?". When talking about the 2000 year projection [which depicted the crucifixion, Forest] says it's not a miracle and it has to be, despite our quantum computing, the problem is binary. That's just to fool people into thinking Forest is using traditional quantum... 2. I'll throw out a radical theory: I don't think they killed Sergei, I think they are going to harvest his brain and use it to add computational power to the machine. Press J to jump to the feed. 10.1k. They believe it is nothing more they a mathematical problem; hence this is where the Quantum Computer comes into the play.Not sure how this would help Forest with the death of his daughter. r/Devs: Reddit's home for Alex Garland's new Television show Devs on Hulu. 41. They've been able to create some convincing deepfake videos of Sergei killing himself, but that's not very advanced either. It wasn't until I read your first point that it made sense. Reddit's home for Alex Garland's new Television show Devs on Hulu. I think that "quantum computer" in the glass case is not really what we think it is. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. it exists totally or it doesn't. Two episodes into Devs, there are a lot of questions left to be answered. Then Sergei saw the code and learned what they were actually doing there, making him sick knowing that he'd be running code on human brains. Good catch (I suck at watching tv). In other words, perhaps in building an AI like Katie, Forest is trying to simulate a world in which his daughter survived. Devs - S01E05 THEORY Discussion Thread.

Also on that thought, as they said in episode two, to predict the entire universe down to an atomic level, is to create life itself, if he can predict the full human condition, and predict every moment of the universe perfectly, then he can pull out that prediction of his daughter, moments before her death. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 90 comments. But jokes aside, it's funny how they just brush off the tremendous money and resources that the computer must take just to sort of carry the wishes of two people.

How did Forest's daughter die? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... Devs - Episode and Theory Discussion Hub. TheMercyTron also speculates that, "Forest's desire to go off the rails of his 'tram line' to ease his feelings of loss appear to be his motivation. Now they've got his dead body or almost dead body, nobody is looking for it (except his girlfriend who is probably the first to investigate their body snatchings) and they're free to do whatever they want with it. "One in which her death was impossible and one where it was true. Redditor demar_desol had a similar theory, pointing out how surprised both Forest and Kenton (the security guard) were when they learned about Sergei's death. These predictions include that he's a federal agent, a Russian spy, an admin in the Devs simulation, an Amaya mole, or even God. 9 'Devs' Reddit Theories Just Wild Enough To Be True 1. I think it’s pretty clear he wants to prove a deterministic universe in order to absolve himself over the guilt of his daughters death. Posted by 21 days ago.

It seems they're just starting. She's the real mastermind here.". Press J to jump to the feed. Here are the best nine so far. The guessing game is half the fun of watching the show, but even with such little to go off of, fans already have several Reddit theories about Devs and its unraveling mystery.

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