To be arrested for this struggle is to be a Political Prisoner." Fed up with police brutality and the tyranny of poverty in black America, they devised a 10-point program to empower African Americans and give them control of their own communities.

Eldridge took off all of his clothes, every stitch, because he said, "If they shoot me and kill me, cause we are being forced out, I don't see how they can shoot across the water in my eyes, I can't see how they can shoot with the floodlights, the tear gasses in here and the fire is burning the place down, I've got to come out.". Footage from his funeral and speeches afterwards (by Seale and Marlon Brando) may be seen in news film report KTVU 16, shot on April 17th 1968. The hog has got to be removed from the spring.

Have we went into your neighborhood and intimidated you with any guns?

You come on down and get down the nitty gritty and don't miss any nits or grits. ��J�"͒L|=�}������}�m�a��E�T�b��������X��,��[�l�$��4�'�����Xf��+�����jF�15{�?�������N��h;�?��.����S����tvJ���0�/K����R���]wK�Y��v���;,�_���O��~OU��:�V�Lb��&2�hk��^1�J|��^�ѹ�ѹE���iR���NTp�JH����I�rr�_[�]���-o���~U7�؊�-mt|q/�V���l�m�h��m�9~ %u�ま-:��~�B�����N�-�x9�����Z�{W㧽����8�ϓ���Ef�m��ߥ��.n9ٞ�(�L���{����R�&�g�[�íb�B2I��,�Nd��N�ޯ`�}��>츎�A�*1�ud7R��zh�(��(�z���[�f��y�b �tG��Hi>b���n���V�hE3ꌙ]�I.���r�R&�i�Ug�uyҮq&~��~+���mI�c�_�)5,�*si�%&b&siY$�DG�Mv�'Kh�Ɋ_�Dd�ʒ\�N��c���4�OP<2S ���-h]w�Q�n%��gS�u=�ؑ�ʓ"�&">,��~� �y������=B�N|Yu�5Ƞ�N�w>��9�P1�x4�j�-7�*QQ�;u��h)9Z��J��Cx�²VX@��,n�т��`��,'�;�J:�P����X4�42)� �ai��6��k"g�� The Panthers engaged in militant rallies, hair-raising confrontations with police, and community service programs aimed at helping the poor.

Stern, "The Call of the Panthers," 625. You think politics start with a seat in the assembly, no it doesn't.

Seale went on to lecture about his involvement in the Panthers and to sell his own cookbook, Barbeque'n with Bobby. He also rejects a report in the Sunday Examiner which labeled the Black Panthers as being "anti-white," by declaring that: "We don't hate nobody because of their color.

And you think it's a game, you're jiving and you're shucking, you're shucking yourselves, and these young Black Panthers here and many others and many many other thousands of people who are joining the party now are concerned with removing that hog from the spring. Now Mike is going to run for DA here. As is mentioned in the film, the trial was initially for the Chicago 8, which included Seale among the defendants charged on the Rap Brown Law or what was more commonly known as the Anti-Riot Act. Black people are going to be in the streets! The black brothers and the black young kids coming up, the crap that we get in the context of this racist system. He went through all kind of hassles and changes trying to clear the spring out, so he can get him a clear drink of water from the spring. Black people, the mothers and the scrub nurse since the kitchens that brought the shopping bags home with the leftover ends. Republished in Reporting Civil Rights: Part Two: American Journalism 1963-1973, (New York: The Library of America, 2003), 632. Along with scores of other Panthers, Seale and Newton faced dogged harassment by police.11 In late October 1967, Newton was arrested and charged with killing a white police officer during a traffic stop.

Speech at the "Free John Sinclair" concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan (December 1971) Who is Bobby Hutton? Nothing has changed in 2020.

pixels), using a Lasergraphics film scanner. Power comes out of a barrel of a gun and if you don't believe it you're jiving.
"9 Confrontations like these, along with speeches that called for executing cops, led FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to describe the Panthers as the country's "most dangerous and violence-prone of all extremist groups."10. So you see organize black brothers here, ready to do what they have to do to defend themselves against all forms of racists attacks and this is where it's going. But the North uses many many black men and many many slaves, ex-slaves, or slaves, out-maneuvered the South and had all the guns and force. The band then "rushed to the scene of the arrest, and, armed with a law book, informed the person being arrested of his constitutional rights."

He was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. So this is what we're dealing with. No. Twenty minutes for a traffic ticket? We hate oppression!" We will not fight and kill other people of color in the world who, like Black people, are being victimized by the White racist government of America. Bobby Seale, Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton, (New York: Random House, 1968), 5.

Newton continues, "Party members also carried loaded weapons, publicly displayed but not pointed toward anyone, and dressed in leather jackets and berets. He was killed by the Oakland Police Department on April 6th, 1968. All I did in Chicago was to exercise my legal right to speak on my own behalf and I was given four years in jail as a result. They force some brothers in there by attacking them and the brothers got off in there and went for what they knew. We hate oppression!"

Now you are still going to sit down and talking about whether or not the white racist wall is real or not? Hasn't it occurred to you that it's damn near time we organize ourselves in some fashion to have some ability to begin to make racists and the racist power structure act in a desired manner as we define the functional definition of what power is? This program is not outlined for the white community, it's outlined for the black community.

But I think the most serious injustice perpetrated by the court system in America is the inability of a black man to get a jury of his peers.
Now you say we shouldn't, I say we're going to do it whether you like it or not. The man said, "Well the reason you can't do that," he says "is because on top of the hill about a mile or two back where you haven't checked out yet," he says "there's a hog in the spring." We started to think of a program that defines and offsets this physical fact of the ghetto. He says, "So if they kill me, there won't be any bullet holes in my clothes." The ruling class and their running dogs, their lackeys, their bootlickers, their Toms and their black racists, their cultural nationalists - they're all the running dogs of the ruling class. Politics starts with a pig crushing us across our skull and murdering our people.

You got that? Oktober 2020 um 17:08 Uhr bearbeitet.

(New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2006), 176.

They raised money to buy guns by selling Mao's book –a guide for political revolution - to Berkeley college students.7. They say all right, the Black Panther Party is where it's at and they want us to lead them politically, we're going to do that. Wow!

It doesn't take 20 minutes to stop a man to give him a traffic citation.

In the film, we see the 1969 Chicago conspiracy trial reenacted by a star cast that includes Yahya Abdul Mateen II who plays Bobby Seale, the man who co-founded the Black Panther Party. The Panthers' early activities included audacious "defense patrols." I'm sorry, you are going to get buck shots, 120, 00 buck 357 magnums; we're going to vote with what we know. The North also had organized guns and force and the South also had organized guns and force. Er ist verheiratet, hat zwei Kinder und lebt in Philadelphia.

A railroad operation, and you know it, from Nixon on down. Bobby Seale: The Eighth Defendant Of the [1969] Great Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial.

Peniel E. Joseph, Dark Days, Bright Nights: From Black Power to Barack Obama, (New York: BasicCivitas Books, 2010), 28. In addition to the presence of Bobby Hutton, it also looks like Richard Aoki, Japanese American member of the Panthers, is standing on the far left, wearing sunglasses, coming in and out of view as the camera's frame moves.

You are out-organized, anti-draft demonstrators, don't tell me you don't know what police brutality is all about. Bobby Seale was born in Dallas, Texas in 1936. 6. They put tear gas in that place and they set a fire in the bottom of the basement, that's what they did.

I shouldn't be violent. At the age of 16, Hutton was the first person to officially join the Black Panther …

And at this funeral, one of the preachers there began to get himself uptight and began to check the situation out, doing his best not to do anymore Tomming, stated that there was a man, a little story he's told.

Racists, pigs, cops and racists have come in and intimidated and brutalized and murdered us. Bobby Seale: The Black Panther Party's Ten Point Program To explain to you who brother Huey P Newton is, in his soul, I’ve got to explain to you also your soul, your needs, your political desires and needs- because that is Huey’s soul. Oktober 1936 in Dallas) ist ein US-amerikanischer Bürgerrechtler und Mitbegründer der Black Panther Party.

If you bring a gun down in a black community and started shooting at some black man, the brothers are going to shoot back. "13 In May 1971, Bobby Seale was acquitted when a new conspiracy trial ended in a hung jury. Seale, Seize the Time, 67. Bobby Hutton took his money out of his pocket from that $1.35 an hour gig for 30 hours a week and the gig is there to try to make him think that he shouldn't organize against the power structure but think the power structure is beautiful. "Uh you know, really now, John, negroes shouldn't be ... but I really feel for your situation."

For additional information about DIVA please visit our FAQ page. Now we want Huey free, we want to see where your money – where your mouth is at.

Eldridge Cleaver's been in prison before and he was quite hip to the racist system in how they do things. Hutton was shot during a gunfight with police in Oakland on April 6, 1968, just two days after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. In the wake of Malcolm X’s assassination in 1965, Seale and Newton were ready to put together their beliefs and form their own political organization. Africa, Liberia, Ghana, Guinea, South America, Cuba where a valiant revolutionary struggle went down. The other night we learn warfare through warfare from being attacked in Oakland. When Ronald Reagan sits up and chops up the little chicken fee or welfare programs at the same time, do you remember when he was doing that he increased his highway patrolmen some 1,500?

As Huey P. Newton teaches he says the North had Yankee money and the South had Confederate money, both had green power.

At his trial in Chicago in the fall of 1969, Seale refused to use the lawyer appointed to him by Judge Julius Hoffman.

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