BA cabin crew have revealed some of the most shocking tales involving celebrities at 30,000 feet. Programs: Lord OPebble - Mucci of the Hour. At Heathrow there are three "Fleets" (or groups) of Cabin Crew; Worldwide Fleet (WW) who operate longhaul flights. At Heathrow there are three "Fleets" (or groups) of Cabin Crew; Programs: BA Gold/OWE, several MUCCI, and assorted Pensions! I know that a lot of staff are looking elsewhere for work, but there’s not that much out there that pays well enough. Willy Walsh hasn’t made a statement about this, nothing expressing sympathy or regret over these incidents.”. British Airways | Executive Club - Cabin Crew Names - Does anyone know how I can find out the names of cabin crew who served on a particular flight?

“BA wants to negotiate this, but workers wouldn’t accept it. The “Mixed fleet” pay grade was introduced by BA in 2010 following the defeat of the national cabin crew strike, which was sold out by the Unite union that same year. Announcing the WINNERS of the 2020 FlyerTalk Awards! He landed the plane with almost no shock, was 30 min. This full-frontal assault on BA workers comes from an airline sitting on billions in cash reserves. A member of the legacy Worldwide fleet for over 20 years, she joined strike action in 2010 against the airline’s now-enacted two-tier cabin crew contracts. So, staff are being forced out. I had a EF CSD earlier this week in her early 30s.

British Airways: Wage war rages on between cabin crew and bosses over pay cuts BA bosses are imposing a mass restructuring of its workforce when … The airline's pilots were allowed to return to London. Moderator, Iberia Airlines, Airport Lounges, and Ambassador, British Airways Executive Club, Programs: BA Lifetime Gold; Flying Blue Life Platinum; LH Sen.; Hilton Diamond; Kemal Kebabs Prized Customer. While BA claimed the worker was no longer employed by the airline after being fired last year, his tragic case is by no means an anomaly. I flew BA1404 LHR-MAN last night and can't remember the name of a particular host who was helpful and presented good service on the flight. Under section 188 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act, employers must write to trade unions representing their staff to give 45 days’ notice of proposed redundancies. By logging into your account, you agree to our, Programs: BA GGL, UA Plat, DL Plat, Hilton Diamond, Thanks to the incredible amount of useful information posted in this forum, I am now much better informed about a whole host of BA- related topics, so CHEERS EVERYONE.

I’ve been with BA for 25 years and was earning more than this new contract in 1996! Currently, BA cabin crew are organised into the better-paid “Worldwide” and “Euro” fleets, and the low-wage “Mixed” fleet, who work under inferior contracts. By logging into your account, you agree to our. A member of the legacy Worldwide fleet for over 20 … Click HERE for a link to the CommunityBuzz discussion. Eurofleet (EF) operate Shorthaul flights. Anyone know how many CSD's are left on EF?

Yesterday, Beckett told the Sun that Unite is updating its records to “ensure that we are prepared for an industrial action ballot.” But Unite, GMB and BALPA have issued no call for industrial action for more than six weeks. I followed this route to compliment a member of the Cabin Crew on a particular flight for service above and beyond, and when I next bumped into her a month or so later she thanked me for my "welldone". It would mean a 60 percent wage cut and attacks on terms and conditions such as longer shifts, and fewer breaks between work. I flew BA1404 LHR-MAN last night and can't remember the name of a particular host who was helpful and presented good service on the flight. Does anyone know how I can find out the names of cabin crew who served on a particular flight? Moderator: GLBT travelers, India-based Airlines and India; FlyerTalk Evangelist, Programs: AA EXP, BA Silver, UA 1P, Marriott Platinum, Hyatt Diamond, SPG Platinum.

Click HERE for a link to the CommunityBuzz discussion, Management doesn’t care about the impact on workers. You always have a CSD on the EF B767, I believe that Pursers are not trained on the aircraft. According to Unite Assistant General Secretary for Politics and Legal, Howard Beckett, the male worker was a long-serving member of BA’s cabin crew who had been placed on a disciplinary procedure. I don't know of a way of finding out, but if you want to praise them and contact customer services knowing the flight number and date, they will be able to tell who it was and pass on the compliment accordingly. I joined BA because it was ‘the best airline in the world,’ but now it’ll be totally different. Third BA cabin crew member killed in New Year’s crash near Heathrow is named Zoe Drewett Thursday 2 Jan 2020 10:51 am Share this article … One BA worker reportedly committed suicide at the end of May, only weeks after BA announced plans to lay off 12,000 staff. Can't be many now. As London Heathrow is the main European hub for BA, staff have to commute from all over the UK and Europe to go to work via plane and car or public transport. Mostly, however, the hair matches the tie. In reality, the same job destruction is being meted out across the airline industry. The Select Committee branded BA’s redundancy plans a “national disgrace” and urged the airline “not to proceed hastily with largescale redundancies or restructuring to terms or conditions of employees until the [government’s] Job Retention Scheme ends in October 2020.” Many MPs and celebrities have also denounced BA’s actions in nationalist terms as representing a “betrayal of Britain.”. Howard Beckett, Unite assistant general secretary, said: “Today one BA cabin crew member posted a video directed at Willie Walsh. Erica - again, not her real name - had been with British Airways long enough to remember being cabin crew on a Concorde jet, but accepted voluntary redundancy after … This topic has 19 replies, 11 voices, and was last updated 3 Nov 2017 at 07:53 by FDOS_UK. Tagged: BA, British Airways, cabin crew, name badgs. Tens of thousands of British Airways (BA) workers have been left in limbo after the airline announced plans to lay off its entire workforce of 42,000 people by June 15 and rehire around three-quarters on significantly worse pay and conditions. BA had a notice on their site that they were a ‘mental health champion,’ but I understand that they’ve taken this down now. Easyjet and Ryanair were yet to have any real impact on BA’s short haul routes.

As of yesterday, BA had still not told the vast majority of their staff whether they will keep their jobs, with many cabin crew members telling the WSWS and posting on social media that they had heard nothing from the airline. I forget his last name off the top of my head. In a letter to the British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA), and the GMB and Unite trade unions in late April, BA threatened to “give all employees notice of dismissal by reason of redundancy and/or some other substantial reason,” unless they were able to “reach agreement on proposals” from the company. She has suffered a breakdown and is in hospital. We urge BA and other airline workers to contact the Socialist Equality Party to share their experiences and organise a fightback. Carol (not her real name), a long-standing BA cabin crew member, spoke to the WSWS on June 15. One woman recently posted a desperate video on [a staff Facebook group]. All new hires since 2010 have been on “Mixed fleet” contracts, with predominantly young workers earning between £23,000 and £28,000 a year.

Even on longhaul, we are the only manager on board, Programs: Mucci des Hommes Magiques et Magnifiques.

What’s the point of having a contract if they can just rip it up whenever they want? It is a word of advice to the airline, urging that it proceed with its plans more carefully, under conditions of massive popular disgust at BA’s actions and a rising international wave of militancy in the airlines sector. I also heard that a male staff member died of a heart attack in Serbia. I later heard that she was sectioned [under the Mental Health Act]. No faith can be placed in the unions which have acted as loyal partners to the airline companies, but BA pilots and cabin crew have immediate and powerful allies among hundreds of thousands of airline workers internationally. They couldn’t do it as a result of [the volcanic] ash cloud [which grounded planes and lost the airline millions in 2010] but now they are using the coronavirus pandemic—with staff being furloughed, in lockdown, isolated, and under all sorts of mental pressures—to try to force it through.

According to a cross-party Transport Select Committee report published Saturday, BA has been handed close to £35 million from the government’s furlough scheme as of May 14. Programs: BAEC Gold GGL, CCR, GfL, Mucci des Recherches des Consommations Exotiques. Eighty-two percent reported suffering from anxiety, 91 percent were experiencing depression, and 61 percent were struggling with a lack of sleep. “I have childcare responsibilities, bills and a mortgage to pay. British Airways cabin crew who tested negative for Covid-19 on arrival were nonetheless rounded up from the SkyCity Marriott near the Hong Kong airport and taken to a forced 14 day quarantine in a government facility when one member of the crew tested positive. “The new contract will mean that greater strain will be put on workers as BA wants the all-new fleet to be a mixture of long-haul and short-haul flights. ), and gave us continual, yet reasonable updates during the flight (for those who wanted to sleep on a daytime LHR-ORD), including what runways we were using and windspeed. what's the equivalent URL for 'badly done' ?? Some long-serving cabin crew will have their pay slashed by as much as 75 percent. With BA’s 45-day consultation window having ended on June 15 without an agreement, 42,000 BA workers are now at risk of being fired.

Diamond Class MUCCI.Chevalier du Circle Intime de Pucci. Programs: AAPLT, BA, Iberia, US, Delta Skypoints. Thanks for the post ^ I always wandered whether my praises ever reach the cabin staff. BA would then “offer a proportion of them employment under new terms and conditions.”. At one point, I was told, there where only 97, but with the addition of BMI and moves from WW to EF, the numbers increased. Announcing the WINNERS of the 2020 FlyerTalk Awards! One BA worker wrote on Twitter, “we’re none the wiser, the agony continues in limboland. Carol said, “We all thought that we would be fired today, but so far I’ve heard nothing. Of the 12,000 redundancies under BA’s proposals, 4,700 are cabin crew. Now why would they want to do that? And the system does work.

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