Gwent cards: Havekar Smuggler, Mahakaman Defender, Decoy, Impera Brigade Guard, Young Emissary. If you got the quest by visiting the lighthouse area: While traveling across Skellige, Geralt happened upon a rocky isle covered in thick fog, from which came the screaming of wraiths. Arinbjorn. Talk about the contract with Jorund from Arinbjorn. It turned out it was the lighthouse keeper, Mikkjal, who was at fault. Most notably, here one can acquire the cards: Crone Whispess, Arachas, Fiend, and Thaler. This meant it had become nigh unto impossible to safely navigate a ship into Arinbjorn harbor after dark. Related quests: Broken Flowers, Gwent: Playing Innkeeps, Contract: Doors Slamming Shut. Jorund will help you to resolve the "misunderstanding" peacefully. Arinbjorn Inn The Skellige Isles. Geralt was not able to establish whose misdeeds had drawn this spirit, but that was not what he was being paid for. Additionally, you can enter the lighthouse and find a letter on one of its levels. Related quests: Lilac and Gooseberries, The Beast of White Orchard, The Incident at White Orchard. This lighthouse's light had gone out simultaneously with the phantom's appearance. Then go to the inn and talk to Jorund.

Gwent cards: Commander's Horn, Siege Engineer, Impera Brigade Guard, Nausicaa Cavalry Rider. you'll finally be able to deal with your opponent. Sign Post Notice Board Innkeep Amateur Blacksmith Quests .

That means you missed some innkeepers or smiths/merchants you can play against. You will find Jorund inside the Arinbjorn Inn. Gwent cards sold by Olivier: Mahakaman Defender, Havekar Smuggler, Vrihedd Brigade Veteran, Havekar Healer. We'll split the loot same as always - you'll get a tenth of what the sea tosses ashore. You will be able to bargain with him about the amount of money (246+ crowns). Journal entry The common folk rarely show witchers the gratitude they deserve for practicing their dangerous trade. The witcher was dead set on finding out what was the matter and so bravely rushed towards the wraiths, his silver sword aloft. Go to the Mikkjal's House which is located not far from the lighthouse. The Skellige Isles. These misdeed were what had drawn the phantom. Larvik Inn show the map Related quests: The Last Wish. The ghost haunted the nearby islet of Eldberg, a barren rock of no interest to anyone save for the lighthouse erected upon it. Arinbjorn is a location in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Русский ; Edit. After completing Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg you will get or will be able to get Stranger in a Strange Land. The Innkeeper her sells the following Gwent Cards: …

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Then Jorund will tell you about a wraith that appeared near the lighthouse on the isle of Eldberg. It is west of Sund and north of Wild Shore. Gwent cards: Thaler, Crone: Whispess, Fiend, Arachas. This article is too short to provide more than rudimentary information about the subject. A ship's going to sail from Faroe to Arinbjorn with a load of hides on board. Gwent cards: Commander's Horn, Siege Engineer, Impera Brigade Guard, Nausicaa Cavalry Rider, Emhyr var Emreis - His Imperial Majesty (Emperor of Nilfgaard (?). Privacy policy To check it out, go to Special:Preferences, then choose the "Appearance" tab and click on the radio button next to "Hydra". 2 years ago. Gwent cards: Ice Giant, Arachas, Vampire: Ekimmara, Foglet. A village whose calm is only occasionally disturbed by someone …

From time to time, it will disappear and bring up minor wraiths that you will have to get rid of. Arinbjorn Information??

Mikkjal's task will be to light up the lighthouse and you will take care of killing the monster. | Contact us. If you have found a letter that proves his evil deeds, you will be able to tell him that he must leave the island. These cards are part of the Collect 'Em All quest and can only be found here. If you let him stay on the island, or if you have not found a letter, the following entry will appear in your journal. After killing the wraith, take the Wraith trophy (5% Bonus experience from humans and nonhumans) and Ashrune (Steel Sword) from its remains. Location. Until the fire at the top of the lighthouse is lit, your opponent will be much more powerful and you will do less damage to it. Type. You can help Witcher Wiki by expanding it. Gwent cards: Dol Blathanna Scout, Siege Technician, Mahakaman Defender, Barclay Els. Arinbjorn is located on Ard Skellig in The Skellige Isles.

Gwent cards sold by Marquise Serenity: Mahakaman Defender, Commander's Horn, Catapult, Dol Blathanna Archer.

Arinbjorn, however, proved an even more ungrateful place than usual in this regard. Contract the Phantom of Eldberg; Stranger in a Strange Land; Enemies White Wolves (Level 15) NPCs??

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When you read it, you will learn about the evil deeds of the lighthouse keeper.

Innkeep., Defeat the warriors who picked a fight with you.

After taking care of a wraith plaguing this village, Geralt stepped into the local … Go to the lighthouse and examine the marks painted on the wall, then you'll find out what kind of opponent you're dealing with. Working in cahoots with pirates, he would lure ships into the rocks and loot them after they wrecked. This article/section is a stub. Gwent cards: Nekker, Vampire: Fleder, Harpy, Ghoul. Witcher Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Go back to Mikkjal and tell him what you found out about the spectre. | Contact us. If you haven't talked to Jorund yet, you'll have to check the notice board in Arinbjorn first. With the help of the lighthouse keeper Mikkjal, he defeated the wraith, then went to collect his reward.

1. You can help Witcher Wiki by expanding it. When you enter the inn you will be hooked up by two local residents who apparently don't like visitors from outside.

History Talk (0) Comments Share "This is my story, not yours. Gwent cards sold by Stjepan: Commander's Horn. Region.

When the lighthouse lights up the area, which Geral will comment on with the words "Light.

Gwent cards sold by Elsa, the innkeeper: Decoy, Catapult, Blue Stripes Commando, Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter, Foltest - Lord Commander of the North. You can also talk directly to Jorund or visit the lighthouse area.

| Terms of service Finally... Time to get this done." You must let me finish telling it." Then you'll go to the lighthouse together. At midnight you're to put out the light in the lighthouse and keep it dark until we give the sign with our torch. Ard Skellig. He won't tell you much, but he will give you the key to the lighthouse so you can explore it. Mikkjal will run to light a fire in the lighthouse and you'll have to face the wraith. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Arinbjorn Inn show the map Related quests: Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg, Stranger in a Strange Land. The quest begins when Geralt meets up with Jorund at the inn in Arinbjorn and is assaulted by two locals, Kori and Kraki.

Then … | Cookie Settings Related quests: Novigrad Dreaming, Destination: Skellige, Fists of Fury: Novigrad. Related quests: The Nilfgaardian Connection, Gwent: Playing Innkeeps, Fists of Fury: Velen, Contract: Missing Brother. Privacy policy It turned out the monster of Eldberg was a Penitent - a dangerous wraith which haunted particularly foul sinners. You can acquire these cards by buying them off the innkeeper of its tavern. | Cookie Settings

I would find them first and … Mikkjal's House The Skellige Isles. Jorund will help you to resolve the "misunderstanding" peacefully.

Related quests: Gwent: Big City Players, High Stakes, A Deadly Plot. | Terms of service Country. Quest stages of Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg.

You will find Jorund inside the Arinbjorn Inn. Harviken Inn show the map Gwent cards: Nekker, Vampire: Fleder, Harpy, Ghoul. The quest begins when Geralt meets up with Jorund at the inn in Arinbjorn and is assaulted by two locals, Kori and Kraki.

Related quests: Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg, Stranger in a Strange Land. 4 Cards from Players of No Particular Skill. When you enter the inn you will be hooked up by two local residents who apparently don't like visitors from outside. You will receive a negotiated payment from him. Skellige.

Tavern (Arinbjorn) English. Arinbjorn is a village on the western side of Ard Skellig. You will also learn about this quest if you defeat Lugos in a fistfight during "The King is Dead - Long Live the King" quest. You'll encounter an unusual fog and some wraiths (15) around it. If you found the letter, you will tell him that you know what brought the Penitent to the island. Geralt dealt with situation as he saw fit and then went to collect his reward.

You may also be interested in something from the list below. Tavern (Arinbjorn) Information. Related quests: Gwent: Playing Innkeeps, Dead Man's Party, Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk, Rose on a Red Field.

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