Blooms heavily at a young age, but is a slow starter as a young tree. Rather than having the classic 4 petals, it can have up to 8 petals giving it a unique and very full look. One of the most anticipated signs of spring in Portland is our flowering trees. 'Appalachian Snow' with strikingly large leaves at the University of Tennessee. Don't Give Up On Dogwood But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try dogwoods. Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring' Distributors We welcome you to use the list of local nurseries below to find a distributor of cloned dogwood ( Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring') near you. Cornus florida Best in series; a 100% anthrac- Developed at the University of 20’ x 25’ 'Appalachian Spring' nose-resistant dogwood Tennessee About Us, trees for sale, fast growing trees, buy trees online, bare root plants for garden centers, conservation trees and shrubs, bank stabilization plants, wildlife trees for sale… Map & Directions | It has the typical Cornus florida blooms with clusters of inconspicuous yellowish flowers surrounded by large white bracts. Showy blossoms of white, pink, or red appear in spring before the leaves. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or … Found growing on the grounds of the Camp David Presidential Retreat in Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland, this Flowering Dogwood proved itself highly resistant to anthracnose, the bane of many Dogwoods. Appalachian Spring Flowering Dogwood will grow to be about 20 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 20 feet. Cornus Florida ‘Appalachian Spring’ Appalachian Spring Dogwood SKU: 45b0b9a6987e Categories: Botanical Name , Common Name , Container Trees & Shrubs , Cornus , Dogwood , Planting Zone , Zone 5 Developed by the University of Tennessee's Dogwood Breeding program, 'Appalachian Spring' is fast growing with apple green foliage and bright red fruits that are larger than those of the species. In Grumpy's opinion, flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) still remains the best small tree for multi-season interest.Not just in the Southeast, either -- for the Northeast and Midwest too. Introduced by the University of Tennessee. Cornus florida (flowering dogwood) is in the family Cornaceae and native to eastern North America, from southern Maine west to southern Ontario, Illinois, and eastern Kansas, and south to northern Florida and eastern Texas, with a disjunct population in Nuevo León and Veracruz in eastern Mexico. Cornus (Dogwood) make excellent ornamental plants for either their beautiful large clusters of spring blooms in shades of white, pink, or yellow, or for their attractive foliage (some are evergreen!) and brilliant winter bark. If you have struggled with dogwoods due to problems with fungus or mildew, this tree may be your ticket to a successful planting. Appalachian Joy also has what are know as supernumerary bracts. About Us; Products. In Portland, white and pink flowers dot the city, insisting that spring rain gives up and makes room for sunshine. Cornus florida 'Pink Flame' Pink Flame Flowering Dogwood. 'Appalachian Snow' with strikingly large leaves at the University of Tennessee. Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring' Appalachian Spring Flowering Dogwood. 'Appalachian Spring' is resistant to Dogwood Anthracnose! Cornus florida Best in series; a 100% anthrac- Developed at the University of 20’ x 25’ 'Appalachian Spring' nose-resistant dogwood Tennessee Appalachian Spring Dogwood is a true survivor. Dogwood Trees Available in a wide variety of forms, including trees, shrubs, and groundcovers (Bunchberry), Cornus are versatile and tend to be easy to grow. The Appalachian Joy dogwood is specifically bred for enhanced hardiness and disease resistance. Showing 1–12 of 46 results . You are also welcome to inquire about Appalachian Spring at other local nurseries. Cornus florida 'Autumn Gold ... Cornus florida 'Karen's Appalachian Blush' PP 13165 Karen's Appalachian Blush Flowering Dogwood. In April, flowering Cherry and Plum trees conclude their reign, making way for our magnificent Dogwoods. It grows at a slow rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately 30 years. Its foliage turns red to purple in fall. The tree was developed by the University of Tennessee's Dogwood Breeding program specifically for resistance to powdery mildew.

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