These upped cavalry archers can also challenge the almighty unique unit of the Byzantines, the Cataphract- a powerful horseman, but with lesser piercing defense. Apart from their gold mining bonus, Turks have no early game bonuses and because of this, Turks are very vulnerable in early game. As gunpowder units cost a lot of gold, to compensate their goldminers are 15% faster. Note: If you are playing Age of Kings: Conquerors or later updates, you cannot convert Fastolf to your side due to his Hero tag, and must kill him. This trait is useful for researching bombard towers, elite cannon galleons and elite jannissaries at half the cost.

Taking into account the power of their cannons and their range, a player facing the Turks will want to bet on cleaning out walls and towers with trebuchets, and charge cannons with paladins. The Meso-American civs (Mayans and Aztecs) don’t have cavalry to counter guns, so they must come up with something else.

Especially the lack of the Elite Skirmisher and Pikeman can hurt at times. -U take 4 the nearest sheeps I don't think it's a particular useful bonus for your team members.

Use your fleet to defend your dock area. But it’s their best bet nevertheless. He may augment them with Hussars or Camels (but Camels would be getting expensive with those Jans). chinese better to do knights vs fi, heavy camels beat knights in no time , byz have them for something like 38 food 41 gold. Butch. The best strategy for using Longbowmen is in a group of at least 15.

They can create all cavalry units with the exception of the Paladin and can research all cavalry technologies. Now I like to casually indulge myself in an online session of the new HD edition of the game! There are civs in Age of Empires II that win when it comes to diversification.

Trash units The only difficulty I face is the lack of advanced trash units. Defensively they have an advantage against civilizations with mediocre siege workshop or proper anti-building units thanks to their better Bombard Towers and the fact that they have all defensive technologies at Blacksmith and University (without considering the Trebuchets which every civilization have access to). If you do the FI as Turks, which is the most common civ for it, then you miss pikemen. They become significantly weaker than other civilizations in a late game low gold situation because they cannot upgrade their Spearmen or Skirmishers.

They are still outranged by siege weapons and by the longbowmen of the Britons.

How do i put the map downloads onto the game?

Cain tried to respond with archers but because bombard cannons have splash damage the archers were decimated in a blink. Fast Imperial please!

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