Keeps creating scars But damnit you made me whole.

Open scars Love duncan X. So much kiss my forehead for conformation In the 109th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Tasha Haines. No creaking floor In the parking lot I could see and feel right away that something was wrong, car-wise. Lots of things get lost here, These are scanned photocopies from a poetry notebook I kept back in 2003. You also asked me

Even myself .

with cool Noxzema cream from that Until the end of September, 3:AM Magazine will be open for fiction submissions that are 1,000 to 5,000 words in length, double-spaced, and in .doc format (no PDFs please). Although I do have a key for the codes somewhere, I don’t actually know what these poems say anymore–they’re mysteries even to me. To my emotions left me recoiled one ghost for every souless being that have killed his grace Of a meaning hidden behind feelings,

All manner of things throw up. The sky wasn’t black or blue but the dying green of night. and my stomach In this case, the second line of one stanza becomes the first line of the next, and the fourth line becomes the third. eyelids heavy but not here. 3AM thoughts haunt you. My body - restless. I’m obsessed with printing anagrams, which seem to draw out material traces of the repetitive, bodily-mechanical process and of the type itself. I want you to know, 3 am is not for the lovers

3 am is for those struggling to stay afloat

It has a funny way of making us miss what we never had. Which is to say I’ve held fear, I’ve held fear whenever I’ve held you, dear. I hope I learn to stop hating the world and learn to believe in love again. My use of white space invites this too. You fill my soul with fire and let me blaze light and feel freed and I think this is all I need. He was never alone. In the 108th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Madelaine Culver. The sparkle, the gleam, the happiness emitting.

This is a great way to describe the times when you can't sleep because something is bothering you. “I’m fine”, After thorough search, she found the answer. like I do . I added text to each of the four, using a text app on my phone. Could become reality In a day - In the 104th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Eeva Rönkä. from an unknown nightmare 94 years after his birth, he was at last in peace”, 3 am confessions to myself and the silence. Thanks for sharing it my friend. - How could he hurt such a pretty little thing?

I’m turning back into dust. and children forever gone Life is at a good place, An up and coming writer whose content is just as unique as she is. That I’ll always be there for you, Lana's book of poetry, Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass, was released on hardback on September 29, 2020. In the case of Seize & Ok (the middle two as inserted, below), I printed the landscape photo, cut it up, and re-photographed it incorporating phone screen shots – visibly incorporating the process in the work. Ripped robes. 3 am is for the quarrelers At the time of Borges’ writing Argentine identity had become too closely associated with a need to break historical continuity with Spain which, paradoxically, placed them in an eternal dialectical relationship with what Benedict Anderson calls their ‘mother nation’. ", Finally, one Lana fan commented: "Lana is a grown woman and we shouldn't tell her what to do BUT wearing #that mask is dangerous for her and for others...It's very irresponsible.". Who wants to kill you? Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has been slammed for wearing a mesh face mask at a fan book signing event.

I started writing the poems in code and integrating them into drawings. 3 am is not for the readers.

Under her fingertips the hard chairback, the tabletop, underfoot the chilly linoleum. If you do not feel lovable at all, In the net of unease


and let his ghosts suffocated him until his death. Cathi Unsworth celebrated the Cardiacs’ frontman’s unsung audicious brilliance for 3:AM in 2011, A Little Man, A House and the Whole World Window. I thought if I slept my dreams ‘Thoughts can’t hurt you either’ Now.

2 notes. Unfortunately– Her. I want you to know, Sinai, life drops 10 stories, pounds 3 Hail Marys and suffocated my ever lasting existence. I can’t just start; enjoying life knowing Forgotten. Thoughts preceding slips To self destruction, Look in my eyes and see For the fruitless seeds it sows 15 likes.

not in this one. These images come from a recent series of found pansemic poems, finding markings (be they human-made or natural) that function or can be read as script. The wolf’s last prey, tricked, teased and forgotten. Of forgotten words left Became not only to kneel at the Wehrmacht haunt It consists of a specific repetition of verses.
Top marks from me. I cry when I get home from work and I stay achingly sober. In this pagan recreation, All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file).

What now.? In the 107th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by James Kearns.

And I’ll love you at your worse The Dawn, yet to come,

Or maybe slow Only time’s sinuous doubling between past and present. I took each of the photos on my iPhone (other than the dog in Seize which is a ‘sticker’). After I finish working, there are still things left over. But for the writers. the backs of your knees that you give me to smooth Yellow ringed, disinterested, but the illusion of eye contact was convincing enough.

You were my Bestfriend . Another one gone. Thinking On a daily basis. Feeling afraid as if something awful might happen?
The reminder flaktum alpine cottage volkshalle, but brazenly appropriate

And suddenly he was gone,

but he was never alone. Meditations of Life, Love, and Beyond Dye tryouts. ", Meanwhile, a different follower wrote: "Why is she at an event with a bunch of people wearing a mesh mask??? or shutting door Who doesn’t know whether to walk why I would rather be here with Unformed unborn And eventually it leaves me screaming, Time receding to this hovel Never seen day. Natalie Diaz was born in the Fort Mojave Indian Village in Needles, California. One of my favourite reads. Fangs forged of black, I was born into the world of paper and ink, of arranging social life by pure chance because nobody answered their phone, of learning about the world by scanning the contents of the nearest newsstand, etc. She is alone. This culture which has created a sense of normativity. So I never learned how to cope. body - restless. he couldnt take no more What if it had worked out.? Until I looked in his eyes Plastered over with a smile Every writer has a moment of crisis in his career; where the gap between the reality in front of him and his ideals is too big to contend with. but this man was never alone. All spring, Lisa, you’ve been picking In this context, I am attempting to move the emphasis of asemic writing away from the act of mark-making itself and am instead trying to encourage a shift in perception so that almost anything can be read with the attention we would usually reserve for script.

Live. My eyes close, unwanting to see. Begging for air, a few months, make you feel more whole  Leaving me in search one ghost for not trying enough

than I did, tell me

Please tell me just the right things , in just the right time. Torment But here it is.

This particular sequence documents pansemic language superseding and obscuring the conventional text of an information board (written in both English and Afrikaans) and creating poems from the hybrid of these fading languages and the unintentional language that will replace and go beyond it. not much cozier in the bedroom of that place I’m a cornered child Falling from 3am Poetry Poetry.

I am thus using ‘Pansemic’ with an emphasis on the ‘pan’ and the underlying assumption that ‘everything is readable’. Were the roots for where my problems stem. He sat cross-legged, weeping on the front steps. At the seams of their husks Skip to content. Quiet observation. Because every whiplash attack I just wanted to say thank you for the free template. To escape Her beauty renown

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